Authors Anonymous Official Trailer 1 (2014) – Kaley Cuoco, Chris Klein Movie HD

favorite writer favorite writer why didn't know we were gonna do like um I've never thought about that Wow our writing group meets every Tuesday night it's great to exchange ideas with other writers with this group really is all for one and one for all so sorry I missed the meeting it's a nice tonight I'm asking Hannah out yeah I'm doing it and I met a guy look at her actually I did meet a guy he's my new agent she must have slept with him so much good I did okay that really is cool thank you I have just inked a deal with you are the publisher you put a dog on the front cover instead of a lion these are my rejection letters it's so depressing how many ways people can reject you writing comes first okay if Hannah can get an agent Vince no can I an agent is coming in tomorrow I exam and new glasses wonder who that could be oh my goodness Colette Mooney the writer that like signing bestseller up front of store sorry not interested that's what it says right protection sucks it sucks first time scribe has just thanked a six-figure movie deal sensing a little jealousy favorite author oh that question again ah I guess I still don't have an answer there are so many

31 thoughts on “Authors Anonymous Official Trailer 1 (2014) – Kaley Cuoco, Chris Klein Movie HD

  1. I dislike being very critical but please don't waste your time watching this movie. Its not a mockumentary, its not clever, just painful. It made me want to watch Stuck In Love again-literature/writers themed movie that's well done without being pretentious and predictable.

  2. "Authors Anonymous" tells it like it really is for writers wanting that break into the publishing business.

  3. This Kaley's roles is honestly no different than Penny. She has to step up her game cause othervise she's just a really bad actress..

  4. This what some call a film for me was too fake, I felt like I was forced to watch this. The local radio host of my town wrote the story that ultimantly made this movie. The director, writer and producer  answered a question about Sundance and they said "We submitted for Sundance, but didn't get screened, we knew already this film is going to do better than the films at Sundance" That put myself over the edge about how forced and boring this movie was for me, I would understand if this film was made by a 6th grader, but otherwise was made by arigant "try hards" and let the movie down to low quality of entertainment and art.  

  5. Penny finally graduates from community college, becomes a writer, dumps Leonard, and finds a hotter version of him.

  6. This looks like a fun movie. I'll see it. …..But, OMG Kaley. She is never going to get out of the stereotype of the 'dumb blond' if she keeps taking roles like this…..I mean she is good at this type of role, but come on, expand your horizon.

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