Author Terita St. Julian Explains How WestBow Press Became Part of Her Family

Terita St. Julian: “Not everyone’s called
to be an author, but I believe that a lot of people out there have their story that
God wants to be told. And it can actually change lives. We are so blessed that our journey began with
the publishing process with WestBow Press Publishing. They have been fabulous. From the first time we called, a guy answered
the phone named Eric, and I mean he really just kind of took me under his wing, because
I did not know very much about publishing at all. And our conversation was just so great. He spent probably about two to three hours
talking to me and answering my questions – even questions that didn’t pertain to WestBow,
he answered for me. He even typed up our conversation and emailed
it back to me, so that I would have it to remember some of the highlights of things
that he had told me on that call. When I decided to finally publish the book,
I knew that it had to be with WestBow Press Publishing.” Terita St. Julian: “We’ve had so many
people contact us from different departments just saying we’d like to talk to you about
this, or we think this might be a great idea for your book, or what about this marketing
idea, and Eric still maintained some type of contact with me just to make sure that
I was on the right track. And she [Aleesa St. Julian] signed the book
and actually sent it to him, and he said that he has it hanging up in his office now and
that’s special, you know, that’s really special to us. You feel like you’re actually part of a
family. I often say that we’re now part of the WestBow
Press Publishing family. [To Aleesa] Don’t I say that?”

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