Author Dave Freeman Reviews His Experience With Christian Faith Publishing

Dave Freeman and author of a book entitled rightly so may God alive and general purpose of this was to help people live a fulfilled purposeful life and that comes about from knowing more about ourselves more about what who we believe God to be and what that relationship is and then biblical instruction of interacting with others well first I was looking for a Christian based publishing company and secondly the information that I found online all led me to believe that the process was going to be straight forward and from all indication just an honest process well it made best sense to me that we had a payment structure because as you develop different stages in the publication process you were asked to resubmit payments and such and quite honestly there's several people like myself that it just makes good financial sense not to have to pay it all early at once I can't say enough about how much I was impressed with the individual that I worked with the correspondence was quick the answers to any questions or concerns that I had were very clear and I could tell that whoever it was was a breast of the process knew who I was and was ready to try and provide answers and I can't say enough about the professionalism that I felt on the other end of the computer I was extremely pleased with the whole process the clarity of it and the responsiveness the human element back and forth which is hard to do when you're computer-based and trying to create something and not really knowing the whole process or and so as you're in that mindset to have that confidence from people that are on the other side I just really felt like I was in the hands of an organization that had a mission the most exciting part of that process was to simply provide a paragraph of my thoughts of what I was wanting to accomplish with this and having your cover design people put that down and illustrated target on I when I saw it I was like well yeah that's kind of what I was wanting I didn't know it until I saw it and I was like spot-on and I couldn't I had to holler at the publication specialist and say I don't know who's done that would give them kudos because they Illustrated what I was trying to verbally communicate and not doing a very good job the process with Christian faith publishing and the the clarity of expectations I don't know how you would do better in that contractual agreement with other authors and such and so I don't know where else I would recommend anybody to be honest with you

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  1. Matin Marquez: what kind of knucklehead are you, that you think only non christian publishers are rip off artists. Only fools trust but don't verify. My question comes from experience, that's why I ask the tough questions.

  2. I agree with Dave Freeman's statements about Christian Faith Publishing. "PLUG" was my first book and I chose the right publisher. Christian Faith Publishing took me through the process step by step in a timely manner.

  3. It is abundantly clear that it would be ideal to have  the mission based professionalism of CFP in your corner, when wishing to broadcast your thoughts and feelings about man's relation with God and how that relationship directed your life in time and what you may expect in eternity.

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