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a kid with facial abnormalities is about to go to a new school but how can he convince his new classmates he's just an ordinary kid with an extraordinary face author RJ Palacio explores the world of bullies and finds kindness in her debut novel wonder around Becky Anderson sits down with Palacio in this week's edition of authors revealed welcome to authors revealed I'm Becky Anderson I am so excited one of our favorite books of the year its RJ Palacio PSA's wonder where did the seeds for this story begin I've heard the story but it's so interesting how ya started for you well it I was with my kids and my older son was probably around 11 at the time and my younger son was three and he was still in the stroller and we were sitting outside of an ice cream store and my older son had gone inside to get us some chocolate shakes and I realized that a certain point that I was sitting right next to a little girl who looked exactly the way I described dog is looking and and I kind of panicked I admit not because of the little girl but because I was I knew that the moment my younger son looked up and saw her that he would say or do something that would cause her to well hurt her feelings or something I wasn't even sure how my older son would respond so anyway what it wasn't it didn't it didn't play out well everything that I kind of was afraid would happen did happen my son did look up and he did start to cry and my youngest my older son when he came out did have sort of a shell-shocked face I mean it was it wasn't good and I have to admit that I kind of obsessed about it about the way we reacted as a family what I could be teaching them what it must be like to walk in her shoes every day and the mom and and all of that so that coupled with that very night the song wonder by Natalie Merchant came on the radio that's such a great song it's such a great song I've always loved Natalie Merchant and that song just resonated so much with me that particular moment in time and it was something sort of a mash-up between what had happened to me that day and a song that just kind of came together and I started writing it that night wow I really did I started I didn't have an outline I just thought okay I'm just going to write this book and see where it takes me and that's what I did how has it been at schools and knowing that kids have other kids with handicaps or whatever their issues are it must does it create great dialog with the kids and I lead it has to it does I've been hearing that from teachers just that they have had the most amazing talks with their kids they start out by oftentimes by showing the trailer that were created for the boat right very good and and then they'll just talk because kids can really really relate to the idea of well they're fascinated by the idea of someone looking different right and then they get equally fascinated by how they would respond in that situation it's like how I would use and and that's usually the way I start to talk sout so how do you think you guys would have responded if someone would look like Auggie started you know would you would you have sat down with them at that table would you have been summer and and you know what or do you think you know and it makes them think we've had a fantastic conversation with author RJ Palacios and her new book it's called wonder back to you Jen thanks Becky if you're interested in the full interview with RJ Palacio visit our website at NC TV 17 calm for a list of air times

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  1. i am doing a rebeca coddel books and this book was on the list and i read it. it inspired me so much and made me cry a little:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 what does he look like??? i think he looks like someone in my school with face probolums??? i am your # 1 fan!! thank u for making this book!!

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