AUGUST TBR // Books I Want To Read For 3 Readathons!

hey guys welcome back to my channel or if you new here my name is Britt and having weekly book and art videos and I'm so excited about this video because this is going to be my oldest TBR and if you know me you may know that I don't really do t be all set often but in July and August there's so many cool weird phones happening so I like all so so excited so I made a TBR because there are three reasons namely the news read it's almost follow the magic over your thumb the myth they created on and then the most exciting one my basically really thumb the second edition yes there's going to be a second basically read-a-thon so in this video I'm just going to be walking you through all the books that are we're reading in orbits like hopefully be reading all of them but before I continue I am so excited to announce that this video again is being sponsored by Skillshare thank you so much Skillshare for sponsoring this video and for supporting my channel but if you don't know what Skillshare Skillshare is a very big online learning community where they have thousands of classes in like design and photography and video editing and illustration and drawing and hand lettering basically anything creative you can imagine they have a class on that and it is just such a wonderful way and affordable way to learn new skills I don't know if you've seen my latest weekly blog but I recently got an eyeful and I have been nothing using procreate on it to just draw an illustrator and there is one clause on Skillshare where they basically teach you all of the basics about procreate and it has told me so much and how to use that program because it is a very big program with a lot of you know cool things that you can learn but that clause really told me so so much about procreate and I'm so thankful so a premium membership to skill-shot actually gives you access to all of the classes on the website and there are thousands of them and it is a very affordable membership as well because an annual subscription is less than ten dollars a month so if you're know like I want to try out Skillshare I have very good news for you because skill-shot is sponsoring this video if you click the link in my description you can get to three months of Skillshare premiums so you can just try it out and see if it's something for you I highly recommend you just give it a try and watch some interesting classes because it is just awesome and I love it so again thank you so much skill travel sponsoring this video but now let's get into my August TBR okay so let's first start out with the book that I'll be reading for the basically read-a-thon if you want to know more about the read-a-thon you can check out my announcement video right there but just a quick overview it will be held on Saturday August 10 from midnight to midnight and it is the same challenge as we had with the first basically readathon maybe to read a book that has been on your TBR forever and I am going to be reading never night by J crystal I literally got this book the moment it came out in 2016 so that has been a lot of years and I have to say I'm just intimidated by this book even though it is not even that big it's like 400 pages but still I'm intimidated it but on August 10th I'm going to do it and I'm going to read never die so I have to say I don't really know too much about never died I know it's about a girl named Mia who goes through this sort of school name the rest Church or something um yeah so it basically says that Mia corvair corvara is only 10 years old when she's given her first lesson in death and it just sounds really cool and intriguing even though I don't know much about it but I'm so excited to be reading this because everyone loves this book okay then let's continue to the nudes mercy girl readathon are you so excited for the news I'm currently still doing my Al's because I couldn't do them a couple of months back so I'm taking them now in July and I want to be an astronomer so in order to be an astronomer you have to get um what's Oh again you pay what I forgot okay I'm of course outstanding oh so you have to get an outstanding in arithmetical you have to get of course and acceptable then and exceed expectations and then an outstanding in order to get an acceptable in ristmas you have to read a book that ends on an even number and I looked at my shelf and sorcery of thorns by Margaret Hutchison and long even number I'm not going to look again because I'm afraid Elzy spoilers but I promise you it ends on an even number I am so excited to read this book since everyone is loving it again I don't want to know much about it but I know that it's about a magical library if I'm correct need i say more it sounds amazing so this will be the first book that I'll be reading for the news and then for the E in Earthman see you have to read a standalone and for this one I'm actually going to be reading a book that is the book of the month we deem it they greet earth on which I will talk a bit more about it in a bit but that book is called the hint the I and II heart and I don't know much about it besides the fact that it's in retelling I freakin love Mulan I think that's one of the best Disney films there is so I'm so excited to be reading that one it is a standalone and I have it on my Kindle so that is book 2 and then book 3 which is full I'm standing for the heiress Missy I have to hold on a little note here a book that's longer than 350 pages and this is also a book that I'm so freakin excited about namely a courser doc and only which is over 400 pages by Bridget camera everyone again it's love miss book I'm reading so many retellings by the way this is a resetting Oh beauty in the beasts and again this is going to be a book fully mystic readathon but I will get into that in a bit but as I said a rich having of eating a beast again one of my favorite Disney films so I'm Olga's is really going to be the month of just reading anticipated books and I'm digging it okay so if I've got my Erasmus see a test done and I can go on to astronomy or you can read those in different orders but you have to read him like in all of acceptable exceeding expectations and then I'm standing before astronomy first of all for acceptable you have to read a book with a moon under cover for this one I'm going to be reading or really hard will send a person of azkaban and then annotating everything as well because if you've seen some of my videos you will know that I have been annotating Harry Polson a philosopher's stone like crazy and this one has a big moon on a cover don't worry I will read written or Chamber of Secrets first but this is as you can see like the biggest moon and a cover ever so need i say more powerful to the Prisoner of Azkaban is I think my favorite Harry Potter book I can't wait to dive back into this and just annotate the out of it then we have the e for exceeding expectations in astronomy a book with the word night in the title or series well I'm going to develop on so many challenges here with other really thorns but you know it's still already seven books but never night of course by Jay Kristoff need i say more nice I'm sorry it's a big plane flying by and then we have opal I'm standing read a sci-fi book or a book with stahls in the cover and there are a lot of birds flying by again namely waking girls is the second book any famous files the first book sleeping giants I read it last week I think all we can half ago I loved it so much so sleeping giants is a sci-fi book way for a woman named Rose Franklin and when she was young she fell into a big hole in the earth and she fell into a metal hand a very big metal hand and then it's like the question of what is the hand what is it doing there where we meant to find it who put it there and I loved that book so much I was so happy I finally found another cool sci-fi book where they talked a lot about science as well because I just find it so interesting reading about science and it is written in a very cool format it's like an interview format and like diary entries so I am beyond excited to read the second book in the series and it is not too big actually so I really hope to be able to finish this one as well and I'm just seriously obsessed with all these covers they're all so shiny and glittery and yes okay and then we're down to the last challenge namely history of magic and you only have to get an acceptable in history of magic and that is to read a fantasy well the book that I'll be reading is hurtful Senate chamber secrets and again I'll be annotating everything from this book I was just so excited to be rereading Harry Polson and when I was able to put a couple of Harry Potter books in these challenges I was like yes so that's what I'll be doing I'm so excited even though this is not my favorite Harry Potter book it is actually my least favorite but still I can't wait to just dive back into this world and really make these additions the original UK editions my own by annotating everything and as first I was really afraid to annotate the first book but once I just started it I was like there is no turning back and I'm loving it they really are like my editions and I'm just obsessed by the way if you want to know how I annotate my books I've made an entire video all about it you can again check it out up there so if you are interested in if you want to annotate your books as well you can check it out for inspiration and then the third reading on that is happening it always is the mistake of really thought it is hosted by Ashley and Charlotte and they've created I printed it up for me to just look at but I will put it here as well they've created this amazing bingo board waking at 10 points if you cross off one of the bingo you know things and then in the middle it says book of the month and they can get 20 points for it and as I said the book of the month at the end the IND half that I will be reading and so that means that I already have 20 points and then there are a lot of other challenges as well so book over 400 pages a green or yellow on the cover written by a POC an asian-influenced mythology reciting written by a woman well as I said I'll be reading a courser dark and only which is written by a woman and which has green on the cover and then of course the book that are we reading The Book of the Month is has Asian influence since it is a Moulin Rouge heading as well as I think it's also written by a woman well then I can read this one for book over 400 pages so you know you can play around a lot with the bingo challenges and definitely get enough points to win they want you to have like 50 points to win the Wraiths or like you don't have to win it it's all about winning or losing but you know the goal is to reach 50 points and the cool thing is if you're all participating in my riddle as well we're doing a little collab here if you're participating any basically read-a-thon as well you can earn extra points but if you want to know more about that our link the mystic Twitter download because they are they will talk a bit more about it and with the point system and stuff but I'm so excited to be participating in all these read-a-thons goes out to so many and I love that we can just have the schools or crossover between all the read-a-thon with the books that were reading and also the fact that the mistake read-a-thon and you basically really thought I'll doing this sort of collab with each other so those are the two books that are we reading for the mystic read-a-thon so this is my entire August evl I'm literally so excited for always even though I am going on holiday for a week but I will still have loads of time to read so I hope that I'll be able to read these I think seven books but fingers crossed that you know it's going to work out thank you so much for watching guys don't forget to check out Skillshare down below if you want to try it out for two months for free but I really really hope you like this video and if you did please give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos and if you'll to follow me in any of my social media of course I will link everything down below in the description so you can check it out as well and lots more of these I really hope you have a very amazing day and I will hopefully see you in my next video you

23 thoughts on “AUGUST TBR // Books I Want To Read For 3 Readathons!

  1. Hi guys!
    Don't forget to use this link to get 2 FREE months of Skillshare Premium!

  2. Hoi britt, ff een vraagje : voor de newts , ik dacht dat je voor een vak 1 boek moest lezen bijv de a , e of o maar leg jij nu uit dat als ik een o wilt eerst de a en e moet lezen?? 😬of begrijp ik het nu verkeerd? 🀣

  3. I just started Sorcery of Thorns and can't wait to see why everyone is loving it so much. Also, I've only read ONE fantasy book this year ??!!!? How is that even possible?

  4. Nevernight is life, but try to skio the foot nites. Thats only extra information of the world but so confusing the first time. πŸ™‚

  5. I use Procreate for uni a lot, its so good
    I will definitely be participating in the 24h readathon, I think i will read One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake, ive been meaning to read it for soo long
    Good luck with your tbr😊

  6. Curse so dark and lonely, is a really good book , it's a little slow start , but the story line is amazing , you will enjoy it ❀️❀️❀️

  7. omg I can’t wait for you to read nevernight!! if you enjoy it, you can read godsgrave and then be ready for the release of darkdawn in September😏 such an exciting tbr!!

  8. I might try to do your Basically Readathon! I don't have work on Saturdays anymore so it sounds like the best way to spend the day πŸ™‚

  9. Gonna be doing my best to participate in your readathon this time around! If I get the chance to do it, I’m definitely going to be reading Beauty by Robin McKinley 😊

    Hope you enjoy Sorcery of Thorns and Nevernight! Happy reading!

  10. I know you have the annotating video, but would love to see you doing it in the Harry Potter books that you are going to read and annotate in up coming videos. πŸ™‚

  11. I usually don't do readathons (they last too long and if I feel obligated to read something, I can't do it 😁) but your readathon seems doable even for me so I'll definitely be participating in it.

  12. I’m so excited for the Basically Readathon! I’m going to be reading Dark Matter by Blake Crouch.

  13. i’m participating in the newst magical readathon, too!! can’t wait to be even more stressed LOL πŸ˜…

  14. Ok!!!! Soooo I will also try nevernight for the 10th of August!!!
    Also I am sooo convinced by your comments for sleeping giants Britt, I bought the whole trilogy!! Lol!!!

  15. AHHHH THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!! I can’t wait for our readathon collab, I’ve literally wrote it into my bujo so I can reserve all 24 hours for the basically readathon ahahah. Also means my own TBR for the MythTakeReadathon is a bit ambitious, but hey ho

  16. I am finally the first comment. I still have to read Sleeping Giants and will probably read it sooner than planned because of you. πŸ˜€

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