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  1. And today Americans face a similar issue, with Trump in office. History repeating and many people will be fooled by his charisma and ability to get things done.

  2. I just finished the book- the quote about him being unable to imagine a vain person praying stuck with me. 5:20 Listen to that phrase again- the irony is hard to miss. His disdain for other churches and his certainty in his own righteousness. If he hadn't been rich, no one would have paid attention to him- then to claim that "money is dirt"- while living off the largess of family and tithes!? I'm not seeing the 'great man'.

  3. Many thanks to this man for writing this book. He is absolutely right about Bonhöffer being the one guy who can really appeal to nonbelievers. I was raised with a mixed upbringing, my mother's family are liberal/secular Jews, and my father's family are fundamentalist Christians, and my mother converted when they were married. So, I was raised in my father's Church, and there are saw this idea that if you just follow these little nit picky rules, and pray for forgiveness when you sin, you're all good, it doesn't matter what your intentions are, or your what's in you heart, and the spirit of Christ's message was completely absent from this church. I saw that hypocrisy even as a kid, and I stopped attending at 10, and by my teens I lost my faith entirely, and started calling myself an atheist. However, I've always felt this pull towards God, and faith. Bonhöffer is the kind of guy who I look at, and I think that if I were half the man he was, I'd be more than any man I've ever met. His life, and demonstration of his commitment to God in his actions are an unbelievably inspiring story. I think he was right, the spirit of the bible is far, far more important than any particular verse, and he acted with justice and forthrightness in his Anti-Nazi activity, and I respect him far more than the men who hid behind the pulpit praying, unwilling to really resist. I'm only just coming back to faith, and it is a struggle, but I feel this pull towards it, and I think Bonhöffer is the only guy who has ever lived out, and articulated so eloquently the spirit of God as I have always seen it. He makes me want to be better, to do better, to live better, to love better, and to serve better. I guess, at the end of the day, he was the man I hope I would have been in his shoes. I cannot conceive how any secular force could drive a man to live the life he lived, if anyone since Christ was genuinely touched by God, it was Bonhöffer. His legacy is wildly underappreciated. Many thanks to this man for writing this book. We need Bonhöffer's message, and someone who can call those from a culture that has lost its way the way he was able to do, today more than ever. His words, and writings have become more valuable with time, not less, and he was truly a man for the ages. What are the effects of Dietrich Bonhöffer on the church? It's too soon to say, they haven't really started to set in yet, and the same problems exist today. However, they can make a difference whenever the church chooses to listen to him.

  4. Eight years after this revealing interview we see the Reich church alive now worshipping Trump regime as some kind of Saint enclave.

  5. American second class citizens made the german theological academic being a real christian. We should remember that, faith is a matter of heartfullness rather than scientific argumentation. The afroamerican citizens had enough of experience in life-threatening conditions in life, their ancestors suffered the same condition like the jewish slaves in Egypt.

  6. Bonhoeffer was the greatest Lutheran of all time. Even greater than Luther himself.He founded the Confessing Church in Germany in protest of the policies of the Lutheran Church.

  7. I have the audio version of the book through "Audible". It is alive beyond belief, not solely for its content, but also for the narration. Take the excellent presentation of fact through the in depth research done by Eric Metaxas and add to that the smooth, articulate delivery of Malcolm Hillgartner and…well I'm listening to it for the 4th time.  

    I listen to audible books on a regular basis and the narration of Hillgartner is unparalleled.  His perfect pronunciation of the German language as it is presented in the story is a joy to listen to.

    I will buy the hardback book, but I highly recommend the audio version

  8. Dietrich Bonhoeffer's legacy is growing in time like a fine wine for all to see..He stood against repression and evil with an inside resistance that had little chance of success as he was put here as a beacon of light in a very dark time..True hero of mankind..

  9. Were Bonhoeffer alive today, the Christian Broadcasting Network would be attacking him and working to suppress him as they do every humane Christian who publicly advocates for decency and the kind if a world Jesus if Nazareth would appreciate.

  10. "a church father for the post-modern age"?? I don't think so. More like, a deeply committed & sophisticated Christian who is being shamelessly co-opted by the hard evangelical right as example of 'godly dissenter against evil authority' – aka, 'post-modern' Obama, no doubt. Yep, in 20's-30's, Bonhoeffer became disgusted with 'liberal American churches' [cuz they weren't liberal-inclusive ENOUGH, Goobers], never mind CONSERVATIVE American church members in South were still lynching 'African-Americans'. But B never got down that way during his years in America…

    Helpful hint: our Founding Fathers WERE NOT devout Christians (deists, maybe), and Bonhoeffer was not a Christian of the CBN variety. Metaxas, let the good name of this TRUE man of God rest in peace. 

  11. B's core opposition to Nazism was to totalitarianism. We really do not know is the extent of his comprehension of the scale of the persecution of the Jews. We believe Canaris and Dohnanyi collected all the evidence they could, and probably passed some of this along to B, but we can't know because the evidence was destroyed.

  12. Fabulous interview. Thanks for sharing. I have read a little about Martin Niemoller…and use one of his quotes all the time…

  13. @aussieguy55 You know nothing about me. Learn how to write coherent English, and then maybe we can have a conversation.

    But then, your immediate bringing up of Sarah Palin in the comments section of a video that has nothing whatsoever to do with her tells me you are incapable of having a rational conversation about anything.


  14. @Yesica1993 how many books have you read Bonhoeffer? His letters from prison, his books like life together? When i visited you site the pic of Sarah Palin told me all about you. A religious fundamentalist, a extreme political conservative

  15. This book was AMAZING!!!! I read it entirely and did not want it to end when I neared the back. What a God honoring life and Metaxas expertly looms the yarn so that you feel like a "fly on the wall" of Bonhoeffer's life. True courage existed in Germany during this dark epoch in human history.

  16. Bonhoeffer sat in a church listen to a preacher (Like Obama) who was "Powell combined gentle, meek, non-violent love with revolutionar radical social change" See Against Cheap Grace in a World Come of Age: An Intellectual Biography of Clayton Powell, 1865-1953. p11. That should warm Glenn Becks soul lol

  17. I do want to thank you for this interview. I can't stand the compromise so common everyday on the 700 club, it's downright comical if it was not so criminal. I am genuinely grieved by this gaff. I really loved the program when it was strong and steady. I don't know what happened. You CANNOT forsake the Gospel for friendship,especially friendship with the world. I am glad you did this piece. Real Meat.

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