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[Reporter] An autograph from an award winning
author. Students at Hilton Head Island High School
met Matt de la Pena today. The New York Times bestselling, Newbery Medal
winning author talked about his early life and how he became interesting in writing novels
for young adults. de la Pena also shared advice for aspiring
writers. [Matt de la Pena] To be a good writer you
have to be a great reader so read as much as possible and then also just live life. Try not to aspire to be a professional writer
today just take risks practice get all your reps in and eventually you’re going to write
something that maybe you can publish but right now you’re just practicing. There’s a freedom to be a young writer that
a lot of young writers don’t realize that you can make mistakes. [Reporter] Students who have read his books
say they can relate to his characters and are inspired by the storylines. [Edwin Rivera] It’s really interesting I
like that fact that it really relates to me as in like since he’s like Mexican American
as well as me I really relate to him and his stories and I mean this is his first book
it’s called Ball Don’t Lie and it’s really interesting so far I’m not done with
it but hopefully I can read more books throughout the school year. [Angel Lincourt] I want to become a writer
I want to talk about my personal story and I want people to know my story and make cool
books like this. [Reporter] Later in the day the author visited
Hilton Head Island Elementary School. He talked about the picture books he has written
and even read one of his books to the students. [Nazari Garvin] I like The Last Stop on Market
Street when his grandmother says you really don’t need the car and you really don’t
need to see just hear. [Faith Fowler] My favorite book is Love because
it shows you all the different ways you can love and all the different ways you can feel. [Reporter] de la Pena has published 15 books,
and also visited Bluffton High School yesterday. His new novel, Superman DawnBreaker tells
a story about a young Clark Kent. It hits bookshelves Tuesday. On Hilton Head Island, Ron Lopes Beaufort
County School District.

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