Author Voices: Sara Gardenghi, PhD

I'm sorry Pengy I'm an assistant research professor at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York dr. Sarah garden he has co-authored several articles on anemia for blood a la vie work ena is very focused on translational science so we really look for studies and work can benefit the life of patients animal information is a condition that affects patient with chronic illnesses and currently there are no there no specific therapy for this condition so the things what what is done is to treat the underlying disease when it's possible or two simple manners managing the symptoms so for this reason we investigated the molecular mechanism of this condition and we had a particular focus on the inflammatory molecules that are responsible for impairing the red blood cells production and we did this with the purpose of finding new therapeutic tools for this condition we decided to publish this work in blood because blood is a central role in hematology researcher and so we thought our work is supporting new information that are important for the therapy of a new information so what is known is that there are basically two components that contributes to animove inflammation to simplify we can say the one is the inflammatory component that includes many inflammatory molecules and the most important of this is io6 it's a cytokines and the other is then iron metabolism ponen with the hormone exciting so for the first time we demonstrated that we were able to separate these two components and investigating what happened in a mouse model when either il-6 subsiding are not present and in this in this way we demonstrated that not only il-6 and exciting works in a connectech fashion to produce to cause the demurrer inflammation but also have an independent role and this is important because for the first time we identify a specific role of il-6 in impairing red blood cell production so our way aim will be to target il-6 in order to find therapeutic tools for for this condition our worker represent an important steps in elucidating the links between anemia I don't know my hostages and information and also add specific information for the part of the mythology that studies disorders of iron metabolism I think that in the next few years the investigator will go beyond the aisle six subsiding link and extend the spectrum of Investigation two additional inflammatory molecules and particular focus on there on the pathways in fact has been shown that several different inflammatory disease chronic inflammatory disease is characterized by the upregulation of not only idea six but also other inflammatory molecules such I want in a file photo interferon gamma to make a few examples and these are molecules that has been shown independently from exciting to impair red blood cell production or higher metabolism and therefore causing the anemia so the future goal will be to possibly target these molecules and defined the pathways in which these molecules are involved and create tailored therapies specifically to possibly correct an email in patient with chronic disease you you

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