Author Neil Gaiman's Dark World

24 thoughts on “Author Neil Gaiman's Dark World

  1. Neil always strikes me as the kind of dude who is super intelligent, but has zero ego about it. He's like a happy version of Alan Moore lol

  2. Sex and Chocolate, is what she was going to say. Yumm, I'd get her clit cherry-red and swollen with excitement reading Neil Gaiman books together, lol

  3. just my feeling, dint put them in those words, though: better than [censored], well, better than choclate. 😀 btw it's no shame; its highest mark genius if one's work is adored by morons And by upper-smart ppl.
    best bit: my weirdness meter just broke. 😀
    if i met neil gaiman, i'd'nt know what to say, i'm afraid. to say 'luvvvv you, i mean yer books' is just lame. to say 'you, sir, are a genius' – he knows that, and also lame. oh, actually i have a question: did he read Astrid Lindgrens …dmn…whatsisname in american…Billy smth. orginally Kalle Blomkvist. u know, storys about boy detective and his friends, the one where he and his friend eva-lotta were locked up in this old manor house and he did same trick to unlock the door as Bod in this bad man's shop when he tried to flog the ruby brooch. graveyard book. and if he did, gaiman, i.e., did he just nick that bit from dame Astrid, or borrowed it? maybe not even knowing where he found it? 😉

  4. Golden Age Sandman was the most twisted thing ever. So subtle until you think about what was really going on in those comics.

  5. It must be disheartening to notice that moronic people are able to digest one's writing. On the other hand, I am incredibly envious, no jealous of such a talented writer fans or no who can get that blimmin' book out.

  6. JG Ballard is good too(I've only read a few books of his, but I thought they were all well written). Gaiman and Ballard tread some similar ground, but have enough differences to make the comparison a bad one.

  7. Oh my god, I love his library! I am so insanely jealous, and i don't get jealous that often. I must now come up with a fiendish plot to divest him of his beloved "dungeon".

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