Author Dan Brown donates to digitize ancient texts

Hi, I’m Dan Brown. I have always been
fascinated in ancient mysticism and one of the great repositories on earth of books
and texts on this topic is The Ritman Library in Amsterdam They are currently embarking on a bold
quest to digitize and preserve an enormous part of their collection and I feel very honored to play a small part
in that process I look forward with enormous
anticipation to the day, coming very soon, when people around the world will be
able to access these texts digitally through The Ritman Library This library of hermetic wisdom is a
treasure house of the human mind It’s a place where books engage with
people It’s a place where wisdom traditions flow together into one
River of Life This library is a place where science,
spirituality and society meet It’s a true Embassy of the Free Mind, a
home to anyone seeking and offering inspiration and power of thought it’s the place where Dan Brown found
and offered inspiration Thanks to Dan Brown we can digitize this entire core collection of our library making it Hermetically Open to All We are experts in world-class
digitization of cultural heritage I am delighted to help bringing this unique
collection available online Our adventure has only just begun I invite you to become part of this
adventure and to stay connected

8 thoughts on “Author Dan Brown donates to digitize ancient texts

  1. It's so cool how an author gives back not only in creativity through its books but also in this donation. He puts his money where his mouth is. Awesome and thanks!

  2. Fantastic initiative, and even tho 300k € is peanuts to him, congratulations to mr Dan Brown and thanks for this.

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