Austin & Ally S01E01 Rockers & Writers Part 6

are you failed you did your best we got you too much just in case dad's wasn't supposed to show you that one's brand new song so worth bleep my job with the muck started come here I'll be the piano player sick you have to play piano for me III can't I can't go out there you know I have stage fright what if they turn off all the cameras and if one of the audience goes like this no way I can't do this no it's really easy just go left and then right look it's like you're saying this song take a chance break down the wall I'm sorry wait I have the perfect solution okay we're back at 37 see I leave nobody can see you it's just like you're not on stage trying really hard not to freak out here it'll be great trust [Applause] the song was written by an incredible songwriter ally Dawson she kind of run with her song – ladies and gentlemen see you're facing your fear that was my plan you're welcome [Applause] let's hear it for a rally everybody how was your day with that old lady she slept through the whole movie and explained the whole thing to her on the bus ride home what is all this stuff what are you guys doing here pickles I used the money I got from being on the Helen show to pay for all this I I can't believe you did this thank you I figured we'd be spending a lot of time in here so we should probably make it as comfortable as possible but we I want you to be my partner spend more time with you you're a songwriter with stage fright I'm a singer who loves being on stage we're perfect match what do you say yes you got a job as Austin's manager so much job experience her resume was like eight pages oh I promise his fans we have new songs up on the website every Friday oh I don't work Fridays or other weekdays we can't write a new song every week Trish for the first video I need 10,000 monkeys in a big wedding cake you can have a journal on a doughnut how do you have that oh man my video just kept up to number two what's number one you on the Helen show hit look three even showing the part where you throw vine Helen you're famous thanks to me thanks to you well let me show you something [Applause]

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