1. Totally agree on your ranking! I’ve read the last Anniversary and I would honestly rank that just above the hypnotists love story.

  2. I agree – my picks are 1. Big Little Lies 2. What Alice Forgot and 3. The Husband’s Secret and that’s the order I read them in too.

  3. FINALLY GETTING TO WATCH THIS. SO EXCITED. I've only read Big Little Lies and Truly, Madly, Guilty so far. Definitely agree about Truly, Madly, Guilty. I didn't hate it but it wasn't a favorite. I love the way she writes characters. I can't wait to get to more from her! What Alice Forgot sounds so interesting oh my goodness! Oh wow I think I'm going to have to try Nine Perfect Strangers…. Color me intrigued!!!!

  4. Liane Moriarty is one of my favorite authors, Big Little Lies is my favorite but my goal is to read all her books

  5. OMG I have read a lot of Liane's books (one of my favorite authors) but can you believe I have not read Three Wishes! TRIPLETS (WHAT? ) I must move that up my TBR list. lol. Also didn't read Last anniversary (never heard of this one). What Alice Forgot was my first book I read by her and I was actually reading on the treadmill and loved it. I'm reading Nine Perfect Strangers right now! I'm enjoying it so far. I haven't read Mad Guilty yet heard it wasn't very good. It's on my TBR

  6. I really love how you highlight authors and their work. You are very honest about your view on the books. I really enjoyed this author's most popular books but have not explore any of her others. Thank you for giving us the low down on her books!

  7. I love Liane Moriarty. Her books are very easy to read but they have deeper themes in them. I also think she does a really good job with characters and making them realistic. I think Big Little Lies was my favorite.

    I just finished Nine Perfect Strangers and I enjoyed it but at the halfway point I was like WTF? But I enjoyed getting to know the characters and like you said I just wish there were less characters because then we could get to know each a little better.

  8. Thank you Heather! This was very helpful as always ^^ i have never read one by her but i'm thinking about getting… big little lies of course xD *******************

  9. Thank you so much for doing these author reviews! I am sure they take up a lot of your time. I read The Husband's Secret. Like you, I thought it was middle of the road. That is the only one of hers I read. Because of Husband's Secret, I have been hesitant in reading another one right now. But I am a mood reader so that could change.

  10. I’m so glad you said how you didn’t like the hypnosis wife. I have been try to read it for 2 weeks now and just can’t get into it but felt bad because I have really enjoyed her other books so much!

  11. Oh the end of The Husbands Secret though!!!!!! I didn't mind the Hypnotist's Love Story but I agree that What Alice Forgot and Big Little Lies are the best. I have the new one; can't wait to see the weirdness lol

  12. I recently bought what Alice forgot and I was little hesitant to read it, now I fell better about it ! Thanks !

  13. I love what Alice forgot and big little lies but my least favorite was truley madly guiltily, the reveal was very underwhelming

  14. also… i didn't even wait for this video to finish before getting on the library hold list for Nine Perfect Strangers!!!

  15. Have you read 'The Bookseller' by Cynthia Swanson? It is different than, yet reminds me of the plot of 'What Alice Forgot' (which I just remembered I listened to the first couple chapters and never finished…. have to fix that). The Bookseller is one of those books that suck you in even if it isn't the best book.

    And I agree… read Big Little Lies before watching!!!! (I was actually kind of disappointed in the show)

    Love your videos <3

  16. Yay! I've been anticipating this video!

    I read Big Little Lies because of the show, which I really enjoyed! I flew through Big Little Lies and almost immediately requested The Husband's Secret and Truly Madly Guilty from the library. I read The Husband's Secret in about a day, Truly Madly Guilty took me much longer to get through. I hope they both get adapted!
    I want to read Three Wishes and Nine Perfect Strangers as well. I don't have a lot of interest in her other books at the moment… The one I might pick up is What Alice Forgot but it doesn't have much priority at the moment.

  17. The only one I’ve read is truly madly guilty m I can’t remember anything about it 🤦🏻‍♀️ but I own all of the others

  18. Thank you for this. Now I know that these are for me to avoid 🙂 I kept eyeing some a these but now I know they will. It be my cup of tea.

  19. Read The Husband's Secret with my book club. Putting What Alice Forgot and Big Little Lies on my TBR. Thanks!

  20. I really enjoyed Big Little Lies, What Alice Forgot, and the Husbands Secret!! And the Last Anniversary was just okay! Her books are enjoyable and reading her books reminds me of hanging out with a bunch of girlfriends and talking about everything and having a good time! Her books are enjoyable and comforting reads! She's not a favorite author of mine but one I really like! I think I'll pass on the Hypnotist, Truly Madly Guilty and Three Wishes but I am interested in Nine Perfect Strangers!! And you can totally love an author but not like some of their books! Like Kristin Hannah she has some stand out novels, some just okay and one I hated (True Colors) and plenty of authors with the same situation! It's rare that I love all of their books! In fact I don't think there is one author I can name that I loved every single one of their books equally and I am someone who once they find an author they love will try and read all of their books! But nothing is wrong with that!!

  21. It's so funny how people can have such different experiences with books. I loved Truly, Madly, Guilty, but my mom felt how you did. She did not enjoy it at all and I felt bad for recommending it to her! I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts and I am excited to read Nine Perfect Strangers! Thank you for the video! 🙂

  22. I know what you mean about her books, cannot love them all. So far I only read two, and on the third one now. I read Husbands secret and Hypnotist Love story. I didn't really care for either one, I got through them, but both found a little far fetched. I just started What did Alice Forget, since many people talk about it being good, so I will see, but people said the others I read were good. I wasn't crazy about them.

  23. I have read three of her books and I will list them in the order of my favorite to least favorite. 1) The Husband's Secret 2) Big Little Lies 3) Truly Madly Guilty. The Husband's Secret was the first book I read from her and it has still been my favorite so far! I loved the pace and the lessons to be learned from the story! I thought Truly Madly Guilty was a huge waste of time and I only powered through it because I buddy read it with a neighbor.

  24. I haven't read them all yet, but of the ones I've read, I really didn't enjoy The Last Anniversary very much. I found it confusing and kind of boring. Big Little Lies is still my favourite!

  25. The first book I ever read by Liane Moriarty was The Husband’s Secret and I loved it! I have since read all of her books (except for her latest book) and she has become an auto-buy author for me. My top 3 favs are Big Little Lies, The Husband’s Secret, and What Alice Forgot. My least favorites are Three Wishes, The Last Anniversary

  26. Little Big Lies is the only one I have read and I loved it! I have Nine Perfect Strangers on hold at the library.

  27. Great video! Just curious, what editing software do you use to display the cover of books that you don't have physical copies of on the screen in your videos? I'm thinking about doing a vlog about reading Victoria Aveyard's Red Queen series, and I would love to know how to do that so I don't need to hold the books in order to show the covers the entire time that I'm talking about them.

  28. I read Big Little Lies after watching the show. I enjoyed both and have purchased a couple of her other works just haven't gotten to them yet. I really enjoy these author videos and would like to recommend Kate Morton as an author for you to consider looking into for a future video. Happy reading! 🙂

  29. It seems you only liked 2 books of hers I don't think I will read any but BLL .. I wish you would do a Kasie west auther review I'm currently reading her books and I'm interested to know which one is your favorite ♥️

  30. The Last Anniversary synopsis is a bit off. It’s about a young woman who has loved the mystery surrounding this island and the family that lives there since she was little and finds herself becoming a part of the island mystery through an ex boyfriend of hers. It was a good book. I couldn’t get through truly madly guilty. It was all over the place. Big little lies is my favorite so far. Planning on reading what Alice forgot next.

  31. Fab review! Totally on point. I found husband's secret so slow had to give up on it.
    What Alice forgot was better but again I couldn't finish it just didn't find it gripping enough. However a movie adaptation would be fab to watch. I think this book is best suited to be visual.
    Big little lies yes absolutely fabulous x

  32. I have a couple of her books sitting on my TBR shelf right now and after this video I think I’m gonna pass. I’m glad you did this!

  33. Thanks for this video! After I read Big Little Lies, I wondered which Liane Moriarty book should I read next. While deciding, I decided to buy her books so now I almost have all of her books except Nine Perfect Strangers. I am glad you posted this video it gives me an insight on Liane's books and it helped me figure out which of her book should I read next.

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