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I love reading like be also ready some of the people that liked our videos commented on them subscribe to our channel liked our videos and even share our videos that means that as you can see guys it is a beautiful Monday here in England bank holiday I'm so happy that's finally the half time as you can see we decided to do our book review and I've guarded against its it's so sunny and lovely and we love the weather if you be watching our previous videos you would have known that we review books you guys were like and that we enjoy reviewing is swell so without further ado the big this week is all those it's all of those really meds I'll be reviewing running on the rich the wild by just but what I be reviewing the wonderful cases died by the really nice [Applause] [Applause] so guys it's just me now um my book as I said it's my third time saying it now it's running on the roof the wild by Jess but I really like this book because it's very entertaining and it's similar testing to see the classic – the protagonist what she goes through the age don't know the age rating this book it's nine and over just because it is quite easy to understand but there are few tricky words which means they're a little bit difficult so but like I say every week anyone under the age of nine or over the age and I can read it it's books are free to end okay all books have that little adventure in them but I think this book is mainly built up on a quest because touches literally you can see here she's literally running on the roof of the world of all those high mountains and I love the way they've worded the title running on the reefs of the world blow doesn't like a house it doesn't actually have a roof but she is literally running on the tips of the highest mountains which is basically the river and so the genre is like adventure I'm gonna give and leave the prologue so you know a bit more about the authors and we did get this book signed by her when we went to an autop literary festival and we loved anything so I spent much of my childhood living in the foothills of the Himalayas with my parents and grandparents my gramma would take my hand at Tommy's stories have her apparent adventures how she travelled to India by boat at 10 years old garden with the Dalai Lama when he first arrived and encountered many animals there was a black bear that stole the dog food the leopard cub my uncle rescued and rehabilitated and the monkey that would climb into bed with everyone that's the prologue and I just can say the two characters are two main characters you've got – this guy here a friend Sam and I really so sorry guys I forgot what this animal is called please comment down below to help me remember if you saw [Applause] but it's coming down below now I'm going to be the taster it's only short and it's from it's an extract from chapter one [Applause] my feet pounding in my nose and I dig my yielded to the my right foot slips and they crash to the ground [Applause] Spaniel turns his hand on his rifle he spots me in the taps dagger on the shoulder they strive to order basis therapy I learned my eyes to the ground fighting the urge of water war number two that was conjured with a heavy my views about the book I'm just gonna mention one part that really caught me because although this book is based on a war in India that happened and emotional because because I'll show you a face intimate one more thing this is a fun fact just Butterworth is coming Lord I'll sweat sir and no loss Spencer it's Princess Diana's brother but just Bosworth is somehow related to Princess Diana we actually met Lord Earl Spencer and his son and went to an when we went to that auto literary festival and we talked to him and he was there and that happens to be where Princess Diana was buried weather although festivals and if you want to see the picture now I'm done with my review I'm gonna call back Aven amen okay bye guys Casey's diary by the toilet can be a very well-known person in our family history she's our quad sister she's so lovely in the nice book cover is amazing the installations are amazing and I'm just gonna you know talk about the basics of this book this the age rating is the age rating I think is actually a plus because this book there's so much drama it's at you so much stronger but it's still actually kid-friendly and I think I really like it but it's based on a teenage girl put Casey and it's an awesome book when this book was set its deadly set in modern time where one of the times when everyone is needed by glam and simmer and listen it's perfect and I really think that this book is just like a whole description of a teenage girl's life but every page eternally it's so interesting [Applause] this book was published on the 27th of April 2019 and depends on what time of the year you're watching this video but right now I think it's a 28 it actually is exactly a month since this book was published celebrates and I think it's doing so well it's the second best seller and it's only been out for about so and after after I know after I normally do all that stuff achievement taster [Applause] we headed off the – oh okay I probably did not neither like you okay it was Britney I don't know why I always have to be in such a dream oh no stop started to dream again I had all these design I had all these designer shopping bags and I'm confidently walking down the aisle the shopping like true and I really enjoyed every single bit of it I felt like I felt I felt again like we're confident the brevity Casey I'd always be until now I gave myself a feed knock on the head to get me back into my senses we may as well get dressed and take something to celebrate without this girl's good I did that was until she said that that was until she said that you can just stand back and family so she wanted us to mean the stuff to take the dumpee and I wanted us to be there are many characters in this book but is it like a teenage draft story there's bound to be a lot of practice but I'm going to tell you some on the front cover and maybe add a little bit more so here we have the Anderson family the four Aniston family it's a lovely illustration by Latoya we have Casey's month Casey cases older sister the Casey's father so that's all of the engines late then here you see her twins Avery Eva and she said they eat food double trouble you know when there's twins there's gonna be some trouble and there's also some other characters like Britney I mentioned and Casey's friends says prank will blow lunch as some other friends that are also friends with Britney now the toy is doing so well in her Birds that she actually has a truckload of events coming up so I'm going to name you guys some events one of them is that BBC Mercer side to do that I think it was yesterday she did beat and I think that went so well for her gee I think she probably did so well I didn't get to see if I am definitely gonna try and get to because I know she's she reduced so well has two events of course her was her water stirring that–some at water stone one is on the 22nd of June and one is it's only 8:15 but that's in Liverpool so if you guys can't get to it I understand it would be awesome it may be just like if someone could actually go to see that now would actually be so cool if someone went to see Latoya and get their Brookside at water stone at the end when when me and Carson it back together we normally do the best part of the book but um I'm not going to tell the best part of the book I'm gonna say my views about the boat I think all of this book is so amazing I couldn't possibly pick one part the part that did stand out for me is the illustrations I don't know how a table your could draw something this good now there's a part that um that new where are you a grieving got to see the space no spoilers put that picture they tease her in that picture is just incredible I have never seen a 12 your door so much like the watch will be if she keeps on doing art should be amazing at it so I think all of the book is very good for the inner treasures I would say like well now we've kind of done a review on that book we're gonna go back custom because we need to end office with you guys dead I am a quick [Applause] okay now class is back it is so I just have to say overall the inspirations were great and how it's so entertaining is awesome as well what's the best part of the journey so this could only be the end of our video please comment down below what books you'd like us to review and what a video suggestions you have yes follow us on instagram at valid book reviews and make sure on this video right now comment and also don't forget about Twitter account we haven't really put it out there yet but please go on Twitter if you have twitter so guys make sure you like subscribe and click that make so much would you guys hey and be a w8 and VA w8

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  1. Awww…. Well done my wonderful and talented princesses! As always another excellent job from you both! We couldn't be more proud of you! You had to see the expression and smiles on Latoya's face as she watched you read and review her book! You two and of course my lil' princess as well are simply AMAZING and GREAT at what you do! Latoya will be commenting from her Channel xxx Love you all loads xx Kudos xxxx

  2. Omg I have kayces(sorry if I spelt it wrong) diary by Latoya kambi! Yaaay at least someone (my cousins) are reviewing it!

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