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Hey we're good we're good oh alright hello everybody and welcome to smart preneur like you our first live broadcast and my name is James Jones I am the founder of Ken Burton Jones Education Group and is a business that my husband and I co-founded together we actually established this organization last year and it's really a continuum of OPM connect which was our it was our business company that we used since I would say 2009 so this is not like the first business broadcast I kind of thought it was until I started researching my history and I remember that I used to do broadcasting with small business owners at Southwest Center Mall a couple of years ago in the summer time so we were live on stage and so I'm going to post those pictures and videos that are on YouTube as a matter of fact to display our history of how committed our organization has been for quite some time to small business owners but today it's a fantastic day this is the first for several that we're doing this summer and probably throughout the year where we are establishing a platform for small business owners and nonprofit organizations where we are going to be displaying their in the individuals who are founders of these organizations we are going to celebrate their successes we're going to listen to them talk about their journeys what that's like and why it's important for you as a person who is smart Newars like us that you need to stay in the course and what it takes to do that so these interviews that we do in life are individuals who are promoted through our book that we do our publication our first one came out on Mother's Day and it is titled smart preneur like you it is the woman preneur x' addition it is featuring my mother at new Pemberton who is a soldier in the community for economic development here in Dallas Texas and then it also promotes six other women who are in this book one happens to be my wonderful sister Rita Williams who is next to me and we have also Cathy Stewart they heal Krystal Bates along with Sondra Jackson and then I think I named everybody hopefully I did if I did not forgot that I'm gonna get through that I apologize let me go through the table of contents because of course being over 50 I have a poor memory but I think I named everyone who's in this book so I've said it again Krystal Bates fakey lissandra Jackson Kathy Stewart Rita and I didn't everyone and I want to say thank you to each of these ladies first of all this is my first project towards this whole program that is parts that Pemberton Jones Education Group and so they allowed me to guinea-pig them by promoting this and it was a very short turnaround for me to get this project done but I was committed to get it done and with their assistance and their support we were able to do that this book is actually available on Amazon you can download a book download is an e-book to your device for Android or iPhone or your computer or you can purchase this at you can also go to our what's the work we have a bookstore here at Pemberton Jones Education Group it is an this boutique calm one of my wonderful projects that I launched this year and so we do have copies here which is where we're located and this boutique you're at Pemberton Jones Education Group so a lot of wonderful things are going on and I share that because I'm an entrepreneur just like you those of you who are watching so why am i doing this I always like to learn from other men and women who are stepping out and faith and in favour to start their own business and so this platform will talk about some of the wonderful things that are discussed in the book as you guys have an opportunity to read but I also will be sharing some tips that I've learned through my research and just listening to other people who take this journey on some of the important things as relates to being an entrepreneur so let me introduce too many and we introduced two others my wonderful sister Rita hello Rita hello thank you for joining thank you for letting me use you in so many different ways incivility is my honor yes as an entrepreneur Rita has been with me since many of my endeavors one of my deference as we launched in 2006 a radio station KGC in radio which we had active for 10 years and so you had your show which was titled under Rita's crimson cafe I absolutely loved it yes and so she still does her broadcast is live on her Facebook page now but we no longer have the station I've been prayerful about that many asked me to resurrect it but God has taken me to a different direction right and this is one of those endeavors so I try not to do too much I'm too old for all of that I try to simplify as much as I can and reduce all of that but this is a different form for us to be able to support and celebrate people so talk to us Rita about who you are tell us where you're from and all those types of things before we get into your business right right well as she just said my name is Rita Williams and I am her sister one of three sisters yes yes and I'm very proud of all of my sisters by the way so I'm just really honored and I considered a pleasure to be here talking and speaking with you I was born in Chicago Illinois um shortly thereafter we moved to my family moved to California Richmond California and when I was there until I was 11 years old and at the age of 11 we moved here to Texas Dallas Texas and I've been here ever since yes yes and I loved it I love to travel that I really do there were a couple of times when I've done work at Bank of America and also at a company called jam packed and there were opportunities and you know I was asked hey and there was an opportunity for you to move at Bank of America to Charlotte would you do it I say yes absolutely I John I jump at it you know and then but as it turned out you know God didn't plan for it to happen just then because I was all for time like yes hit me I'll go yes when I was age impact the question was asked again hey if we moved you if he needed you in Jacksonville sorted would you move there I said absolutely send me I'll go but once again I guess the Lord wasn't ready for me to go yet so I'm so I'm here in Dallas Texas but no matter where I am I'm gonna do what I need to do and you know I'm glad you talked about that and we did ask everyone who's in our book you know how did you get here from Nats from here why did you arrive and of course we did get here because of our parents we were children at the time and I was in grade school and so our parents moved here i father told us that it was something that the Lord told him to do we ran a Richmond California at the time and California Richmond actually became a very interesting City wasted volatile yeah right before we left and went do a lot of things but there's are people that we have that a family member says invade and they ended up moving to other parts and they're doing well so we moved here to Texas and we grew up here we are still here in Texas and God has blessed us to be able to connect to wonderful people in this area as we have grown immature to be part of our support system and my mother has flourished as a major away in Dallas Texas she's an icon in her own way and I just praise God for her work her hard work and I father did incredible things in the educational system and as well as with Child Protective Services so you you from Chicago we lived in California where here in Texas that's right and this is where we graduated from high school so it's gotta get someone up to high school that's right David W Carter high school CCC for life with our that and so you have a career background so let's talk a little bit about your background okay your perspective absolutely most of my career is in business management really office management and initially it just kind of well you know at the time I thought it happened by accident no nothing really is by accident but at the time it seemed like it was just kind of happened by accident someone went on maternity leave and I just kind of know they were like okay for me to take charge until she comes back she didn't come back so I ended up being you know supervisor and then I worked for the Census Bureau for the 2010 decennial census I was office manager my entire crew was about 1,300 people including the office staff and fill staff I managed five managers and as well as a countless number of supervisors filled in office supervisors and then the numerators and all of the office clerks and everything and one of the things that I that I really cherished as Jane mentioned already my mom how she worked so hard and my dad worked very very hard my dad mostly in the educational system a mom in the community man just in the community and management as well and one of the things that she told me was that she never fired anybody right as a manager she never fired anybody she let them know what was expected and they fired themselves sometimes but she never had to fire anybody and so I kind of use it and my mother always always even now use positive reinforcement rather than negative reinforcement like when you know people know there are consequences for their behavior right so you don't always have to say okay now you know if you missed three more days you're gonna be written up and you know if you missed if this happens that you'll be written up if you missed this deadline or this goal or whatever and so well what she would do she would cheer them in the in the beginning rather than reminding about the consequences yes she reminds them of the positives that happen right when we do what we need to do you know how to make more money the revenue was higher you can get a raise no vacation time you know things like that yeah and you know my mom she worked for our mother worked for Kmart yes for a long time she went for Kmart in Richmond California she transferred here to Dallas Texas she stayed with Kmart until the closes doors yes here in the Metroplex area so she was the personnel person and she actually helps set up came rights throughout the Metro plan yes so we had a lot of leadership and a lot of information is released to business and retail from my mother watching her participating and she didn't leave us at home she took us with her maybe with the water of the blue light special yes we were so now you have your own business Rita sue will productions yes yeah all right so what made you decide to get into the production part a business and what is that all about okay um actually it started with with actually performance okay I love performing singing dancing acting all of the above drill team you know I guess this is a part of my life before me and while I work and we moved to Texas we are joined Concord back to charge us in Dallas I love Concord at that time still too but as we grew up you know God has a way of spreading you know things out to the places that need it so I attended church and round legs I am Baptist Church where I do pretty much the same things that I saw my dad do well he was youth pastor at Concord yes he started the revival the user Bible called joy explosion jour explosion with dr. Eva Hill yes guest evangelist right we have a four News right a parade for Sunday those things right you know and then my mother was out of the box always oh we don't brought the whole drum line into the sanctuary so I as I grew up and I attended Zion Baptist Church and pastor grace asked me to you know do some things with our youth department right it just kind of transferred you know the things that I grew up with were the things I knew about so that's when I said okay well let's do yes please explosion yes so that's what we do in Zion right now every year we have a parade explosion on the phone and the one thing that I did notice you know as the generations go by sometimes that when it comes to the youth they're not always interested and while we were interested in back in our day right and so sometimes we have to see what we can do to reach the ones who want to be in church now but they need to do yes and these particular youth we have a lot of them who they didn't want to do a sure they didn't want to sing in the choir we have a drill team a lot of them did drill team but you know that was pretty much all right so I asked her what do you want to do some of them said well we like things in their school which is acting they liked that the drill team first because they like ROTC for some reason they loved it and so I said acting okay so I'm like okay well let me see them I write something down and if we saw if we do a play here excited will you do it will you be in it yeah but misery no okay who's gonna write a play okay so God allowed me to write a play right I presented it I told the children they were all for it we did a design it was a huge expense we had to do an encore performance and then pastor Greg said okay y'all go to another one next year right and so every year that's the way it's been so now every year they around the the end of the year right before Christmas they expect a play right and then my children my boys have four boys and they were like mommy you need to do one of your placement theater and every year I would say oh yeah I'm gonna do that and every year I'll be checking out it's not ready and it's not ready yet right and then last year when I was working for another company my boys came up there all four of them on my lunch break and they said we're gonna take you out to lunch they took me to the theatre and say here write your contract out put your money down no backing out this year oh wow and that's how we ended up doing it in the theater and I'm in it and I realized I'm like okay well if I'm gonna do it I need to do it 100% right that's what our parents taught us yes so then reduce old world productions yes I've got the DBA for younger that yeah and your plate was amazing he was around Christmas I got a chance to do a little something up in it she was amazing last minute moment she didn't think about me until somebody could do it and so I was born in and as moments but it was a it was a fantastic play everybody loved it and your play was at its top down right at the African American Museum thank you very much yes run their place in the AT&T auditorium yes yeah so it was a nice facility everybody enjoyed the place so you have your podcaster did your first play and you get it ready for another play yes yeah this year November the second yes this one it's called high and lifted up yes yes is a lot of people and what's amazing is how many people who attended the play last year they wanted to be in the one this year yeah so we have some of them in the play yes including me this time I get an intentional oh my god is so good because last year on the day of production I had three people who couldn't make it three cast members the day of production I pull people out the audience including my sister and my friend Kayla Thank You Kayla and my friend Reggie I pulled them out the audience gave them a script and say do what you can write and we did write that yeah but you know what that's what it's all about it's about supporting no excuse earrings hey stay ready to keep from getting ready I always say yeah so do I so now you know you're getting ready for your play yeah you're next come and play there are some people who are watching you who are writing plays or want to start their own business and and are concerned about you know stepping out not enough money you know just a fear feeling their parents you know you have four boys as you talked about right how do you balance that how do you get past that wall of course you share with us with your kids from the day they just snatched you and say hey you're not back in that so how do you encourage another mom who is watching this broadcast who wants to do something has a lot of children has to balance like I've still got to pay bills yeah what do you need to do what can i what can you take say to her to help her to overcome that wall okay that's a great question and I have the answer for that the number one thing is to put God first follow his lead what one of the things that wonder scriptures that my dad always taught me was that scripture that says seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and His righteousness and all these things shall be added and the way I the way I do it when I ever straight this to the youth and the young adults in Zion and I was like okay you know how that you have those mobiles are hang over the baby's crib and if you put it on the floor just looks jumbled up but what you pick it up by the right piece and you just hold it up to everything just kind of falls into place and so once you have God at the head of the lead everything else you'll notice will just start falling into place now don't get me wrong you'll find some challenges but those are the things are those are stumbling blocks and stumbling blocks are not meant to stop us they're meant for us to step over step on go around figure out what to do to get around the stumbling blocks they're not meant to stop us okay they're not walls are not closed doors there's just stumbling blocks so when you reach those stumbling blocks as the Lord okay that's a stumbling block right here and he'll probably tell you like you told Moses use what I already gave you he told Moses usual staff yes what's in your hand yes yes I like that Amun says that all the time what's in the end yeah exactly and you're welcome there you know you will be concerned about finances like we all are and once again guy tell me what did I give you right okay so I created a form with some packages on it and say hey if you'd like to support this play we can advertise for you and this is how much it'll cost you you know or you can rent some vendor tables and it's been working people have been responding very good fantastic so how do they locate you you have a website basically I do how do we connect to you read a sudden case on Facebook it's really simple Rita Williams okay Rita will the RI ta right Williams okay my website is Rita sue will calm RI ta s you eat WI ll Rita sue will calm my email Rita Susanne that's su s9s you see Rita Susanne s usan and e will act that's a lot going on so for more information you can also purchase this book she is in this book and of course we will also post it on our smart canoers like you those of you who are in the group and is also a website smart for news like you dot-com so I'm gonna go that information about to Rita sue is on our website as well we want to make sure that you support her as she is supporting our community with such a fantastic talent and writing plays in podcasting and being a mother investing in young people and just like a difference in her community I can say one more time salute I meant to say this I apologize not remember no matter no matter how successful your endeavor is remember to give back to the community yes there's someone else who's watching you who wanted to get where you are and so this year I hire three interns three young ladies that they're having an awesome job yes and this will help them and I mean like make it make it official I tell them to I gave them some forms I created some forms tell them to record every every hour they work for me record it down because they can use this on their college resumes and that's community service right so you know help someone else help someone else and I don't even consider myself successful yet but still help someone else absolutely okay I guess free of Les Miz alright everybody thank you for watching us thank you for participating supporting us whether you're doing it live or whether you are reaching watching us after we've done this live okay so for more information about smart renewals like you you can go to our website which is Emma's on you can also go to our websites which is in de and this boutique comm you can physically if you're in the Metroplex area come get a copy here we have it here and we have a tear on our website all right well we're gonna take a quick break because we have a person who is going to be part of next published product which is smart preneur like you and it is a dad preneur z– edition this gentleman is doing an amazing job in his field and so I'm so very excited about showing him some lovest as well now if you're asking how can I be part of this club how can I get into the publication all you have to do is submit your information be an established organization that's important and just submit your information we'll look at it we'll review it and if you are who you say you are in doing what you're doing we would definitely strongly consider you and contact you and we would love to hear your journey as well thank you for joining us hit the like button if you can do that share with friends invite friends to our organization and to be partner with us we love you and have a fantastic day

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