Author Kao Kalia Yang discusses A Map Into the World

my name is calculating and I'm really excited to introduce a map into the world this will be the first Hmong authored book about long trials from literary America it will come out in October of 2019 October 1st of 2019 Fran kara Mota books this book was inspired by our move into a new house and an old man who had been married for 60 years the death of his wife triggered a lot of sadness across her street and one day we made a ship over we cross the street over and we visit about and my children drew for him a map into the world because they weren't worried that he'd forgotten how to venture beyond his home in the many ways is my own reflection of the most or a cloth among story fun though my main character and hurt the thigh and her mom and dad live all together there are these little boys who are born by thaw discovers the different seasons in Minnesota and of course the different seasons of a life Minnesota is home to the biggest moment concentration in the nation so long kids dominate the st. Paul public schools I grew up here my family came when I was just six years old so I third I went to school for the first time here but the mower knew to it is Britain it was until the 1950s that have been languages devised for my people for a long time we've kept our stories alive via story Clause story pause that document our history and our keep though our way of life and the journey of how we ventured Ximena behinds up from the lowlands of China to the high mountains of Laos that the refugee camps of Thailand and then across the world in my case to America you

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