Avid Media Composer Speed Ramp Effect

It’s easy to create a speed ramp effect
in Avid Media Composer. Check this out. Find a clip with some action that you’d
like to use and load it into the source window. I’ll use this clip as an example. Within the source window park the position
indicator at the front of the clip. Then, press this red overwrite button to edit
the clip to an empty sequence. Within the timeline window, find a place where
you would like your clip to slow down. Press the add-edit button to break the clip
into two segments. Then find the place where you would like the
clip to speed up. Press the add-edit button again. Now you will have three segments, with an
area in the middle that you can slow down. Navigate over to the project window and click
on the purple effect icon tab. Scroll down and look for the time-warp category. Find the trim to fill effect and drag it onto
the middle segment within your sequence. Navigate to the upper left corner of the timeline
window and click on this trim button. This takes you into trim mode. Click the left side of the composer window. Notice how the trim handles are now yellow,
which indicates that you will be adding or subtracting time. Click and drag the yellow trim handles to
the right. When you let go, the middle segment will be
slower, and the Avid will display the speed percentage of the segment. Check it out. Okay, so there’s one catch. Notice how the Avid slowed down the video
content, but not the audio. To fix this, you must process the audio separately
to get the segments in sync. Place the position indicator over any section
of the audio segment that’s in the middle by clicking in this grey timecode area of
the timeline window. Navigate to the tools menu and choose Audiosuite. Within the AudioSuite Tool, click on the pull
down menu and choose time-shift. Click on this purple plug icon. Within the Time Shift window, navigate to
the speed parameter. Single click in the speed percentage box,
and the numbers will turn white. Type a new percentage value to match the speed
of your clip segment and press the enter key. At the top of the time shift window click
on the render button. Then press okay. Okay there you go, check it out. For other great tips like this, or to enroll
in an Avid Certified Media Composer training class, visit GeniusDV.com

4 thoughts on “Avid Media Composer Speed Ramp Effect

  1. It doesn't automatically show me the percentage change (46%) in the edit clip like it does in yours. ?? Is it cuz I'm using AMC First, unpaid edition?

  2. If you're speeding multiple videos up, is there a way to make it the same speed every time or do you just have to fiddle with it until it's right

  3. I am shocked… and very disappointed. Was working in the Sony Vegas and now going to move to Avid… In Vegas, this Ramp effect takes two movements of your fingers no more. Just drag&drop and slip the next chunk with ramped one – and that for both vid and audio events at once! What ill brains had those designers of Avid too make it so tricky???

  4. Not really a ramp because you're do a straight cut to speed change. Ramps to me are variable speed change effects.

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