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author lifestyle we are gonna talk about
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author lifestyle now I don’t care if you’re an author or you’re a publisher
or even if you’re not an author now the publisher let’s say you’re just nothing
let’s say you’re nothing let’s say you’re not an author you’re not a
publisher you’ve never written a book you can’t even write you’re nothing but
that’s okay because you can be nothing and still live the author lifestyle
because what is being an author anyway it’s a mindset
it’s a cent mentality that you keep inside your mind
to live the author lifestyle you don’t need anything you simply need the belief
the belief that you are an author in the belief that you are going to live the
author lifestyle whether other people like it or not so what is the author
lifestyle let’s break it down well you wake up in the morning just
like everyone else and you eat breakfast but not like everyone else no though no
no no you are an author you are an author you are not like all those other
people who are they anyway do they even exist they don’t exist
only you exist and even if they did exist they’re not like you because you
are superior to them all every thought you have is book worthy so when you eat
your breakfast you eat it with all kinds of little unique thoughts floating about
within your head about what you’re going to write about at some point in time
whenever you feel like getting around to it so your breakfast
a very special breakfast and you can eat it feeling at ease with the universe
because you know that you are superior to everyone else
your thoughts are magic and they are book worthy not like other people’s lame
boring thoughts your neurons are special there’s nothing but a masterpiece going
on inside your mind and if only you can see it but no one else can that’s fine
by you because what do you care what they think you can see the masterpiece
and because of that you are a very very very lucky person the day you were born
was a blessing a blessing to the world we’re lucky to have you here
everyone every living thing on this planet is lucky that you are here yes
you’re a lucky one you are in the universe showers and adorns you with
nothing but pleasantries and that’s your breakfast the breakfast of an author you
bite into that omelet with nothing but pure glee because the universe loves you
yes it does and if anyone should disagree with you you bear full rights
to banish them to the shadow realm and you do so without mercy because you are
an author you are superior to everyone else because you are an author and your
lunch and dinner are very much the same as that and when you sleep it’s nothing
but the most blissful sleep of sleeps nothing but pure Delta waves for you
every now and then you choose to make an appearance at a cafe but not because you
care about the food or the coffee or the tea you don’t even care about the
environment you do it out of the kindness of your heart to allow others
to be graced by your presence and they’re very thankful thankful to have
been graced by the presence of you the author the whole cafe is ecstatic
everything you order is on the house because you are the author be
because you are the author and as you sit there in that cafe you’ll whip out
your laptop and you start writing something important or at least you
pretend you’re writing something important because you are the author the
slightest movement of your fingers causes nothing but pure magic to come
out then when they try to hit you with the bill how dare they try to hit the
author with the bill banished banished to the Shadow Realm
then you dis grunting Lee pay the bill but if you have a Kindle publishing
account and the business bank account for your LLC you put it on your business
credit card and call it a business expense and laugh because as a
self-published author you have a right to expense things especially that yummy
iced maple syrup fondue latte no one else can expense that only you can
because you are the author you are superior to the public and they all echo
sounds of thankfulness and praise for merely being in your presence how
thankful they all are yet they are still unworthy unworthy of your presence
because you are the author and that is the author lifestyle and if you don’t
care at all about being an author and you just want to be a publisher then
check out the little card right there click on it yeah click on it if you want
to be a publisher that car this for you now if you actually happen to know what
you’re doing with Kindle publishing and you actually write or even outsource
real books and publish them then it won’t actually make much of a difference
in your life except the fact that you’ll have a passive income rolling on in
every month month after month after month allowing you the freedom to go to
that cafe every day instead of just one day a week or one day a month and you
won’t have to go through a job at all because being an author will be your job
and if you want some good strategies some really good ones that can actually
help you be successful at this whole self-published author
thing then check out my course the link is in the description below nothing but
the most advanced strategies there though I can’t guarantee that they’re
going to make you successful because I don’t know what type of person you
really are if you’re the type of person that can’t
follow simple instructions or if you’re the type of person that just happens to
fail of everything you do then there’s probably some other kind of problem
going on there and my course won’t be able to help you but if you’re
completely driven and you totally want to make this thing happen then look no
further because my course has the most advanced strategies out there that will
help you to get there that’s about all we got time for today make sure you hit
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K-Ninja out

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  1. Nice monologue, K-Ninja, I´ve been a self-published author since 2011 and have over 200 titles on Amazon, yet I enjoy watching your videos due to your fun and peculiar style. Did you hear about Cockygate, by the way? In a nutshell, author Faleena Hopkins registered a trademark on the word "cocky", and is using it to threaten other romance authors. It would be interesting to hear your opinion. You can find the details here:

  2. Motivational video ninja😎…
    I get goosebumps every time when you're saying the word author. Keep making videos. love you Japan master.

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