Author Sends Hundreds Of Copies Of Her Book About Lesbian Heroines To Public Schools

with just a few days left till the Pride Parade one Bay Area woman is spreading the stories of LGBTQ leaders who made lasting changes on the movement KPIX is Jackie Ward shows us the unique way she's reaching the younger generation in tonight's original report Robyn LOI is on a mission her dining room table is stacked with copies of her new book game-changers lesbians you should know about I got the idea that I should be the one to create this fun book about lesbian heroes that are living who created queer culture now and they're sort of the people that young people today should consider as their heroes yeah we have an assembly woman she's recruiting close friends to help pack and ship it every county in the San Francisco Bay Area Santa Clara Sonoma and Napa to public high schools in the Bay Area for free so far Robins donated around 1,500 copies to over 300 schools reaching 30,000 students I just figured why not I don't know anyone who's ever done anything quite like this and I don't know where it came from but it just kind of sprung out of me and I've just been enjoying the ride a graphic designer by trade Robin created game changers to look and read like a graphic novel one that showcases the crucial role lesbians have played in the LGBTQ movement thirty women including Robin herself leap off its colorful pages like well super heroines the criteria is that they're alive and that they're over 50 and that they came out young and that they created significant cultural contributions to queer culture specifically if you weren't a mom would you have done this probably not I mean it's all a part of my whole life Robin's own journey as a lesbian mom of two sons and her role as a guest educator on LGBTQ history for several Marin County Public Schools inspired the book as a way to educate others the kids they ask questions that are startling to me like alsace a simple fact like the the right for same-sex marriage was passed nationally in 2015 and like a handle shoot up and they'll say boy I didn't earth know making sure every generation hears these her stories is Robins passion so her classroom has expanded to include lesbian bars like Jolene's in San Francisco welcome all my sister's to the stage and political hotspots like Manny's in the mission where those profiled in the book speak openly about their own journey I was really looking for people like me I was looking to build community I was trying to find a space that I felt comfortable in Krystle Jiang says writing her essay for the book brought back memories of fun times in 1960s San Francisco became a member of the rebels lesbian gang we drove around in a Ramblers sedan smoke cigarettes and were more black puff jackets but the retired teacher is quick to point out we still have a long way to go in both education and acceptance when you talk about progress we've come a long ways in terms of being visible but we still are in the same sort of spot in terms of being understood oh this is such a fun thing to be doing which is why Robyn and her friends will not stop until every book here has been signed sealed and delivered so that's my mission and it's it's happening it's really exciting in Marin County Jackie Ward KPIX 5 now the women profiled in the book include military personnel legal experts artists and educators Robyn says she as many others to profile and she's working on plans for a second edition and don't forget the pride parade starts at 10:30 Sunday morning we'll have an exclusive live stream of the event at KPIX calm

8 thoughts on “Author Sends Hundreds Of Copies Of Her Book About Lesbian Heroines To Public Schools

  1. For heaven sake. Don’t they have enough lesbian and gay people to pick? They worry that they don’t have selection or what? Why the hell they try to brainwash our kids. This is beyond wacko. We are talking about our children here, not your agenda. Leave lesbian and gay out of school.

  2. Geez there are bigger issues in this world . Just cause you like the same sex don’t make you special lmao. Fags these days I swear.

  3. You people should be ashamed of yourself, this is child abuse.
    This is a marxists agenda being pushed & liberals are too ignorant to understand

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