Author Bill Browder on his book Red Notice

22 thoughts on “Author Bill Browder on his book Red Notice

  1. This is a bullshit artist if we have ever seen one. It is a great story and he tells it incredibly well. Too bad almost none of the parts of it that matter are true. Watch his deposition in the Katsyv case (the deposition is far more of Will the Real Bill Browder, Please, Stand Up; the book is just a children's bedtime read).

  2. He's the worst liar ever. And Aspen, you're either very naive, or you know exactly who Bill really is and you know exactly the lies he is peddling. Which is it, you know hes an evil fuck, or you're naive?

  3. Bill Browder: international fugitive from justice, international carpetbagger, serial liar, khazarian mafia, thief extraordinaire, running scared July, 2018. Imminent arrest?

  4. Hogtie this criminal and throw him to Putin! He's worse than the carpetbaggers in the south after the civil war. He defrauded the Russian government in many ways, including getting subsidies for employing Russian veterans which never existed.
    He is despicable and must be brought to justice.

  5. write a book on corrupt government and wall street and all government agency stealing money in every budget. we have no idea where it goes.

  6. This interview is very interesting. and places Putin in the right corner. I said the first day I heard about Putin that he is a criminal, and couldn't understand politicians who praised him.
    But why so bad sound quality in this video?

  7. I'm just finishing Red Notice and have been riveted by Bill Browder's story and how the Magnitsky Act came about. Excellent book and terrifying to learn about how corrupt the Russian/Putin regime really is.

  8. Loved this book. Learned so much about so many aspects of life and people. Made me cry for Sergei Magnitsky and his family and for humanity, but feel hope. Hope Bill B stays safe forever!

  9. I just finished to read Red Notice book. This is a must read book to everyone. Thank you for showing the real story and your bravery and courage. I am getting ore copies to send it to my friends.

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