Authors Dr Donyalla Manns and Dr Gretchen Torbert Interviews July 2019

Gorillaz queenie clamp with Queenie's book-talk it visas and I am pulse the literary ambassador and today today authors on my page for interview i dr. daniela mans and dr. Gretchen Talbert please welcome them to my page now dr. daniela yes tell me about I am currently a public school teacher in the Cobb County School District seventeen years I also have a PhD in educational leadership there's so many things about me I have a testimony of my life being born three months early we're only one pound 12 ounces and the doctors told my parents that I wasn't going to make it be anything of success so everything that I have all the accomplishments that I have it's all because of God and that's why I'm still here so that's pretty much Lana a man a man dr. Christian oh hey thankfully she tells but dr. Gretchen I enjoy I really enjoyed that co-founder pieces across the world which had over two minutes after across the world with Lana's one of our biggest one understand that writing enjoy meeting new people developing the themes and networking that is part of my passion so really they're about the opportunity to networking connect with you and also have to have met dr. Donny as well tell us a little bit about the book first we're gonna start with that all right so I'm a little bit of history dr. grace and I have been on classmates at Georgia State that's old man we met at Georgia State University we had several classes together and we just connect the first time that we met and we maintained a friendship my entire college years even years and so she's been really pushing out with write any things like that so she I'm in said hey you know I'm this book you know some stuff he wants to be 13d you know the authors that we talk to on Facebook so I invited so she sent me she started just or and I started adding my we started brain started talking this kind of things together and so this book is part of the series but it's hot this teacher who you all know about the workplace romance is nice for the bad different things like that and so she's in a plea with a teacher male teacher TransAm for the new school year and I don't want to tell the whole story but there's a lot of stuff that comes from this teacher who works her classroom that's kind of like the star let dr. money out of her little input as well mmm-hmm glad you I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that is a series for teachers just kind of relate and relief from more like a reality show we're teachers you know what we face certain issues and we endure certain things and we are all human so nineteen fifties as they fall in love with each other you know but with that comes from I'm say glance in trouble and so we kind of draw you in with the love and the truffle and then kind of leave you with the cliffhanger for the wine so who are the main characters so our main character is Bennifer and Timothy wears this beautiful young lady red a lot going on for herself and she's single and Timothy is teaching to her building those two our main characters we do have some want to tell the other I'm going to spoil it but we do have some other okay Gretchen what characters was most challenging to create and why well I think the male character for me as a woman who has been in love before who it was actually educators myself and who had fallen in love with a former teacher you know is to give the perspective from the male at times to any of my writing pieces can be a little difficult just to get within their mindset because he genuinely really cares about both the teacher as well as as administrator but men think a little differently so he has put on the heartstrings of the teacher but you'd love what a triangle that opens our wounds as one eventually come to tells because now when a work environment working together it's been a scholarship going on and you know you get the workplace bullying that's going to happen because now these this love triangle provoke any votes an emotion its own yes anytime that I write it's always comes right to dive into the milk carrots of mind without having so much compassion for the female I have compassion for both the teacher as well as the administrator they're both they're getting love you know and they both want what they want and they're both protective of their man and you should you know just the eye candy and a penis why he's on the cover he's is like hey you know I'm gonna get my cake and eat it too but you still have a heart it's just keep thinking differently and so that's why I chapter eight is so difficult because the sex scene is not just to get those type of emotions caught up but to get you really into the heart strength of what sex and intimacy can do and we're just we're human we come to the to the door dealing with our students and still have emotional issues with our personal issues and let us see some of it as the books continue on of how they have to work that you know here it is if you just going to be evaluated by administrator you know and this is not uncommon but for whatever reason may not be a relationship but you may have it where is something else and then how how do we as women begin to work with each other even if it's not a sexual relationship or relationship and so they we're not undermining our I'm cutting out you know and coming each other so that we are not putting each other down because then if it is a level of authority at this point you know I'm your administrator so you're going to comply until she's maybe well you know this is her or her current but what do I do you know what a contractual year here you know yeah how hard is still there so you want to pull in some of that and you know throughout the other series of the books which just kind of helped us really cut in and you may not reach our teachers can pass me up saying this is all they go through but there's something a mental facility to help you whether your Sugar's at work or not to say you know how can I better handle this so what can I do moving forward how I know that that other woman is not my enemy and he's remember enemy either but how do I deal with my emotions my feelings especially once Murphy's in place what life experiences have shaped you right in the most well for me I say every character that I have ever written whether it's male or female there's a piece of them because we want them but there's a piece of them that within a part of me you know whether it's the desire to be loved or the fulfillment of life or the need to have balance or they have such care are either even even under the new workplace bullying I've dealt with it was different low boom this wasn't the relationship with I've been bullied answer educational question in my work environment with my administrators so to deal with those kind of elements you know it comes out and that's why writing is so therapeutic for me because it comes out and some degree in the writing what about the story everything that we've been destroyed even as I was reading it the view it's like I've been through this I remember this I'm experiencing this now so writing certain things it brings back those memories of stage experience that you wanted from beta so your readers when it comes to in the workplace I'm how am I going to handle when it's acting like this so how do I handle what I have that support that I need within this so a lot of what's in that will definitely relate to me and you know when I'm personal basis as well okay howdy the demands of writing with other responsibilities well I'm a night writer at my hair okay what does I care you know it's not a fictional book or if it's non fictional you know how can I help them as an individual agency just relieved this night riding like people ride at night I'm a Knight Rider I'm not questioning some question as as I'm working to myself but I find for myself I have to make that time to write everything you know not happening he distract me and just sit down and write so even everything any of you I won't be spending the rest of it working on something so there's some phase distorted with planning or it's all got some things I need to a conference was one of those things I know one of my mentors it's home and she said may just stuff right if it's for our two hours whatever you need to do homicide and write something down so you don't forget you know those ideas that are coming sometimes we look like I'm having notepad right next to me and I'm writing it down so I don't sit here and so I just want to incorporate any today be like let's be accomplishment thus far and so this is familiar when the box came in with I was just in tears because I'm like I have a dissertation with my name or two and that's been published but to have a book from a publishing company people can actually read it I feel is the greatest accomplishment I'm looking forward to doing more later on I'm I've gained new fans new supportive people especially my family but I think this is probably one of the greatest writers publishing this book for me I have another girlfriend of course this is wrong with that she's a media specialist she's now her query letters trying to get an agent JK rowling system mentor you know you know for Medusa's of course she's like I'm gonna keep pushing it but for me over ten years ago it was about to do the feed and smell it you know it's just it's just I just need it and I something about holding a book and oh I can get lost in the bush for libraries or something about a book they're just does it for me you know so I think to have the first one print it which is like wow performer thought to the Asha perception of it was just like really you know like dreams no country okay what did you learn from writing this book Wow I think the biggest thing that I can say that I have is to share the responsibility I charter right and then the grand this is a joint project so you know we're writing I'm writing I'm editing designing the cover laying it out you know I mean I'm learning to trust sharing the responsibility I think that's gonna be the biggest how to outsource because if I set a goal I want to do so you know I just had to learn how to do everything you know that I did everything for say because I design was very helpful but I had to learn how to do it and with everything is like no you know I do it just gonna cost me just mention because I got the way and if I got to pay for something that's done correctly I was at this Olenick small on the stage make the next one better we you know there's mistakes from here but you know I've seen my face in my best estimate is a PhD student so it for me is be to be able to outsource into trust because to open up that circle more so–but it's not all just me okay dr. journey and for me it was pulling those ideas out sometimes writer's block I start and I want to finish this how do I want even better and so that was cover a challenge for me just to pull those ideas out and to finish and to make it believe for that was the biggest I will keep reading over again I would even sex question like I am now give me a few minutes us together so just fooling not just being complacent sometimes it with the normal the normalcy the normal routine it's just putting all the ideas down and trying to expand and maybe even better when it's just he said there is a sequel coming out before the sequel I know some of the readers have already read it and they have to be out like we want to know what's gonna happen next you got us good right now we're still not quite sure when it's gonna be coming out we are working to the next part of this book and it's pretty juicy so far ok come up with the title and cover des collection that's all dr. Gretchen go ears become ourselves you can have in addition to that the title says but we knew we learn to market to the educational professionals for their answer titles and we knew we needed to do something a little different to capture their attention yes you know really funny too you know me okay dr. Danny gave us her testimony was your testimony I've been married for a short period of time lasted about two months said I was going to die literally wait just got back took the very life out of me the minute passes are writing that story I've seen that's the typical of now I can't even say that because you know I'm only 42 we got to keep living it taught me used to be where the thyroid and judgmental to be even less judgmental be to be more cautious and mental health issues to do a lot of stuff evaluation I mean I really came to see this way because there's so much to it I mean I know I know that I'm called to spiritual warfare thank you for the last five years I have touch and entertain and ward against many many Devils on all kinds of unprofesional per person and it's time for me am doing a conference in October for the I survive it's time for me now to go and deal with those testimony cuz I gotta kill some other sisters out that are stuck and stuff like that you know just stuck I've been there I've been through the phone book you changing the Batman is now gone question I'm causing a month oh my god I can't do cuz he delivered me I can't even see myself and deliver wouldn't even know how and when I say he turned the table would take about four well I think I had to run for my life you know I've been through okay what is your writing process look like let me do inside before you do anything you gotta have your idea what is that you want to do and where you wanna with that particular piece of writing so for example I'm in the process I'm want to do a picture book idea I have idea what I want to do but I want to develop it clearly so anything idea down once you get your idea now you want to based on what is the story that you want to convey a particular story is gonna take place all those different things and then once I start thinking about those things then I began to write and give my word paper did say no it takes weeks something may take a month just depending on but once no or I did one of the Rhonda McKnight as you know she riding horse for crying she said when your characters start talking to you you need to list into your character so you can get all those stocks down so you don't miss out on what you're trying to convey in that story but that writing process usually starts a good idea then your plot which thinking about what your story wait if you want to convey and then just go through the rituals like that anything today leadership I'm certain administration's paper everywhere journals everywhere I may pick up a story today and say oh you know what about that care so you go back to that one time some of the characters so for me it's chart paper in Journal I carry with me everywhere as I give a thought our body Jam so what are the germ project each of you well she's very professional and very so I was excited about the opportunity to have this opportunity to work with her I feel like God has called us to do something great we just with really just now seeing just a piece of what he's doing and that it's a lot bigger than what we're actually doing now so I can see more projects I see I'm some type of reality series from behind us that would be probably you showcase through YouTube and then hopefully you know I think that by a a a you know a TV station as a series because I think the the wave of Education now is so mundane that it has to have to be some type of reinforcement of what who we are and what we do but in a way that is entertaining and provides information for them to make to make it fun at out way but I think God has called us to do that such a comment there right now we're in the process of planning our work and we're gonna make office location spotlight some other authors who also some great things in the literary world and so it's not gonna be just about us we want to help other people we definitely series and I was just telling aggression you know what I see it going maybe to TV you know vision that they can relate to a lot of things not just writing planned events and conferences and stuff so I say question is fiction is not roll my yes always eight hundred ideas going a mile a minute and I just want to grass and what she hasn't said now how far we go how can the readers get in touch with each of you and where can we purchase the book and you want to show the book one more time and we do have a book we prefer to get the hard copy so you can see the beautiful scenes in it but yet this available on Amazon and I am available as well on teachers of Atlanta and dr. Gretchen Jones tour as well and this for me you can embossing on its focus dr. Don Dahler on the headings and you can also email me 290 forget at and i can give me more information on guys to get an autographed copy of the alright she's four that lady called uh well I think she says the last thing you would like to say before we close out um first if you want a gypsy book that that puts you in the little mystery like the romance if you like drama a little bit this book is definitely for you again people are still in a texting me and calling me like you make me sick the next and so hope I'm very excited about this opportunity to be able to do something like this and I'm looking forward to bringing more things to the front with writing as well and with that question as well okay did you give your community and they do okay thank you thank you thank you and this is dr. Danny man's and dr. Gretchen tal Evert with the teacher next door teacher of Atlanta series today Amazon I am your host Pamela Queenie's quicktalker reviews have a yesterday and happy reading

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