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hey welcome to NICs Odeon productions my friends and I are producing a play for the history fair and I'm doing research on indentured servitude this book is about indentured servants I've been reading about one of them who came over from England in the 1700s hoping to have a better life the stories or narratives in this book are narrative nonfiction that means they are based on factual material but they use the same literary devices and techniques as fictional stories many narratives are organized in chronological order chronological order presents events in the order they occurred for example one story in this book begins in England where a servant named Richard grew up next it describes his journey to America and then chronicles what happened to him there reading narrative nonfiction is a lot like reading fiction you have to find the central idea the overall main idea or message let's take a closer look at some of the other elements of narrative nonfiction what I like best about this narrative are the details these facts examples descriptions reasons explanations and comparisons give more information about the topic paying attention to these details can help me figure out this central idea why don't you follow along as we look at how the details in this narrative reveal the central idea look here's an anecdote an anecdote is a brief account of an incident that offers an example to make a point Richard's cloak or coat is stolen by another servant later others see the thief eating butter and beef the author's word choice is important he doesn't talk about clothes or food he's very specific butter and beef were foods that people would steal for that tells me how desperate these people were some of them stole each other's clothes and sold them for food and here's another type of detail Richard makes a comparison when he says I have eaten more in one day at home then I have allowed me here for a week I think when he says have allowed here he means have been given Wow living for a week on one day's food that sounds really painful and difficult these details are helping me get the central idea life was really tough for these indentured servants now that I have a better understanding of what these people went through I really want to get this central idea across in my play how will I do it I know I'll use the same kinds of details that made this account come to life for me details anecdotes examples and comparisons

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