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Joey Paul and I’m an indie author. And today we’re gonna be doing a tag, specifically the
Welcome to Authortube tag. This tag was created by Sarah Schamweber, I hope I’m saying that
right! And I was tagged by Dal Cecil Runo, both of their videos are linked down below.
So there are 13 questions, and let’s get right to it. Number one: who are you? I am Joey
Paul. I’m an indie author. I have fifteen? Yeah fifteen [LAUGHS] books published with
the sixteenth coming out in October. I have been published for over fourteen years and
I’m pretty much, even though I’ve been on Youtube, or Authortube for about four years
coming up, I’m pretty much still, a very much a new fish, so doing this kind of tag is a
good idea for me. Number two:: what do you write? I write Young Adult fiction, anything
from dystopian, to crime/paranormal, to sci-fi/crime, to mystery/thriller. That kind of thing. I
just like dabbling about in the young adult classification and I like taking stories and
just seeing where I go with them. Number three: where are you on your writing journey? As
I said, I have published fifteen books, with the sixteenth coming out on October 9th. I’m
very much in the middle of my writing journey in that I have books written that haven’t
yet been fully edited, and I have books published that obviously have been fully edited. And
I’m just basically cruising along [LAUGHS] publishing only two books a year. I did three
this year, but I will never do that again. [LAUGHS] And just having a fun time doing
it. Number four: Do you have any special training? No, I have a BA Honours in Health and Social
Care, but obviously that has nothing to do with writing. I didn’t do writing at school
and I didn’t have specialised training for it, I don’t have any qualifications that back
up that I know what I’m doing. But I don’t think you really need to have that to be a
writer, or to be an author. I think it’s one of those things that, you can learn as you
go. Sometimes qualifications can help, but they don’t necessarily have to be in writing.
They can be in things like business or marketing. I think that’s a big help, but only if you
choose to go, well not only if you choose to go, because traditional publishers do still
have to do some marketing. But yeah. Number five: How do you find new to you Authortube
channels? Basically it’s only been recently that I’ve been able to reach out to find brand
new ones, and that’s through a Facebook group called #Authotubers, and then I also watch
Sarah’s Newtuber videos, and check out some of the people on there because those are an
awesome addition to authortube. It’s a great way to put newbies in the face of it and go
and find them. Number six: Name a video you’ve watched with a different point of view (you
don’t have to agree with it or prescribe to it) I do agree with them, so these are the
videos that Christopher Drost has done, about basically Trans 101. And it’s a different
point of view than mine and I really do find them very very interesting. And very intriguing
and thought-provoking, and the kind of thing where you wanna know more and you wanna be
able to learn more on this subject, and especially about writing trans characters. Yeah it’s
just fascinating. Number seven: Name one reason you started your channel? I’m gonna have to
think about this because… I started my channel In January or December, because I did an intro
video in the December, three years ago now. Almost four. And I started it because I wanted
to be on youtube. But I did loads of mistakes, like I didn’t research what kind of channel
it would be. I didn’t research what kind of topics they should cover. I didn’t do well
with graphics. I didn’t edit that well, as in edit a video that well. I did put up subtitles
from pretty much the first one. But I didn’t do any of the research that you should do
before starting a channel, especially if you want it to be successful. So I messed up,
basically. Number eight: Name one reason you think someone else should make a channel?
I think it’s a great way to get the word out there about yourself, and your author brand,
and you. I don’t think it’s for everybody, but I do think it’s something that Authortube
is growing, and that’s a good thing, and it’s changing and that’s also a good thing. And
it’s becoming more inclusive of…y’know you’ve got the popular ones, and then you’ve got
all the little ones like me and everybody else and we all sorta hang around together
and get to know each other, and work together and I think that’s a really good thing. And
I think if you want to make a channel, and you want to start doing Authortube, then it’s
a good idea to, to take that leap. Because it took me a while to take that leap and once
I did, I was really, really glad I did. And even though it takes a while to grow, it’s
so worth it in the end. And it’s just, it’s fun! Number nine: Name a new channel you’re
watching? New to you, or new in general. Oh I really should’ve looked at the channels
on my list before I started filming this video. So I started watching Morgan Hazelwood, I
also started watching Savy, who’s not as new to me as other people, but she is really awesome.
Kelly Martin Books is another watching and I will put all their links in the description
below. Number ten: Name a channel you think new authortubers should watch? Definitely
Sarah because, like I said, she does the Newtubers videos and they are all awesome. I think some
other people are Christopher and Dal. They present different views, and different diversity
on authortube and I really think it’s very important to be a part of that. And I just,
yeah, I think they’re amazing people, and yeah. Number eleven: What advice would you
give to new writers? Don’t rush. Like everyone is focused on so much on the end goal, getting
published whether that’s traditional or indie and they seem to lose themselves in the ‘I
must do this by x date, and I must do this by x date.’ And I guess, there’s no rush,
you can take as long as you want to get to the next step. It doesn’t matter that other
people beat you to it because they’re not competition, they’re just other people. And
just don’t rush, don’t waste what time you have with your work in progress and your editing
and stuff. Don’t waste that time wishing to be on the next step. Unless you’re like me
and you hate editing in which case [LAUGHS] that’s unavoidable! But don’t rush to get
to the next step unless you’re ready for it. And even then you shouldn’t really rush. Number
twelve: What advice would you give to new authortubers? About their channels? Interact
with the community. Make friends, do tags, like all the tags because this is the best
way to get your name out there and get people watching your videos. And just take a breath,
and realise that it’s gonna… you’re in it for the long haul and it’s gonna take a while
to sink in and all of that, and just yeah, just enjoy it because it’s a great ride to
be on. And number thirteen: Tag others, try to tag at least one other channel that has
less than 300 subs. I’m gonna tag Christopher Drost and Moon Petrie. Their channels are
linked below. And yeah anybody else that feels like doing this tag, they are more than welcome
to, consider yourself tagged. But yeah that was the welcome to Authortube tag, and that’s
all I have time for today. If you wanna support my channel, you can comment or subscribe.
I post new videos on Thursdays. You can find me all over social media. And my books are
available everywhere. And don’t forget to pre-order Dying Thoughts – Eighth Ending,
and if you do pre-order don’t forget to sign up for the SWAG. All the links to which are
listed below. Thanks for watching and remember to keep writing. Bye!

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  1. Thank you very much for mentioning my channel.

    Morgan, Savy, and Kelly! I love their content as well. Gotta check Christopher.

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