Austin & Ally S01E01 Rockers & Writers Part 4

so we are out of time it's too bad cuz we would love to hear you do another original song darn I've written so many songs I wish she had more time how about you come back tomorrow tomorrow yep another original song huh by tomorrow that's it I said let down all your fans right okay tomorrow it is oh you heard it right here folks Austin will be back tomorrow to do a new original song [Applause] yes you got a job with the pet store you didn't even work at the magic shop two days it's gotta be a new record I plan on being better at this job after this has anyone seen a giant snake about yea big but there's a really good chance that he's totally poisonous I need your help speaking of giant snakes I need a new song by tomorrow huh why don't you just write a song you know I can't I've tried listen song song song song song song song song song song song song song I wrote that last part okay how about this I'm not helping you with your song get out of my store doesn't run there's the door that's better I know you're mad I didn't mean to steal your song then acted like a weasel not a cute cuddly weasel but a jerk you know credit getting weasel I'm sorry Who am I kidding my dad always said music was a waste of time he said I had a bazillion to one chance of making it that's exactly what my dad said to me you know my dad said to me guys stop texting the dog I guess my 15 minutes of fame are over I just wanted to prove my dad wrong Austan wait I'll help you write one more song you will but first you have to do something for me anything Namath I wanna I wanna a ham did you just say ham apparently I did [Laughter] okay we have 18 hours to write the greatest song ever go oh it's not that easy I can start it there that's first no that helps right G are you sure you've never written a song before what do you don't really do well there isn't a normally sometimes I get a tune in my head sometimes I think that will ear can write it down never touch my book well what do you got the tears of your heart cry too depressing Midnight's that's even more jus depressing this are should be fun like a splash of sunshine you're like a drizzle of darkness we need to get you to relax you know get your creative juices flowing shut your eyes I'm not going

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