Avatar 5 – Composer Reveals James Cameron has Fifth Script

we spoke to Jon Landau and he confirmed the loss of humans again in the seek was wondering you could pose any scenes or back on earth and if so is that easier to get your head around because it's a world that you know and understand yourself not necessarily and you may not want me to necessarily treat it that way be that literal he may want to I just give a banal example he may want to have the Earth's music represented by some whatever weird contemporary pop commercial radio music there is at that point in time as opposed to score and as score might super impose itself on that I don't know what Jim's vision will be for how he might portray the various places that are in Avatar – a lot of it will take place underwater which is a completely different environment and I've seen some of the stuff and it's stunning all I can say is you've never seen that before and you know just from Jim's previous work how much he's stretching himself to make something he's never done before and that is what he's always doing he's always pushing the envelope and he's always expecting everybody who works with him to do the same thing enjoy attention to be involved right up until the end of others are for you gonna be doing the whole back to back trick I laughed that long it's pretty much we talked about that last night right now Jim has a script that's he's got he's trying to kill for sequels script wise and he's trying to make it into three and that is where I think his effort is going right now to keep it to three sequels because he's got so much going on how do you keep it from expanding into that yet a fourth movie a fifth movie I guess total and he'll get that sorted out but it's you know in my world I have a I have to remember that I've got other commitments and other things I want to do watching hey you guys hey you guys how you guys up from the Goonies

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