Author's Purpose with Grog & Sheep

11 thoughts on “Author's Purpose with Grog & Sheep

  1. Thank you. I am really glad you liked it! There are more to watch. I hope they are silly, educational and weird!

  2. Thank you so much! I am really glad you all liked it and found it useful. There are a ton of Grog videos on my channel. If there is a specific video you'd like to see made let me know!

  3. My kindergarten class and I loooved your video! One student said he liked when you had the same concepts that we have on our concept board in class. Another student liked when Grog said Happy Halloween:) A lot of the students said they love the Grog, Sheep & Monkey:) This video was awesome because it was entertaining, informative & persuaded us to watch more of your videos (if you have any). Thx so much!

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