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  1. I saved the life of someone I love very much and when she recovered from injury, she sent me this song. This is forever a song I will associate with almost losing her and it touches me profoundly, every turn this song takes and every emphasis it has within it can now easily move me to tears. I love this piece of music.

  2. Miro hacia el suelo y sé que algo en mi pasado pesa.

    Bah! Ya me estaba emocionando agitando las manos xD.

  3. Kind of wicked and then lightly tasty.  I can say with all certainty…I dig it.  Thank you Mr. Sheep.  🙂

  4. Hi! sheep , i follow you sense you start upload videos you have 50 videos when i know you and this song its old im from argentina sorry my english , i dont know if you're gonna read this but i cant believe i find this song anda i love the songs that you upload you're so cool man keep it like that 😉 supports from argentina!♥

  5. i remember last year i listened to this walking home after the fattest smoke out of my life and i had the volume turned to its highest (naturally) and this fucking bass boosted my high so fucking much it was making my brain shake so much that my eyes were shaking and i remember tripping over a curb in front of evrybody at my school cause i was so damn high.. god 2012-2013 were such great years for me

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