Award-winning author Lionel Shriver: Trump 'stole my idea'

8 thoughts on “Award-winning author Lionel Shriver: Trump 'stole my idea'

  1. I wanted to leave a comment because I found the interviewer to be truly excellent at getting the writer to talk about some of the more controversial aspects of her work, without apparently feeling a need to provoke her at all. Félicitations

  2. I have my reservations about Ms Shriver but I'm totally at a loss to understand the comments below. Can anyone enlighten me?

  3. Hell, you're not just a bad Hollywood screenwriter, your a bad TV screenwriter. If Shakespeare and Company were a beast, the beast would spit you from its mouth.

  4. I read the BBC story today offering up your ridiculous exclusionistic views in regard to Penguin's new move to become more inclusionistic, both in new authors as well as in new-hire employees. I read it twice to be sure I was not misunderstanding the rubbish that came from your mouth. Your statements in this article/story with BBC are the most ridiculous bunch of rubbish I have ever heard coming from the mouth of a supposed serious author. It does not take much of an armchair researcher to determine that what you have to say "isn't worth the paper it's written in. Are you implying that only degreed writers deserve to be published, let alone work, or to be allowed to offer an opinion? Do you really believe your exclusionist beliefs demonstrate any understanding of creative development? Creative development in any form. I thought any fool of a self-proclaimed serious artist had some understanding of the role time plays in the storyline of creativity. I won't bother wasting my time with the research but memory reminds me of any number of celebrated and uncelebrated authors that shared existence on this earth. If it wasn't for the fact that we are desperately attempting to keep the near-extinct printed matter industry alive I would call for a boycott. The arts have always promoted a members-only attitude, you know, the Mutual Admiration Society but as a rule those fools aren't so bold as to stand up and shout the doctrines of exclusion. Do you feel threaten by newcomers? Are you afraid that your stories will lose favor with Hollywood? Or that when the next anthology of the great authors is published you will be forgotten and left out?

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