Audio Slow Down & Speed Up Effect in Avid Media Composer

hey everyone this is mark from red arrow industries here for another to-the-point tutorial in this tutorial I'm gonna go over hmm what was it gonna go over again oh right I'm gonna go over how you can create an audio slow down and speed up effect like the ones I just used a moment ago using the verify effect in Avid Media Composer okay so in my timeline here I've already laid down a nice track of music first thing is to find the spot in the music where you want the effect to be and add and edit I like making mine on a downbeat so let's try here maybe next determine how long you want the effect to last I'm just gonna make mine about a second and then cut everything that's after it now let's go to tools and open up the audio suite window making sure your track is highlighted toggle down on the plugins select menu and select verify down on the bottom once the effect is applied let's open up the effect dialog window and look through some of our settings as you can see there's actually not too much customization here you can change your music to either slow down or speed up you can also have the effect fit – meaning it'll maintain the duration of the original audio or extend which will increase the duration by 150 percent however this feature only seems to work as explained when in Pro Tools not avid media composer and finally you can have a built-in fade on or off since I'm wanting the music to end I'm gonna choose slowed down fit – and then turn the fade on let's render this and see what it sounds like perfect feel free to always go back make tweaks and see how the sound changes now I'm gonna start the music back which is a bit trickier I'll start by laying down the section I want to have come up in the music I'm just gonna have a quick run up before the big hit in the song so if I make my edit for how long I want this to last add my verify effect and then choose speed up and fit to this time let's see what happens so yeah you can hear the right sound that we're wanting but the music cuts aren't lining up great and if I swap to extend you can see that it still doesn't sound that great here's a solid workaround make your cut for the section of the music you're wanting and then bring it down an audio layer place an end point at the beginning and then an out point a little way past where your cut ends giving you some room now go to timeline mix down and create an audio mix down now you can add your verify effect and turn on your waveforms to see exactly where the cut should be and line it up with your music nice adding these kinds of music effects really vamp up your videos and help grab the viewers attention so consider finding ways to incorporate them into your edits thanks for watching if you have any questions about the verify effect comment below and if you want to find any more of our tutorials hit that subscribe button and then also check us out on our Facebook page red arrow industries or at our website at red arrow industries calm

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  1. I need this sound but I don’t have computer can you just make the sound alone then we can save lol

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