Authors Revealed: Marc Brown

well for the first time in nearly a decade Arthur is back mark brown has captured the hearts of both young and old with his children's series Arthur since 1976 the series focused on Arthur the aardvark going through situations that young kids often face our own Becky Anderson sits down with brown talk about his newest book Arthur turns green and this week's edition of authors revealed as authors revealed I'm Becky Anderson let's sing happy birthday Arthur's 35 years old and Mark Brown is here with his next Arthur adventure it's Arthur turns green so Arthur's he's been 8 years old for 35 years good trick huh I know and you look great too good oh how is it that he you keep him so eight years old and it keeps rolling I'm all the things that Arthur goes through know and and I don't know how you do it but kids want to know what we get older and when my son went into third grade I was kind of writing for him my first child and the Arthur started out in kindergarten the second book was second grade then third grade and then he went on to chapter books and I thought wow am I going to go on to chapter books too and I thought all right what would I write about and my title was a day at hormone junior high I thought that would be interesting yeah ha but I decided not to write that book and I decided to stay with Arthur and to freeze him as a third grader because that's a pretty interesting point in one's life it really is and I think when kids look back it's a it's a year you really remember and it was the year oddly enough when my whole life was cast and I didn't understand it at the time but all of the characters that became characters in my book wordfriends I knew in third grade and and I show kids today when I spoke to them at schools a picture of my third-grade class and I point out all these real people and they see them in love that it was so much fun well you put you put your like your grandmother is very sweet grandma thora and your principal is visit my sister is he w oh yeah boy area i'm into one that's what they are wonderful I wonder she's she's a character she is so so now that Arthur is 35 years old and I know this is happening but you must be seeing kids whose parents where I am what's that like but first it was a little creepy yeah I glad I kind of I'm excited when I meet people and they remember a visit that I made to their school fondly I the last visit I to Chicago I think I met two or three journalists who interviewed me and I had talked at their school about writing and they said and they remembered that and it made an impression on them see let's see they see that's the kind of thing that those kind of visits and stuff you have done something that kids will remember their whole life and yes obviously it made an influence others there journalist now right yes just talking about writing in the whole process of you know look and sharing your enthusiasm for what you do with someone else that's a powerful thing oh it's terribly powerful what's fun we've had talking with Mark Brown it's Arthur's 35th birthday he's here with his newest book it's called Arthur turns green back to you dolly

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