Author Michael Lewis discusses The Big Short and the future of finance

41 thoughts on “Author Michael Lewis discusses The Big Short and the future of finance

  1. Have we not learned a thing. We'll have another crash soon guaranteed. People are just too greedy

  2. Boy is she bitter and does she hold a grudge.
    She isn't an open honest genuine person.
    I'm a wahman. I see right thru that shit and help me please god not ever have friends or family like this woman.

  3. The host is so rude to Mr. Lewis with her cuts and barbs it's unbelievable. You never discuss pre-interview private conversations publicly. She tries to dis him at every chance. I can't help but wonder why? Certainly lacks in etiquette. Lewis is absolutely gracious to her and keeps moving along. I'm sure after the interview when he left he must have just shook his head. But, he has a thick skin, he gets it, and knows that unfortunately there are a lot people like this host who are plain stupid.

  4. Too many college graduates, systematically raping Main Street and the world, and they do nothing, create nothing, like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, the FANGs of Wall Street.

  5. "the future of finance" a book written by art lover / journalist w/ a BA degree (cum laude) in Art History '82. OK, he's got an MS in Economics but not a fund manager. more things change, more things stay the same. including finance future.

  6. I fines ir really annoying when people ask questions during the Q&A session that have already been answered during the conference. To me it's disrespectful because either you were distracted or late but definitely not listening.

    And, yeah, I'm saying this because of the shaved head guy.

  7. The book isn't much, more than wall street bashing. We didn't need another one. The movie is worse.


  9. That interviewer asking if the absence of women is one reason for the financial crisis is absolute garbage. Imagine if a man implied that a female-dominated industry (like education) is broken because there aren't enough men to fix it. The outrage would be immediate and widespread. This woman gets away with it because she is at the epicenter of political correctness and has some kind of position in her academic little enclave. It scares me that institutions tolerate and probably reward this type of behavior. God, her arrogance and snark is intolerable.

  10. Tragic example of the many (most) bright minds siloed into the dead end of capitalism. Could it have anything to do with their incomes?

  11. re who is seeming something society isn't…& this was five months after Obama threw COP15 under the bus and expended no political capital on the climate bills in Congress. The answer then, and now, are the climate scientists, and the science, that called for the 'developed' world to effect 40% reductions in 1990 emissions levels by 2020.

  12. Synopsis…so the in the 1980's the "Greed is Good" culture rooted itself as the new paradigm, and the financial industry has never looked back. Just as a historical footnote the old paradigm was…are you ready for this….company reputation based on helping clients and building trust. Imagine that….what WERE they thinking?

  13. How to inspire the wrong people, in the wrong place, at the wrong time. …
    …For an ideal Liars Poker epitaph, perhaps add ML's own subtitle "how to get rich" for the few (by screwing the sleeping majority. .) ??
    I am Trying to understand the greedy mess in reverse (which is usually easy , but so many obscenely cunning vested interests make it like trying to explain God to a fish ) , and having watched the movie at an almost empty Arclight Hollywood , I would recommend the roundtable discussion by The Hollywood Reporter as insightful by the key actors, writer, and director

  14. Blackstone Group is now doing something similar with renting. We will have another crash and I worry about those people in homes.
    So not only did wall street cause the financial crisis, they have now found a new way to exploit people who suffered from that very crash they caused.

  15. interesting observations
    An interesting observation was when ML was invited to speak at a republican book group and then later dems 23:36
    Bias turned around through observation perhaps?

    58:33 people who have some perspective: Obama-wise, shrewd, interesting man put in a horrible position learning about this world, he has a perspective on how this country works, you would learn a lot
    (my aside, yes you would learn a lot, I know I have about media, corruption on both sides and I would be interested in what ML thinks about the direction of race relations etc. since this interview in 2010. My observation is also that I have a different interpretation of wisdom and where that came from in his example- I see puppet with a key word being put in this situation).

  16. And the MIT quant got his ass kicked with black scholes models , LTCM – but he was bailed out and bailed out and bail out by the FED. Now we have a market that is distorted and rigged and has no basis in reality.

  17. Great quote from the movie, "Truth is like poetry and most people hate poetry." unattributed.  Here's the bitter TRUTH……if Wall Street investment firms really knew how to make money on stocks…they wouldn't need YOU to buy stocks from them. They would simply get rich and retire young. The TRUTH of the matter is, the only way to make money with stocks is to be the one selling them. Now watch…..people might respond to this comment by saying that they don't want to hear the truth. They just want to keep believing in the stock market…..and the beat goes on.

  18. Just saw the movie. It's brilliant of course….if you don't mind being disabused of all your fantasies about America and there being a God. So the system was, is, and always will be corrupt beyond even this movie's ability to describe it. But I have to comment on one thing….and I think they acknowledged it in the movie even……in the end, in the bitter end, the guys who saw it coming and bet against the housing market…..they SOLD their CDS's. The main character was admonished to sell by his partner. "It's now or never….gotto go man, now or never." In other words their position would soon become worthless. It was volatile and falling. Well here's the key to this…and it was mentioned in the movie but I have to say it again here. They SOLD their worthless and falling SHIT… WHOM?  Who did they sell that garbage to? Suckers?… the words of George Castanza of the Seinfeld TV show, "Was that wrong?"

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