Author Sara Delpasand Found Herself through Self-Publishing with Archway

“‘the i in life’ became a – first and foremost
– a therapeutic way for me to speak to my younger self. I had gone through a transition in life where
I had moved from Europe to the United States and I had a difficult time finding myself
professionally. It kind of became this thing for me when I
needed to create clarity on who I was, you know, here, and where I was going, how I was
supposed to get there and so I just became obsessed with writing to myself in order to
create that clarity and that’s how it started.” “I had previously worked with youth and I
had guided them into finding their career paths and I really didn’t know how to do
it here in the United States. But as I was writing, I said, ‘Oh my God,
maybe with this, you know, other people can find their ways and other people can, you
know, benefit from this story, especially these exercises I have in the book in order
to create the clarity for themselves.’ It kind of shifted from being this letter
to myself to ‘Oh my God, this is it, this is why I am doing it.'” “You know, the reason I wanted to self-publish
the book is because I wanted to be in control of the process and my book. I wanted to be in control, I wanted it to
be me talking to the youth. It was what I knew and what I wanted to offer. It’s not set in stone, I wanted to go back
and change it if I wanted to and just be a part of the process. I loved publishing the book.” “A lot of people are asking the question,
‘What do I want to do in life?’ and they’re having a hard time answering it. I’ve experienced that if you shift that
question from, ‘What do I want to do?’ to ‘How can I serve, what do I have to give?’ It creates a more easier way to approach life
professionally. So if I can get people to get that from the
book, I’m happy.”

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