Author & Punisher Boiler Room Berlin Live Set

41 thoughts on “Author & Punisher Boiler Room Berlin Live Set

  1. This guy alone has my utmost respect as an individual musician and skilled engineer. Would be highly honored if I ever had the chance to collaborate on music with him.

  2. This is the most exciting thing I've come across in music for a while. I can't believe I have barely just discovered this. This guy is fuckin awesome.

  3. Trent Reznor or Ministry should check this out and work with him. Shit maybe even Filter (Richard Patrick) he’s into industrial just never really approached it very much.

  4. To clarify anybody calling this industrial first of all its doom using the industrial concept of making or finding and using unusual instruments, but not the industrial sound. You only know industrial as it was rebranded in the late 80s and 90s to be guitar driven synth music, learn your history before posting that this is industrial

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