Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on love, race and hair

22 thoughts on “Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on love, race and hair

  1. i quite not agree that there is no such thing as colour blindness, skin colour never mean anything to me, it's all about exposure and knowledge and off course it is easier to fall in love with the person of the same origin but at the same time it does not mean love among people of the same origin will be stronger than love among people of different colour or ethnic.

  2. I could not overlook the hesitation and this sense of shame/discomfort when questioned about his mother's wigs. Hair really does mean a lot to some people.

  3. I just love this woman, she is enchanting. She speaks with this natural sensuality that keeps you glued to her. Her take on things is just so agreeable to me.

  4. The UK has no scholarships for hard working students so true.Hit the nail on the head.The look on his face lol

  5. How insulting and crafty to attempt to cast a negative perspective on her clever ability to integrate "hair" as a subjective. Because of the narrative of "reject anything that does not conform to the proposed agenda", we as African/Dispersed African women have been forced, by law, to straighten our hair. Our children expelled from schools because of their natural hair texture and style on the grounds of theur hair beingba distractions. Talk about hair envy.. This same racial profiling causes us to be less advantageous to retain employment because of our Natrual Hair.. Our men are even forced to cut their hair for employment. Our hair naturally grows from our scalp up and out and in a spiral..coil and curl.. Does that then give reason to punish us for just being a African or a lost child of the diaspora. No. It doesn't. That kind of thinking isn't sound. All the while we watch our men and boys be assassinated and slaughtered on live television for being born with melanin while their murderers go him free to their families.. I give our ancestors honor for guiding this great woman & and for her research and dedication to challenge the perspective of a toxic mindset of those who destroy first and challenge questions later.. May Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie words last beyond her time on earth! #PowerAndRespect!

  6. Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy… If you loved Nigeria its very easy to go back home.. If you love Nigeria, why didn't you possessed a Nigerian University degree. I would say an author of convenience.. Why doesn't she vehemently speak out against what's going on in Nigeria, such as ethnic cleansing.

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