Author Marianne Wiliamson On Her 2020 Bid For President, Reparations, & Colin Kaepernick

from New York and on the new odd 97 happen in the morning it's bro in the morning beautiful Laura Styles Rosenberg's on assignment and we have Marianne 2020 here it's obvious we call you Marianne 2020 you can call me Marianne you can call me Mary Ann 2020 whatever you want you are running for president of the United States yes I am and before deciding to do this for people who haven't researched your background what were you doing I've been an author and a lecturer for 25 years but at 35 you're sorry 35 years but I've also founded nonprofit organizations I've been a political and a nonprofit activist for 35 years or do you define yourself as a Republican Democrat independent I'm running as a Democrat now you say and I've heard you say this a number of times I read you say I'm running as a Democrat okay I am a Democrat okay I am a Democrat I've been a Democrat all my life four years ago I ran for Congress and I ran as an independent because at that time I felt it was a principle thing to do the Constitution does not mention political parties George Washington warned us against them but at this point even though I do think we have some issues there to me those are like broken legs and broken arms compared to a bullet next to the heart represented by current administration promises bullet yeah exactly this is not the time to risk I wouldn't do anything to risk even taking ten votes away from the Democratic Army and are you skeptical of individuals who are playing this middle ground and and potentially taking votes from one side or the other I'm about skeptical I don't know what they're thinking I don't know how they could do it such as you mean such as mr. Schultz yeah well I love a lot of people say specifics in there right well it's just nothing I could even conceive of doing at a time like it's a bad play in your book that sounds a little judgmental I mean he says well I would do nothing to take votes away from Howard Trump I mean from you know give give the election to Donald Trump once you run you don't know who it's going to vote for you and how those things play so I'm not in control of what Howard Schultz does but I'm in control of what I do and I would never do it your books and your lectures will predominantly about what love spirituality taking principles of universal spiritual themes how we live a better life how to live a more ethical life how to live a more moral life not in a dogmatic sense but in the sense of universal values how to apply those to our own individual lives in order to transform our lives and all that a nation is is a collection of individuals so the same principles that change a person's life change a nation's life and so in this campaign and in my presidency if I am president I will apply those same principles to the state of our country which is very much off course it's off course spiritually it's off course morally and that's why we are off course economically that's why we are off course in so many areas and so we need to get back to the heart of the matter not just in personal issues but in public issues as well we have a dominant political conversation which would argue otherwise it's a conversation that's just from the neck up it's about dollars and cents it's it stems from an amoral economic perspective where a bottom line of corporate profits matter and people don't matter so much and the planet doesn't matter so much this is morally wrong and until we address that level of moral error then we will not fundamentally disrupt the trajectory that we're on which is quite perilous let's dig a little deeper though because I think that when people hear ok so marianne williamson right she's an author she writes about love but what i found interesting when doing a little research i knew was how passionate you were about crises that happen in the United States like the AIDS epidemic right what was it about that that means you create this organization and foundation to help and then just push forward healing and helping people who have suffered through stuff like that what should matter to all of us as individuals and what should matter to us as a country is the reality of human suffering it's it's not complicated it's very simple there is no religious or spiritual path there is no moral or ethical standard that gives any of us a pass on addressing the suffering of other sentient beings and there were sufferers in front of me it was as simple as that and I think that when you look at all of the unnecessary suffering in our country and in our world which at certain times is at least indirectly a result of our own domestic and international policies that's why I feel a cycle forces need to step in right now and completely disenthrall ourselves of this idea that only political people know how to handle this and that's their lane this is this is this country belongs to all of us Donald Trump wasn't a political person he was a reality show that's the other thing that flies in the face of that is when people go oh experience and this and that and we need politicians and we need people who are experienced it's kind of like well the guy that's in there right now is clearly not that yeah but some people use that as an excuse to tell someone like myself to go away they say well look we have someone right now didn't know but the problem is not in my opinion that the president didn't know the basic Democratic traditions it's that he doesn't care he doesn't have a visceral taste for democracy clearly he has more of a taste I mean look at all the dictators that he just thinks they're such cool people he has an authoritarian personality democracy is is a repudiation it's a resistance to aristocracy aristocracy is when a few people are deemed entitled and that's what's happened to our country the largest wealth inequality since 1929 is because the major resources of our country have been systematically delivered into the hands of a very few people not only is this unsustainable it's an American it's undemocratic this has nothing to do with whether or not you are within the political establishment it has to do with where your heart lies whether democratic values really matter to you whether basic you know human values should be in your mind the the basis of all domestic and international policy but at the same time I don't think looking to political mechanics you know the fact that somebody's a good car mechanic doesn't necessarily mean they know what road you should take to Milwaukee so this idea that you have to be someone you know there's nothing in the Constitution that says that in order to be qualified to be president you have to be a lawyer or governor or senator or congressman it says you have to be born here lived here for 14 years and at least 35 so I think that's pretty radical it was leaving to every generation to decide for itself the skill set that that generation feels is necessary to navigate the times in which we live and in this generation I think we need a visionary more than we need a political mechanic and Franklin Roosevelt said that the primary job of the presidency is moral leadership we need a moral and spiritual awakening in this country without which I don't care how many political mechanics you have we're going down seasons I don't want to say we're going down because I don't want to even affirm it I'll just say well on a parentless road for our democracy possibly for our speed I'll say when you look around the planet the debt and the performance of our nation and our inability to prepare our kids for the jobs of the future and be honest about industry in this country and where the financial opportunities are our inability to answer those questions in a transparent way we are on the road to failure more failure right that is one of the biggest things that we talk about on this program is the fact that our 15 year olds right now are not being prepared or being told or directed where the jobs are that they need to go then on top of that even if they go into the higher education and that's their choice they're not leaving high school with a trade that they can actually get into the workforce with right that's a problem and the problem goes in in my mind deeper than that because if an eight year old has not been taught how to read by the time they're a and and millions of American children are trapped in chronic trauma chronic the PTSD that they are experiencing according to psychologists is no less severe than the PTSD of a returning veterans so these children if they can't read by eight chances of high school graduation are drastically decreased chances of incarceration a drastically increase we need a massive realignment of investments in this country in the direction of children under the age of 10 even under the age of eight so even when you talk about those 15 year olds by 15 if you can even find them drop jobs they're low-paying jobs right it's lower and because of the you're saying that the our economic system has nothing to do with planning for our economic good ten years from now nothing it's a leaching from the system of short-term profit for a small groups right if we really want to vibe an economy ten years from now you take better care of your ten year olds today that's right how do you convince the wealthiest because it it doesn't seem like they care but if you're going to make money here for your self your family your future generations the companies you own whatever your plan is financially it would seem there would be interest in investing in the workforce for tomorrow well but it doesn't feel like that's prioritizing my well it's not prioritized by our government because of camp the influence of the undue influence of money mainly corporate money on our system but it's important I think for all of us to remember not every rich person is greedy to be more than every poor person is noble and pure this is about systems it's not about demonizing individuals so I think that there are many people of wealth who recognize this is a very unsustainable situation and it won't be good for anyone if this thing blows and if you've read your doll the turtle you know it will blow it happened in dr. Seuss book and it's basically you know in this dr. Seuss books everything you really need to do do know is taught to you as a child it's basically it's basically a way of saying somebody's gonna storm the Bastille here that's right this cannot continue and when I was a child it was considered the social agreement that a corporation did have an ethical responsibility to workers to community to environment they had more than just a fiduciary responsibility to stockholders it was recognized that there were more stakeholders than just to those who owned stocks this started in 1980 this is a 40-year ethical and moral aberration and I think it's so important I always feel at a certain age would like the keeper of the story and I always say to younger people it was not always this way and we should not just assume the corporate profits short-term profit maximization for oil companies chemical companies big pharma health insurance companies military contractors should be this bottom line it has become the new Big Brother and you can't have that and have democracy the very concept that short-term profit maximization for a few corporate entities should be advocated for by our government our government should be advocating for the people the Declaration of Independence says that governments are instituted to secure our rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness that's why in the Gettysburg Address Lincoln said it's a government of the people by the people for the people and that it would not perish from the earth it is perishing now because our government now advocates more for those short-term profits of the corporations by the corporations for the corporations what do you say to people who are believing that our economy while the numbers on paper look good is successful and booming the numbers on paper don't look good ok not a few if you read them with any with any real intelligence when you have the greatest wealth inequality since 1929 when you have 40 percent of all Americans struggling on a daily basis to deal with rent costs transportation costs health costs and food costs when you have 62% of Americans who who cannot make it into the middle class when you have millions of American children who are trapped in the chronic trauma that we talked about when you have a trillion and a half dollar of college loan debt when you have millions of American who live in this chronic anxiety what will happen if I got sick what'll happen if my kids get sick how am I gonna pay for my kids to go to college how am I gonna pay these college loans that alone I can't even imagine being twenty years old and having $28,000 of debt I are economic good are so so good peace on earth all comes from unleashing the spirit of people we all have potential genius dreams visions we all and yet we cap it so don't tell me what I just described is good maybe it's economically beneficial to a few people don't go using the word good what is here what is your stance on immigration well we are a nation of immigrants my father was an immigration lawyer my brother is an immigration lawyer I all four of my grandparents were immigrants we do not and did not have a crisis at the border this was a made-up drama by someone who wants to create fear and use the demonization of immigrants who are seeking specifically brown people specifically brown people there's this is so racist and this is so so unamerican really so you know that there was an article in The New York Times written by the mayor of McAllen Texas down there at the border he said actually things with going fine you know when you go to Ellis Island here we are in New York I don't have you been to Ellis Island issues a lot when you when you see these pictures unless you're descended from slaves or descended from Native Americans who were here for thousands of years before the white European settlers came that's who your grandparents were or your parents or your immigrants bring a new lifeblood they immigrants you know what what people have to go through to become citizens they end up you and I were talking before about not knowing American history they know so much so this is a terrible terrible assault on a basic democratic value what is happening with this president and and it's more than an assault on those people it's an assault on the foundations and on the values of our country and on assault on the value of our deep humanity how much of this behavior though is directly tied to enforcing white supremacy on poor people and to the world of this kind of like where America you know law and order America is at a point of a deep identity crisis there are some people in America and I actually believe it's the majority of people who go oh this is so cool somebody came from Guatemala and somebody came from Africa and somebody came from Turkey and somebody came from China and how cool is this and what black and what brown and what and what wide and we're all gonna be wow this is so amazing what its gonna be 50 years from now and you have the genius of one culture and then Avengers genius of another culture and oh my god this could be so amazing 100 years from now and then you have others who say oh no we will not be doing that now I believe there are in this country and in the world I feel far more people love than hate the problem is those who hate have harnessed racism bigotry etc for political purposes and conviction is a force multiplier that's what this President did he harnessed fear for political purposes but you know what it's like an opportunistic infection it couldn't have happened if the immune system hadn't been so weak and too many of us would disengage from politics too many of us thought somebody else is handling it and so what's happened is you have far more people who love but those who hate hate with such conviction and political force we now need to harness our love and our decency and our dignity and our compassion and our belief in what democracy can mean and our deep human values we need to harness of that for political would you also say that people are already living in fear right so people begin to start picking sides when they feel like things are great that's part of the aristocratic agenda people in enough survival that they literally don't have time for civic engagement but once you see that game for what it is you go oh I'll make time right the let's talk you posted something in reason I had the team track you down and have you on the program someone sent me York conversation you had on your Instagram about black people and reparations yes which is in my world been a conversation since I was a child I have a Jewish mother and a black father I was born in Northern California pan-africanism and you know black nationalism all of that was raised around all that went to Hebrew school went to Pentecostal church so I grew up in a very different world than most people in the country but growing up in that world I understood that and began to understand that the power of black people and the respect that black people don't have is directly tied to the fact that they've never had respect while on this soil and in that is lack of financial power and the fact that being freed as slaves did not come with a stimulus package right whereas many European settlers when they came from Europe here to settle the land did receive support from the government what is your plan for this and how would you how do you actually think you're gonna get it done well in order to move forward in an appropriate way we do have to understand a little more of our history a lot more of our history I don't think the average American is racist but I think the average American is woefully uneducated and undereducated about the history of race in America particularly since the end of the Civil War so when you said that the end of slavery did not come with a stimulus package that stimulus package however was promised at the time General Tecumseh Sherman said that every among former slaves a family of four would receive forty acres and a mule now think about it these were people with a skill set because they had been running the orientations right so if you gave a former slave 40 acres and a mule this would give them the opportunity to start life over if you kick somebody to the ground you owe it to them to do more than stop kicking you owe it to them to say here help let me help you get back up as you clearly know you were talking about the history but I think a lot of people do not know the federal troops remain for 12 years and once 1877 12 years after the end of the war came the southern LED all that resentment all that rage all that violence all that revenge was turned into which politicized the black code laws which would ensure subpar economic opportunity social opportunities and political opportunities followed by the spate of lynchings Ku Klux Klan John Birch Society so you're going from a rebirth of a nation being shorter in the white house the mainstreaming of the KKK people joining up feeling like black people were black men specifically we're gonna take white women that propaganda by 1900 you have full-on institutionalized white supremacy and segregation so you have a hundred year period there so not only do you have two and a half centuries of slavery that's followed by another hundred years of violence it was not the the hot violence of slavery but it was it was cold violence but it was just as mine or it could be said that the other one was cold violence this is whatever it was violent yeah and that was not addressed for a hundred years so the work of the civil rights movement the civil rights legislation dismantling a segregation then the Voting Rights Act the next year in 1965 all of which were important I I don't want to minimize the struggles the sacrifices of any of our ancestors black or white that's right but at the same time as you said there's a level of economic restitution that not only has never been made but which black society in general has never been able to override even with the great migration to the northern cities such as Detroit and Cleveland etc they met that racial prejudice even there in many cases so as you mentioned about Europeans Germany has given 89 billion dollars in reparations to Jewish organizations since the Holocaust that can't make the Holocaust not have happened but it's an important part of reconciliation in 1988 Ronald Reagan signed the American Civil Liberties act where former people who were interned there were over a hundred thousand people were interned in the Japanese internment camps those survivors were given between 20 and 22 thousand dollars each so I think for myself can we stop talking like this is an outrageous concept it is by the 20th century was considered a normal concept in fact once again Sherman had promised those forty acres and a mule maybe you could even say that the economic well I will say we'll see if you agree the economic success of the United States that has still in existence today is directly tied to free labor free human labor during slavery well I think you can say the economic success of the American South right I mean I think it's arguable about the country in general but about the American South I can't say where there could be an argument but once again for me it's not an economic argument it's a moral argument and I think if we keep it on an economic argument is where is where it's gonna be problematic okay I it's a moral argument if if I take $1,000 from you and then I apologize to you wouldn't you also feel thank you I appreciate the apology and I'd like my money back that's an ethical issue as much as an economic issue labor is because literally black people did not get paid for the work that was done by their answer I'm not saying there's not an economic issue obviously I mean I'm arguing for reparations I'm not saying it shouldn't shouldn't be paid and and I think that for myself what has been I think that we need to move beyond the idea of small random acts of kindness in this country we need some huge strategized acts of doing the right thing the good news the good news you take I was mentioning to you before the four presidential primary states Iowa very white state New Hampshire very white state last week I was in in South Carolina even when I'm talking to primarily white audiences every time I have this conversation every time then I say it so clearly we should be talking about reparations I get applause the political establishment talks to people as though they are selfish and tries to speak to their selfishness can we just have some fierce authentic truth-telling in this country it's the only way we're going to repair and so whereas the dumb in a political conversation would be oh we're not going there right we must go there whether it has to do with the millions of American children in in trauma whether it has to do with a conversation about what is owed a conversation about reparations whether it's a conversation about the ultimate the total insanity of a national defense agenda led more by short-term profit maximization from military contractors and aerospace industry than by any genuine agenda for peace on this earth I find and it's not just that I believe I've been at this for a while now I find Americans are like can we have some real conversation here we like we like an alcoholic family where the children are like you can feel all this like what's not being said we need to put it on the table and give people a chance to do the right thing you know when you talk about how do we talk about people who don't want to do the right thing you don't they're gonna vote the way they're gonna vote we don't have the government we have because of them we have the government we have because too many people who wouldn't want to do the right thing have not voted and because of a government with so much moral equivalence so much moral equivocation and a political establishment and a dominant conversation within that establishment it doesn't speak to the noble in people doesn't speak to the goodness and people and I feel people speak to you on the level you come from my father was a lawyer and he used to say speak to the smartest person on the jury and I find when you speak to the goodness and people can we can we see what would happen could we give people a chance to rise to the occasion and I think more people more white Americans than you might think obviously black people but more white people than you might think whether it's because they're Catholic and Catholics go to confession or Jews on Yom Kippur a Day of Atonement or people in recovery who know that you have to have a moral inventory and look at your own character defects this country has to look at its character defects but you know you were told for them you make amends where you can and life does begin again do you feel like your message of this you know this love and this spirituality do you ever look around at the behavior of us as Americans and wonder if your message just may not resonate with people because they're too caught up in the capitalist rat race too too far gone down these extreme slopes kind of been deep religious leaves that sometimes when you say the word spirituality feel like as if you're trying to take them away from their beliefs I've seen that too okay you know you only go into that kind of thinking if you're worried we worry too much about whether our message is popular we don't worry enough in life about whether we're saying the right thing Martin Luther King said your life begins to end on the day you stop talking about things that matter the majority did not wake up one day and say let's free the slaves the majority did not wake up one day and say let's give women the right to vote the majority did not wake up one day and say that's in segregation who you don't you don't live a meaningful life by worrying about whether a lot of people agree with you that that's just people-pleasing that that's corruption so you talk about are you saying the right thing as you understand it and that carries moral force conviction is a force multiplier so right now we have too many people who hate with conviction we need more people who love with conviction and when you love with conviction who agrees with you and who does agree with you it's not where you're coming from but I have faith in the American people we're decent we're good we're no different than anybody anywhere else but we don't have a political container for our goodness and our nobility and that's what my campaign calls forth and I I i am constantly moved like I said when I'm in Iowa and New Hampshire and I see white audiences applauding reparations or some of them ladies he was a she's a Republican lady she voted for Trump she had come to my talk just because her daughter was working for my from my campaign in New Hampshire I talked to her about these millions of children trapped you know who these children are reparations by the time this conversation had gone this lady was saying oh we must oh absolutely it's the only right thing to do I'm here laughing inside or I'll tell you another one I'm in South Carolina another wonderful woman that I know she was a woman voted for Trump she's a white woman she voted for Trump she had this non-rational thing about Hillary right so I'm sitting here she was invited and it was a table full of social justice activists and you've been doing it just for the audience you've been doing a lot of home visits like you do house parties you do meetings you speak and you it's it's all of the above so this is this is a table filled with a social justice act of activists nothing that they were talking about was anything you and I and everyone in this room doesn't understand and we were talking for instance about the fact that the state of South Carolina with a billion dollar surplus would not take the Medicaid expansion and I mean it in this woman who was talking about other 50 schools in poverty in her district but she only has the budget to help the children with wraparound and anti trauma services and four of them the woman at the end of this meeting who was sitting next to me who is my friend who voted for Trump she turned him in she said I learned so much that I didn't know well it makes someone you know yeah but she didn't and I would argue that too many people within the Democratic Party aren't laying it down or telling it like it is having a fierce and authentic conversation and that's what I'm seeking to do with this campaign let's see so far I feel that's where the buzz is that's what the zeitgeist is give people a chance to because I understand do you feel like you're being heard yes I felt like on your Instagram I saw you post something on CNN they put up the women all the women running for president and I think your caption was like finally you know what do they what do they say first they ignore you then they laugh at you then they fight you and then you win do you arm I get this sense that you're here for the conversation and you definitely want to win for president but you're here to change the trajectory of our Center or what we believe our center is you're here to blaze a new trail and open up some new dialogue that's what I feel like your initial purpose it's gotten so further than conversation we're too close to the cliff I'm not here just to elevate the conversation I'm here to try to elevate America and I also think as a feminist issue we're trained to think that's the best we can do because God forbid we should say we're actually seeking power that's considered unattractive so we can say oh I'm only here you know when people say you'll get your voice out my voice is out my voice is out there we as women are too often trained at subconscious that's internalized I just want to change the conversation I just want to whisper in your ear but you're the one who has power and maybe no no no those days have got to be over I don't want to just whisper into the ear of someone sitting in the seat of power I would like that person to move please and strive to censor and that's the audacity that I think we all need at this time so yes my campaign changes the conversation but just changing the conversation as a matter of fact you know it's like when Martin Luther King would talk about incremental ISM if all you do is change the conversation they'll co-opt it when you have you have these huge oil companies talking about conservation I mean that you know changing the conversation alone mmm marketing I'd like to change the behavior please do you arm how do you feel about Colin Kapernick story like in everything at college what I'm sorry kappa ink oh I think he's a great American I mean I think what he did also I think the the thing that was so hot about that I thought taking a new there was a beauty and an elegance to it it's a beautiful church people do in church it there was nothing disrespectful about it it was a it's what is what is unamerican is putting him down for exercising not only that right you know it is not only a right it is a responsibility to speak up to protest to to express our grievances to a nation that is off track and when you hear him and other black athletes you know I'm very touched by men or a women but in that case it's men they've made it out they've escaped was his adopted kid from a family yeah exactly and his or their family so people who themselves theoretically could say I made it up but they are saying I am not willing to be silent about those who didn't have the athletic genius or didn't have you know I thought it was very profound and moving and the fact that the system came after him is because the system recognized moral force um recreational marijuana oh please marijuana this it's so silly to me that we've been having this conversation if you were president it we would not it would not be on the same list as I don't know heroin and he's uh well I don't even I mean I think there's a conversation to be had about all of it in what way well I think that the drug war clearly is not working and I think first of all the biggest drug dealer in America is Big Pharma I was so we need to recognize the distraction for what it is when former Department of Justice Chief sessions said that marijuana was the main gateway drugs to opioids it's absurdly untrue three quarters of all cases of an opioid addiction the Gateway was with legal pharmaceuticals and when you look at things such as oxycontin such as the abject criminality involved there in in the company that began to to market oxycontin when we have known for of years for thousands of years that narcotics are like that are addictive so it's another it's one more place where the dark underbelly of American has to be brought up you can't bring the light to the darkness you got to bring the darkness up and none of these big pharmaceutical CEOs directors whatever the titles are will see any any impact or be held accountable in any way well then I feels like they keep getting off well and once again you're going back to the fact that we have a system now we have a government that is basically a system of legalized bribery and so their advocacy for short-term profit maximization overrides concern for the into many cases for the American people in the planet on which we live now I have had CEOs of such companies say to me for years Mary Ann let me tell you if I did what you wanted I would be fired by my board and replaced by someone even worse so it's got to be even though there is a drive there is a drive towards a more conscious capitalism you do see people the beat Corp movement Eileen Fisher John Mackey at Whole Foods I mean there there is people trying there's people trying what we need the only thing that will make this happen is an uprising among the consciousness of the average Americans they're putting out dog whistles you got to drown them out with angel forces that's the only way to do this it's got to be a massive awakening in the consciousness of the American people who take this to the polls and and elect a different kind of consciousness into the position so I'm gonna feel felt like it happened at the midterms right absolutely absolutely and you're seeing some really good things happen right now I saw yesterday that the House passed a a closing of the loopholes in terms of background checks what they're trying to do now with getting rid of gerrymandering I mean the house the house is rocking it now with people like Alexandria Acacio Cortes she's our friend and you know Nancy Pelosi seems to have some new some new era beneath her wings so yeah we just have to keep it going this is just it's as Winston Churchill said this is not the end it's not even the beginning of the end it's the end of the beginning that's where we are now we got to keep it going and hopefully really smart in 2020 um let's go to guns today is the anniversary of the park shooting in Florida and we just continue to have mass shootings mass shootings and there's this crazy rhetoric with regard to like sensible gun laws just somehow taking away people's rights and and at a time where we clearly because a big pharmaceutical and other fear have manifested a society that is on the edge on prescription drugs guns in their hand mental health issues we have a lot of work to be done with regard to management of legal guns and and having a sensible conversation right what is your perspective there how do you plan to go about dealing with it this is another example where the consciousness of the American people is not the problem we now have for the first time you have a majority of Americans who want universal background checks you have a majority of Americans who want to outlaw bump stocks the conversation is on the table about whether military style rifles should be in the hands of a regular civilian population the problem is not the American people the problem once again the NRA which is the lobbyists protecting short-term profits for gun manufacturers but you know for the first time the NRA has taken its report card off its website because for the first time it does not necessarily help a candidate to have a high grade from the NRA in large part as we know because of the parklands shooting because of the unbelievable activism of those young people America is moving on this this is why the problem it's the log jam is in the way our democracy functions because we have a we have a pregnant moment we have an opportunity here as evidenced by that House bill yesterday we just have to keep it going because we need the Senate and we need the White House you mean we're not gonna have the Supreme Court for years you look at what's happened it's reasonable to assume we can get the house you know Abraham Lincoln said there is not that much evil any government can perpetrate as long as the people remain vigilant he was he was addressing there the fact that every two years you can check them all out that's why because of gerrymandering etc it's difficult but we're on the move and I think we're trending in the right direction once again we have to it's you know in times in our history you the the the darker aspects of the American psyche were concentrated in specific institutional realities slavery segregation suppression of women and so what you had to do was was excise that institutional reality today it's a mindset that has it's more like a cancer that has already metastasized and it's wrapped itself around some healthy organs so it's a multi-dimensional breakdown that has to be addressed as in an all systems way so it's it's we have to take this on everywhere we have to take it on in terms of climate change we have to take it on in terms of guns we have to take it on in in terms of immigration we have to take it on in terms of race we have to take it on in terms of national agenda and a security agenda and the only way this will happen is if there's an evolution in the consciousness of We the People what I love about campaigning and what I believed in I did this first of all my entire career makes me believe in it but I saw it and just love America tour that I did for a year it is really profound when you are in a room full of people hundreds of people together just thinking more deeply about these things Americans are good with a to-do list just tell us what to do and we'll fix it this is not as simple as that it's going to take all of us really taking this Americans are lazy too and you're asking us to work I think the work resisting feel-feel that's a– but the work i thought if we were really saying we do realize the work is living in such a disconnected way from our own hearts so I'm I'm excited I'm happy and being on your show this morning is an example you saw something on Instagram and said yeah that's it I want to talk to her the American people are ready the American people are ready for a deeper understanding of our story other Genoa agents have risen up and done the right thing and I think ours can tell I look for bad news on you I couldn't find any oh yeah I can tell you in advance okay what am i God look there's no scandal there's no there were times when I forgot to say please and thank you okay and some people in my past say you were you were at the office and I think maybe there were some times when I was so you were mean to people in the workplace you know you don't wake up meeting people I would say well at the time I would say well I was blunt and I was direct and I told her what she needed to hear and then the best friend would say uh that might be what you were thinking you were it was harsh it was disrespectful and I had to learn the hard way in some cases that you're responsible for your affect so um ex-boyfriends coming out they won't so far I've been very lucky and that I don't kiss and tell Department and I the where exactly are you from Houston Texas yeah originally and she's moving to Iowa you're moving well you can't run for you know running for president is not a part-time activity I live in New York I've lived in New York for the last two years most of my adult life has been in New York and Los Angeles and I raised my daughter in Michigan in Metro Detroit but as I was saying to Laura right if you're running for president it's all about Iowa and South Carolina and New Hampshire and Nevada and I meditated about whether or not I should renew my lease meditation and I got every day you're in New York you're not in Iowa very tempting to hang in New York is it so fun but a little voice inside excuse me you're not in our today right get your bow at Iowa um it's a pleasure to meet you you know I I it's almost like the things you're saying are almost too perfect I'm cynical though I'm a 43-year old man and I've been doing this same job for almost 30 years I've seen a lot of things happen well you're a 43 year old man and I'm a 66 year old woman and let me tell you just wait awhile and you'll start to see the light at the end of the tunnel I promise yeah I just you know I'm a registered independent and and always have been um mostly because I don't pick teams it's kind of like you know I want to see who's saying what and I want to watch this play out and I'm really more passionate about local politics also right I feel like that is where the the sword is really at and the president's job is to figure out how to get the business and the center and us moving I feel like that's the primary job Franklin Roosevelt said the primary job of the presidency he said is moral leadership right the administrative aspects of the job he said are secondary and so you know a lot of times we pick presidents because we love them and we like what they're saying and they cool or we feel like we see ourselves in them right that's a lot of it but obviously when they get there those ideas that they had on the campaign trail can't always get done you and I could have a conversation about that I think the president decides whether or not to govern along the lines of what he or she said they believed in while they were running I was more speaking of policy not they're not their tone and and who they are or what they aim did I mean even in terms of policy I think you need to have some spine once you get there okay um and do you feel like you've been doing this for a little bit and I'm sure you have political relationships you feel like you know exactly what you need to do when you get there do I know exactly what I need to do I think there's a difference between the what and the how what I'm strong on is the what in terms of the how I believe that there are political experts and political mechanics as it were who who's a on whose advice I would definitely depend in many many ways however I think that to think that a political mechanic is the answer I think we need a visionary more than we need a political political mechanic you can have the best mechanics and even in the best but that doesn't necessarily mean that you know what road to take was running walking so I believe that I have the ability to to and and and I have the conviction to lay out and that's what a campaign is this is the road I believe we should be on and if the American people elect me then I think the American people have every right to expect me to to work with the greatest minds in terms of political execution to bring those things to bear and lastly how much I guess so what's the word I'm looking for responsibility does the United States of America have with regard to what's happening globally in many places and and are you going to address those things because this is heavy lifting right the the border security and things like that and that the migrant issue from Central and South America is directly tied to unstable governments their inability to do business their inability to have industry locally so people honestly want to live it's also due to our exportation of criminals ms-13 started in the United States oh there are those who would disagree with you about that not the founders of the ms-13 we exported the ms-13 to Central America those individuals were kids who came here and at a young age and they were sent home into an environment that got there's a lot of both ends there with ms-13 but we don't but my point being is we have exported some of our problems we've created some of the problems that we currently have I understand when I was a child I would hear politicians talk about our vital national interests abroad I naively thought they meant democracy universal human values Western liberalism and have come to understand as we all have that too often they meant no the corporate interests multinational corporate interests all in Webroot selling weapons oil etc and as a consequence there are many many ways in which either directly or indirectly u.s. foreign policy directly as in the case of the datian of iraq indirectly in many cases the ones you're mentioning Latinamerica indirect and direct have caused many problems but I believe that this is a time for very nuanced thinking it's like when you go to therapy you have to look at what you've done wrong but remember you didn't do everything wrong there are some people in America today who are blind to anything we've ever done wrong and just rah rah America they're blind to our problems but there are some people today who are so focused on what we've done wrong that they're blind to anything we've done right we're people and I think we need right now we need people who will look at the problems but identify with the problem solvers both in our past and in our present so we don't need Rara let's not look at what's wrong people that's blindness but it's also blindness to be so focused on what we've not done wrong that we don't leave a space for atonement amends and also appreciation of the law of many things that we have done right and that's the space I would try to hold as a president to make things right what needs to be made right but continue to honor and celebrate what is most beautiful about this country and and holding leadership in other places accountable for abusing their citizens or well we have of course we have to stand for human rights if you look at what's happening in Saudi Arabia for the sake of a billion hundred billion dollars in arms sales and then include that the 500 million billion dollar the five hundred million dollar a deal that Boeing has with the Saudis with which they are prosecuting a war in Yemen tens of thousands of people have starved including all those children millions and Mike and Mike Pompeo says well you can have strategic partnerships with people who share your values no you can't that means you have sacrificed your values that's called blood money and so that is a perfect example of where we have for the sake of a dollar sacrificed everything that is the moral values that Americans should care about and if you believe whether you use the word karma from an Eastern perspective or cause-and-effect from the Western you know that this is very perilous if the United States continues in directions like that to allow the values that make you a human being should make good should well those are the values that make a human being good right if if if we don't live those values in align with those values the trajectory of our future will be perilous indeed you've said that number of times in this conversation and I applaud you for that because that's not a popular conversation we don't know yet do we because we haven't had enough politicians that's what let's revisit that after I love that I love that perspective as well optimism America has done the right thing before we can do it again marianne williamson is her name Marianne 2020 I appreciate all the transparency I appreciate the talk and I I really appreciate who I believe you are as a human thank you um I just hope everyone else appreciates it and like I said earlier I'm a little bit cynical so I just really hope that people galvanize around your message I don't find you cynical actually cynicism is an excuse not helping you are you are skeptical in a healthy way and every American deep this Louisville you're a patriot and you know it give it out one time Mary I think thank you you

39 thoughts on “Author Marianne Wiliamson On Her 2020 Bid For President, Reparations, & Colin Kaepernick

  1. How about the atrocities no one ever speaks of:
    1929 to 1936 up to 1.2 million Legal American Citizens were forcefully deported to Mexico. ~Cite~ Mexican Repatriation
    -note: up to 2 million Hispanic/Latino/Mexican were deported with a estimated %60 being Legal American Citizens
    1848 The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was never honored. People were persecuted, murdered, hung, and lots of legally owned land was stolen and all of this was aided by the US government via judicial abuses. In some cases the US government directly reimburse white supremacist in their campaigns as they murdered and stole land.

  2. She is a real woman speak from the hearth she don't look at colour she look at people and say it need to be change I love this lady am behind u a 100 %

  3. Everybody got a STORY but What are We The People @t Going to do to fight corruption? Everybody got a STORY but What are We The People Going to do to fight corruption?

  4. I gotta say I'm liking her rhetoric. I thought Williamson was just some kook before but her message is on point.

  5. She is supremely intelligent. She knows history and can view the larger picture. Sure she sounded a lot like a weirdo on the debate stage but when you see these long form conversations you get her. You see her vision.

  6. Marianne Williamson has a LONG 30 year history of mental illness. She's a lunatic. Look her up on Wikipedia.

  7. Marianne Williamson has a LONG 30 year history of mental illness. She's a lunatic. Look her up on Wikipedia.

  8. This interview left me uplifted and hopeful. A novel approach to politics rooted in ethics and morality. I'm sold.

  9. Marianne Williamson is a female fool. She should limit her sermons to the church of her choice and stay the hell out of politics.

  10. It's unfortunate the media isn't giving this woman a fair shake. Thanks to Hot97 for having her on your show.

  11. Marianne, I want to encourage you to keep on plugging…
    The Nation needs your voice.. so many have never heard
    Of this kind of thinking .. that was so evident in watching
    Mr. Cooper as you were speaking.. his mind was doing a
    search. .. you. We're making so much sense and not dodging
    questions… your voice is precious….. J Bell

  12. The DNC cheated Bernie in 16. Marianne, you mention spirituality and anything to work together and you will be toast, See ya!

  13. It's not too perfect when you live in love and not fear! Marianne is brilliance centered in truth!

  14. Marianne Williamson, New York City 1973.  I swung by and picked her up in my van.  We drove over to a buddies and scored a lid and a fistful of ludes.  Picked up a pizza and a 12 pack before hittin’ the 9G Drive-In Theatre.  Allman Bros. cranking on the 8 track, smoking & toking, laughing & joking.  The van was rockin’ about half way through ‘Enter The Dragon’.  Balls deep in that snappy, sweet little hippie beaver.  Stopped and picked up milkshakes on the way home.  Perfect date.  That’s the Marianne I’ll always remember.   That’s the Marianne I’ll vote for.

  15. Marrianne is case-in -point that those calling themselves experts can be so selective about what they espouse as to be wholly incorrect. I don't have the hours necessary to pick apart her views and I honestly don't know where to begin. I just saw a speech of hers. Wow. I could chew this clueless lady up and spit her out, gladly but Trump's taking it again so why bother…

  16. She honestly brings tears to my eyes, I am so proud and endlessly grateful for this woman. Thank sweet Jesus she is blasting through this bullshit 🔥⚡🌟

  17. Marianne Williamson's statement that "Vaccines are Draconic & Orwellian." , was spot on.
    Yes she was immediately attacked by 100 lobbyists from Big Pharma.
    Good for her.
    Just for her to be that bright shinning light for 2 days, made most parents day better.

    Parents have no other champion in the race for President.

    Most parents oppose mandatory vaccines. If Marianne was to say it again,
    "Vaccines are Orwellian" she would rise rapidly in the polls.
    I know she is afraid, but hey, so are most parents facing mandatory vaccines.

    I know Dr. Oz does not vaccinate his kids.
    Ca. Gov. Gavin Newsom does not vaccine his 4 kids.
    Dr. Paul Kangas does not vaccine his 3 kids. He is also a candidate for President 2020.
    Ca. Senator Richard Pan does not vaccinate his kids.

    It is time for Marianne Williamson to stand up for the 50 million parents who do not vote, because they are too busy taking care of "vegetable" autistic kids to even think.  

    Marianne, I dare you to stand up & fight.  

    Youtube: paul8kangas

  18. I was surprised by Marianne at the June debate. Thank you for running I will be looking out for you and your platform of love. Cheers for this interview great conversations to convections.

  19. One way that they can provide some reparations is to take Black America out of the tax game….Don’t tax us when we make it; Don’t tax us when we spend it…..This candidate is the truth.

  20. There is something fundamentally wrong with those who identify as either Rep or Dem- as we are more than than. Not just more- something different. You are human. That says enough.

  21. This woman is a genius. How will she ever discuss anything with any other politician? They won´t even understand, what she is talking about. This is, how it sounds, when you get real intelligence into the show.

  22. Phony bullshiting charlatan people that came to Ellis island came legally they were t they were examined 4 diseases they went through a process you Marianne Williamson are a fraud. Not fit to be the president stick to your phony preaching

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