Author Pete Liebengood on Self-Publishing Multiple Books with Xlibris

Pete Liebengood: “I decided to self-publish
to expedite the process, because I had tried, in the past, the standard old-school way to
getting published by trying to find an agent, and agent trying to find a publisher. I’ve been told that could take two to three
years, and I didn’t want to wait that long. I wanted to get my book out there and get
an idea where I stood as a writer, and I can do it in much less time then it would take
to do the standard route. I got feedback from readers and reviews from
professional review companies that basically told me, ‘Yeah, you can write.'” “I have recommended Xlibris to several other
authors, actually. Simply because of what I think is their professional
approach to the whole idea of self-publishing and marketing. I must have been asleep in school, in high
school and college, because I’ve written all of my life in television news. That’s a different kind of writing, it’s a
dot-dot-dot for expression, for reading, for narrating a script. Xlibris has an editing service too, and when
I first got my first draft back and I saw all of this red down the side of where, you
know, corrections. One after another after page after page after
page, and it’s all punctuation. We got it fixed, it just took a lot longer
than I thought, but now I’m kind of used to seeing the red.” “I want my readers, in every book that I write,
to be entertained. That’s the primary goal. If I can get a ‘L.O.L.,’ laugh-out-loud from
a reader, that’s what I’m trying to accomplish.”

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