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one reason is that I've sort of be New York Times bestseller list fifty-two weeks so I'm known for having books with a dog on the cover midnight plan of the repo man has a dog on the cover and then the design really pops I think it's a vibrant color so people are going to pick it up and then they're going to read that it's about a repo man in northern Michigan and this this kind of weather that we've got locally here in Chicago is the kind of weather that the repo man deals with as he steals cars for a living which is something I used to do I used to steal cars for a living legally as a repo man well in the midnight plan of the repo man there's this local hero his name is ruddy McCann and he was shortlisted for the Heisman he was the best football player to roll out of this small town in Michigan kalkaska population 2000 made a mistake sent him to prison when he got out of prison everything was in a slide he wound up being a bar bouncer and then for glamour he repossessed his cars so things are not that great for him and then he starts to hear a voice in his head and of course he thinks he's crazy because hearing a voice in your head is not a sign of mental stability and worse this voice starts telling him that that the voice was myrrh as a man as a man named Alan and that Alan is dead and that Alan is not only dead but he was murdered and he wants ruddy the repo man to do something about those murders and of course you know the thing about hearing maybe a voice in your head is that if you start doing what the voice tells you that's a that's really problematic and yet the story starts to check out as ruudy starts looking into it it starts to make sense to him that maybe this voice Appling really is a murder victim and that ruddy is going to have to solve the crime ruddy mccann this this fallen hero who turns out to be a repo man he has a he has nerves of stupidity meaning he can walk up and steal a car he has a temper and he tends to confront people when he thinks he's solving the crime he's very confrontational he's not the kind of detective who assembles clues and doesn't let anybody know that he's investigating he'll walk right up and and say I think you killed somebody so that's that's his way of handling things and then this cast of characters this cabin-fever bunch of people that he hangs out with at the bar that his sister owns they've all got pretty quirky ideas on how to go through life he's got his best friend Jimmy who's like a Ladykiller and he just can't seem to stop sleeping with the guests at the hotel where he works so they had to fire him he's got Claude and Wilma who are these this old couple that elderly couple that keep coming up with schemes to make themselves rich they they witness a crime they witness a guy doing some bashing some headlights out at the car dealership and so they think they can join the witness protection program because they witness a crime and then they he wants to be a pharmacist and his wife wants to own a pet shop in Florida so these are the people that he deals with and the whole situation is sort of amusing and repossessing cars can be funny when I used to repossess cards there were lots of times when I thought I'm gonna laugh at this someday and that laughter has found its way into the bid night plan of the repo man this is going to sound so crazy for a short period of time I was actually a salaried stand-up comic for General Motors and the way that came about was that I spoke at a retirement party because all these people were retiring from General Motors because they kind of all had joined after the Second World War and so everybody was all these executives were retiring and it went really well because there's almost no more friendly and audience than people who are in the audience for a retirement party and when I got finished with that it was such a rousing success that my boss called me into the office and told me that that's what I was going to be doing for the next six months because there were all these people retiring so I wound up being sort of a stand-up comic for General Motors but I'm not a stand-up comic I'm a guy who writes humor and I wrote humor books I wrote eight simple rules for dating my teenage daughter which became a TV show on ABC starring John Ritter called 8 simple rules and I also had a humor column and I was in 2011 I was humor I was I was newspaper columnist of the year in 2011 but named that way by the National Society of newspaper columnist so I'm known for writing jokes midnight plan of the repo man is funny but it doesn't have jokes in it because it's not a joke book a joke would pull you out of the novel and I want people to really care about this story it's it's tense successful as suspenseful and exciting I think people really like it well in planta the repo man just came out and we're thinking it's going to do great for me in fact there's a sequel already being written my publisher is already committed to putting that out so there will be a sequel ready McCann will be back with some new stuff happening that sort of tied into the same events that we're dealing with in the midnight plan of the repo man I have a children's book coming out in April of 2015 and in August of 2015 we'll see the publication of the dog master which is the next dog book that I have written well I wrote this book a dog's purpose and a dog's purpose tells the story of one dog who doesn't die he keeps being reborn and remembering previous lives and eventually comes to the conclusion that there must be some reason for this some purpose that he needs to fulfill and until he finds his purpose he'll continue to be reborn so it's a story of what we all know to be true which is the real love never dies and our true friends are always there for us if we know where to look this dog's amazing life told through his eyes has really been helpful for people in terms of trying to get into their own dog's head I've had an awful lot of people tell me after reading a dog's purpose they don't look at their dogs the same way again a dog's purpose spawned a sequel to the same dog story it continues in a dog's journey and then I wrote a book called the dogs of Christmas which is out right now and is a great gift book it's puppies at Christmas so if that doesn't cheer you up I I can't help you yeah I actually when 8 simple rules were dating my teenage daughter became a TV show I moved out to LA I was involved with the pilot and met John Ritter and had a great time with the whole start of the show and then after John passed away there was one last season and I came to work on the show a little bit after that so I was involved with the show and of course it was based on my books so I was I was definitely enjoying the success as you put it of having a TV show on the air

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