Author, Evan J. Roberts at the 2019 Austin African-American Book Festial

my sister lives in Houston and we actually connected and she brought me here at Troy thank you for sharing what you shared it was awesome man I meant Troy a few years back shook hands met another at another event attend I went to his website I saw my image on there I saw my books on there I'm like Troy did all it is so we just met one time so you got a follow up with him he's a great guy all right I am the creator of the Kihara Discovery Series I also have a publishing company called empowered people press and basically my whole platform is on having characters that represent our boys and girls I'm an educator I teach science at the high school level and I decided in 2016 and start writing children's books primarily because my son who was 8 years old inspired me to write this way and to write for him and other children like him so I have three books right now I have a book that's a rhyming story about a family celebrating and his son I have a book that's about a child on the autism spectrum in honor of my nephew who is autistic I have a book about a little black girl who loves science and it teaches spin based activities and ideas and I also have a new book for toddlers and kindergarteners it's about sharing and just being nice with your toys I also have a team self-help guide called how to become influential and highly successful how many you guys have heard of like Steven Covey and all of these self-help guys so there's not a lot of that for teens and for young adults so that was actually my first foray into writing was to write for young people and now I have this whole children's series that I've created as well so I want to thank you guys you can get my books at EJ are books calm I'll be over there in the museum as well you come and check us out and I look forward to being a part of this is a wonderful event I missed last year because I procrastinated and then when I tried to sign I'm gonna throw it out so I'm here this year I'm ready to participate I see some friends in the back a lot of people that I've met from last time I was here so thank you guys I appreciate it

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