if I speak for the dead I must leave this animal of my body let's practice I'm calm over and over for an empty page is the white flag of their surrender if I speak for them I must walk on the edge of myself I must live as a blind man who runs through rooms without touching the furniture yes I live I can cross the streets asking what hearing them I can dance in my sleep and laugh in front of the mirror even sleep Lord I will praise your madness and in a language not mine speak of music this music in which we move for whatever I say is a kind of petition and the darkest days must I raise

2 thoughts on “Authors Prayer

  1. Good to hear! I'm in high school (the same highschol as the author) right now and am reciting the poem in a class. I just thought I would give a tip I thought of.

  2. you should work on witch words you put emphasis on. I find that you bring attention to words that are not that important and it draws away from the meaning of the poem

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