Authors Luncheon 2018, Hosted by Abilities United

I love the author's luncheon because I really love to read and get the opportunity to hear from always an interesting variety of authors they always have such wonderful things to say and I'm so inspired to go read their books and maybe even to do a little writing myself I love books I love hearing about the creative process for the books to come out singing with friends chatting with colleagues and really when I donate I feel like I'm doing something good for the community I've heard so many stories I've read so much about abilities United the compassionate work they do I just feel that it allows me to do something that's positive part of our mission is to spread the light and warmth of hospitality and through abilities United we've been able to hire employees who do that very things you know the event is a big fundraiser for the organization they rely on it we rely on them to find our employee everybody has an ability everybody has something to offer and the goal is to open everybody's heart to look at those abilities together abilities United is a very important amazing agency in this in this area because of course there's nothing else like it around very much supports not only the agency but coming to the luncheon because it spreads the word more by being here as a group thank you very much for inviting here today I'm honored to be able to be a part of this this is a great organization I'm super impressed and really happy to be here I'm just honored to be here so proud of all the work of this organization is doing to staff and it's wonderful to be here today to get a fresh perspective on life on writing a novel to experience the perspectives and views of these authors and to see all these lovely people around the room supporting the organization as well in fact names listen to these authors here they're touching and inspiring stories Megan thank you for sharing your family's story I'm so glad to be here to be able to support abilities United and thank you again for coming here

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