Australian content could be forced onto streaming platforms

4 thoughts on “Australian content could be forced onto streaming platforms

  1. If you don't like Harvey Norman you can go to JB Hi Fi.
    If you don't like Ebay, you can go to Gumtree.
    If you don't like Facebook, just leave it and find an alternative I would suggest real face to face with a cuppa.

    Humans are not just humans, they are humans plus their technology, their tools.
    Take away all your tools and technology and you will think about yourself and what you can do and how you would survive much differently because your abilities, gained from technologies and tools, has changed what you can do and therefore how you will think about yourself and the world. Google, Facebook etc. are technological tools, and like all tools they change people's perceptions of themselves and what they can do and how they live. These tools were 'stolen' or bought by rich people who want to have power and influence over information flow and to have control over how people think and interact.

    The above being so, doesn't negate the general principle that if you give power to the government to force content to a standard, you have agreed to and joined in dictatorship actions. This now means if you have a website, the same can be done to your content. Who would you trust to force their content onto your website or to dictate what you can have on your site?

    Free choice is all that is needed. The trouble is free choice, presupposes a truly aware consciousness so as to choose wisely. Schools cripple perceptive cognitions and faculties, which is the base problem, not Google or Facebook. The only thing that is of concern is monopoly. Google being a search engine monopoly is a problem. Generally what comes up first on Google searches is business or ideologically driven content. And Google's sacking of their engineer who brought up scientific research which conflicted with their ideology shows that their ideology is one that rejects scientifically grounded thinking.


  2. Here's an idea. How about everyone (meaning the government and the Googles of the World) keeping their collective hands off the content that appears on the internet. Treat the internet as being a Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park where free speech is the order of the day. If the Googles of the world can be treated as a true platform, without the need control of the content and it and others would be free of government regulations. Free Speech should be paramount.

  3. Definitely continue to pray for President Trump, America, Western Civilization, ALL of Europe, South Africa & Russia too! 1 Peter 2:9 KJV

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