Author Kay Arthur on Heaven, Hell, and Life After Death

life beyond the grave exactly what happens when we die well that's a question humans have been asking since the beginning of time and Kay Arthur knows where to find the answers Kay Arthur has been teaching a Bible for almost 50 years with over 100 books in 70 different languages daily radio television and online programs and a global ministry she's helped countless people discover the truth of God's Word for themselves we have people that have no concept of sin no understanding of sin but you and I understand it because we understand the Word of God and we've got to be willing to share the Word of God with them in her new book heaven hell and life after death she teaches about what happens after we die please welcome back to the 700 club a dear friend Kay Arthur what fun to start the day with you well I you know that I love you we go way way back back to before you adopted all those children and everything and I I was at Pat's birthday party as you know it was I was so blessed I was so blessed by that man and the legacy of CBN and and seeing people that believe God I mean just take him at his word and listen to his spirit in the history of what happens yeah when even one person does that and means it I'm going to talk about that a little bit because you have loved the Word of God and have broken it open and passed out the bread to all of the rest of us for years you and your husband Jack started precept ministries quite a while ago and it's been touching the lives of people since then how did you get started well I was married I was divorced I was immoral I got saved I told God I'd go back to my husband my husband committed suicide I went to Bible School and I God just told me I was going to marry Jack married him went to the mission field three and a half years became ill with a heart condition had to come home but it was on the mission field that God shut me up with him you know for like three and a half years kind of like not like Paul but you know yes I was shut up with a word yeah in teaching the word to teenagers that I was leading to Christ and and I just found out Terry I I love the verse in psalm 119 I have not turned aside from your ordinances for you yourself have taught me yeah and and just just studying the word at there's sixty-six books he expects us to know sixty-six books and it's all there it's free most of us have more than one Bible and yet today we are so biblically ignorant okay that must be I think that's why America is in the condition it is in and I think that's why in a sense we're gutless and we're politically correct and we back down on the precepts of God and you cannot do that I think a lot of people and death we were surrounded by death we hear about it all the time on television and you know I was just praying today as we were praying back in the greenroom people you know they're committing suicide they don't know that that's not the end and if they do not know Jesus and I'm talking about a relationship with Jesus that is not from walking down the aisle or praying a prayer but that actually changes your life they don't know they're gonna live forever they don't know what Isaiah 66 says you know about how in eternity they're going to go and they're going to look over into the lake of fire and they're going to see these people that that rejected the one way that they could get to heaven and that was through the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ talk a little bit about what happens after we die I mean all the things that you just talked about but what about when a believer dies what happens to a believer let's go through some scenarios I'm so glad you asked this we work in a hundred and eighty four countries 70 languages in Muslim countries we just had some people that were killed so what happened to them they were killed by the Taliban because they would not stop studying and teaching and and explaining the Word of God so what happens to them well Paul tells us in Philippians that that he's torn between two options one to stand remain in minister and the other to go and be with the Lord because he says when I'm with the Lord I'm absent from the body but I'm present with the Lord and that is far better and and Paul says can I can I just read this to you because I want you to know we hear so much about death we hear so much about dying but we usually hear it from the aspect of experience but they experiences vary yes you know but God tells us in his word everything that we need to know that pertains to life and godliness and eternity and in 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 he says we know that if this earthly tent is torn down we have a body prepared for us we're not going to be floating on clouds like I thought and then he says he says being of good courage knowing that while we are at home in the body were absent from the Lord well if death is me being in the presence of the Lord I mean what is this life I mean it's all temporal it's it's full of pain and sorrow and suffering and all that that pain and sorrow and suffering that we go through is to equip us to see Jesus to stand Paul says I bear in my body the brand marks of Jesus Christ I just finished writing a precept course which is our rolls-royce of Bible studies on Galatians but he mentions that uncuff ID with Christ nevertheless I live yet not i but Christ lives in me well can you imagine stepping into eternity and seeing Jesus and not only that but seeing him and not being ashamed not being ashamed because we realize that judgment does come or death even for the Christian so I think the two big question I want to talk to you about that but the two big questions people have is what about the person who never heard the word who never no one ever told about Jesus the Bible tells us in Romans 1 that we are without excuse yea so we have to believe God and he tells us that in innately we know that there's a gun they have never found a people group on the face of this earth that don't worship some sort of a God and strangely enough recognize there needs to be a sacrifice exactly yes yes in an appeasement of that God because something is is is wrong and God's not going to lose any of his own and this is the thing that gives me I am his messenger and I give the message all sorts of places here all sorts of exciting stories from giving the message but I give the message but I'm not the Savior and so since God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ if we're crying for him if you're seeking for him precious one if that is your heart's desire then you cry to God and God will move heaven and earth and do whatever is necessary to bring you to the knowledge of Jesus so what do you say there's no other way there isn't another way what do you say to people who reject that and who say how could a loving God send anyone to hell well I think that that's because we are walking by our imagination I looked at the interviews from the drugger family last night and and you just see all these people and and and they're clamoring against all of this their thinking is cute it is you know the god of this world has blinded their eyes so what we have to see is look I read the work this is what I learn about God I know God never changes I know he's he's the same yesterday today forever he's omnipotent he's omniscient he is the sovereign God and he will do what is necessary there will never be anybody in Hell who said I wanted God yes but he didn't give himself to me or he did not reveal himself to me choice it's a choice and the thing all these people that are committing suicide don't realize what's awaiting them I would tell them go read Luke 16 it's a story that Jesus told and you see that there are two destinations you know when you die and read the end of Isaiah read Isaiah 65 you were you doing that thing on Israel today and how God's gonna bring them back and that leads right into life after death and that's what your latest book heaven hell and life after death is about it I just want to say to all of you you know this is a subject it's going to impact you one way or the other if you've got questions about it Kay Arthur's six-week no homework Bible finally all Bible is called heaven hell in life after death this is available nationwide thank you for what you always bring so richly to all of us who are hungry you're a gift oh I love it thank you

6 thoughts on “Author Kay Arthur on Heaven, Hell, and Life After Death

  1. How can she be "lost in Jesus" when she supports Israel's genocide on the Palestine people? Jesus is from Palestine. Who would Jesus bomb? How can she be ignorant of the fact when she loves to visit Israel and Israel's atrocities is just on the other side of the wall? I've see it. Other Christians have seen it. Kay Arthur hasn't seen it. How can Christian Zionists possibly believe they are going to heaven?

  2. It's the 24/07/2018 And I have only just now started to read her book on How to study your bible.And I must say it has really blessed and enhanced my studies.I thank the Lord for your life Kay Arthur.May the Lord give you a long and healthy life that many more people may come to taste and see that the Lord is good.Blessings and Favor in Jesus Name

  3. Loved her message but sadly she didn't go into any details about what happens when people die IN or OUT of belief of Him.

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