Author Pam Saxelby Describes Publishing “Max and Bear” with Archway Publishing

An Archway Interview: Pam Saxelby “I always wanted to write a children’s book.
After working with young children, I taught preschool for about 25 years, I love children’s
books. I think they’re for grown-ups as well as kids. I wanted to be able to do it
myself. What I hoped for was to write something where when it’s read to little children,
they say, ‘We really like it’ at the end and they want the story read to them again.” Finding Inspiration “I tried for about five years of coming up
with an idea of something to write, and then I came up with this idea of ‘Max and Bear’
after being on a trip with my daughter and the real life, Max.” The Confidence to Self-Publish “I chose to self-publish because I wanted
to; I just wanted to publish a book and I wanted to give it a chance to get out there.
I also wanted to publish myself because I knew I got to own everything – I got to
be the director, I got to be the designer of how it was going to look, and also use
someone who knew what they were doing so that it would be the best product it could be.” Guidance from Archway Publishing “I researched self-publishers and really found
that Archway looked like they had a really great program. They were so professional – people
were extremely responsive, they always were very timely in getting back to me, they were
very clear in what they needed from me. The collaboration process with the illustrator
was a really positive one. He really asked a lot of questions about what I thought the
book should look like and I think they listened to what my vision was and also added what
they thought would work and look best too.” Reaching your Goals “I did a reading about a month and a half
ago in front of thirty young children and at the end, when I got done, and they said,
‘We like that story!’ that’s what my goal was – for young children to say they like
it.” You’re On Your Way. Archway Publishing from Simon & Schuster.
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