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you're listening to the Wisconsin vegetable gardener radio show hosted by Johanna Holly Baird the Wisconsin vegetable gardener radio show is on the air and it's heard on W Nov 8 60 a.m. and w29 3cx 106.5 in milwaukee wisconsin w w DB 860 a.m. in Philadelphia Pennsylvania waa m 1600 a.m. and 92.7 FM and Arbor Michigan and km et 1490 a.m. been in California coming up on the program today we're gonna go over how you can keep your Tomatoes healthy and producing all summer long as well as farmer's markets some information that you'll need to know before you go our guests they are authors of the urban homestead Kelly coin and Erick Kanu's will be with us plus your garden questions the hours jam-packed so we're gonna start right now welcome to the Wisconsin vegetable gardener radio show wherever you're listening to thank you for taking time out of your day to join us on the program whether you're Milwaukee Philadelphia southeast Michigan fan in California or anywhere in between video via the 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eight nine three one one again the number is four one four three six eight nine three one there is a number of people or many people if not 99% of the people who garden who enjoy tomatoes there are several who do not and choose not to grow them for a variety of different reasons for the rest of us most of our tomatoes are in the ground or doing somewhat decent we're going to go over several ways in which we can keep our Tomatoes healthy and happy all season long and producing all season long correct so one thing you want to do and this is kind of Joey's task in the garden is to trim around the base of the tomato plants a lot of the problems your plants are going to have in the garden tomatoes or other plants is because of soil splashing upon so those lower leaves ninety percent of the problems your plant your tomato plant and all your vegetables are going to face disease wise is from that soil splashing up so we wanted on tomatoes we're gonna want to trim the bottom six to eight inches we'll also the important portion of this to reduce the amount of splash up on the plant is to it's the mulch so you can mulch around the base of your plans you can multi hole into your garden we we mulch our whole garden what what is good mulch that we can use you can use if you still have leaves from fall somehow miraculously then you can use those you can use straw you can use pine needles and pine needles will not make your soil acidic that's a myth they do take a while to break down so if you're going to work them in the soft end of the year keep in mind that there will be some large particles that are in the soil but it won't affect anything as the compostable process takes on over the winter and next spring right so the pine needles you can use weed sea weed seed weed free free and chemical free dry grass clippings so if you or someone else comes and spray some stuff on your lawn don't use those grass clippings if you don't spray on your lawn use those grass clippings make sure you let them dry first because they can mold and get disgusting so you can use that and then you could also use shredded paper yeah we've used try to pay cardboard shredded paper a number of our applications it works very well you can find that on our social media platforms it looks a little it looks a little different but it's amazing we use we've got onions plantain and our 2 foot by 4 foot by 12 inch high root maker Grob raised bed and it's elevated and it's in a very hot portion of the garden and traditionally that bed gets very very dry very very quickly because the evaporation because we got good compost in there but with the application of shredded paper on top of that bed around the onions the the soil is very very moist underneath I was looking at it yesterday and it's amazing how much moisture is retained by just a few small layers of shredded paper on that raised bed from root maker right so that's one is definitely mulching but prior to the mulching let's talk about the application of a product in which can reduce early blight that all of our soil has in it okay so this magical product misses some people think this is weird but you use whole grain yellow cornmeal and you put it on the base of your plants at the time of planting you can do it right now midway through this season so you want to do it like right now if you haven't done it and then I don't know mid mid to end of July halfway through your growing family 3 your growing season if you're in the Upper Midwest what this does is it helps prevent that early blight there's a lot of things in your soil early blight is one of them and this has a beneficial fungi called trichoderma and it helps combat that early blight so again this whole grain yellow cornmeal so not the el cheapo stuff your bottom bottom sale that's not the blue box you want to get the name brand name brand whole grain yellow cornmeal and it's a very unique if you've got mulch down already you can pull a little bit of that mulch away sprinkle it around the base of your growing existing tomato plants right now and then put that mulch back on you can water it's not going to affect the properties in which the whole grain corn mill utilizes or or fights against that early blight and again you might think that's a silly application we've been doing this particular practice for four-and-a-half five five years now and we always get several people a year come up to us and go I thought it was crazy but I used it and was the best time crap I ever did have since we've been using that particular method the end of the season the tomato plants or is green and lush as they were in June and July because the early blight hasn't progressively worked up the plant and killed the Leafs and then you have a dead plant with a bunch of fruit hanging off of it the and that is in combination with the mulch and the trimming of the lower leaves all three of those the whole grain corn meal that the mulch and then consistently trimming the bottom of the leaves will greatly increase the health and the longevity of your tomato plant no matter where you're at in the country or the world a healthy tomato plant can focus on fruit production rather than sustainable sustaining life and fighting off diseases and other problems that it may have on the plant so that goes on with wiring consistently if you water your plants consistently then they will be healthy and happy you mean a whole lot of less problems they all have the nutrient and the moisture that is required in order to grow correctly just like you're trying to go through the whole day or two days or four days without any moisture whatsoever you're going to be a very unhappy and maybe dead person the plants can have that same type of life as well if you do not water consistency in addition to water consistency keeping that soil moist at the root zone in a damp sponge consistency allows the plant to pick up all the nutrient minerals and micro minerals and micro macro minerals that it needs in order to properly develop the fruit ring such as calcium which is a bit so calcium if you ever get blossom in right you know you have blossom end rot because you'll go look at your you go to harvest your tomato you look at the blossom end at the bottom end of it and it's like brownish black is rotted not good so this is because you're the calcium is locked up in your soil your plants that have access to it so watering consistently will allow the calcium to flow freely into your tomato plant in addition of the other macro and mark micro and macro nutrients that the plant is in need of so you also want to trellis or cage your Tomatoes you want to get them off the ground this is gonna improve your production greatly bugs aren't very good to them 50% yep increase so whether you do a something like a Florida weave whether you just buy what is it lured away for the Florida weave is where you take two end posts on either side of every tomato row and it's a stabilization foundational post that you nail on the ground or stake right and yeah and then you put strings and you put strings about once every foot or so and then you do we do two strings next to each other and then that way the tomatoes will grow up you kind of open the strings up assist the tomatoes and then they'll grow up into the strings when you look at this in the garden it looks similar to a boxing ring the side of it where you have the ropes and as the tomato grows you will gently weave it between those strings and then that will the weight of the strings will support the tomato you can get a lot more Tomatoes in a small area in addition you know what to buy tomato cages so it will increase your production by 50% because we tried this by just not troubling them at all not caging them and they were on the ground by the time they were ripe they stuff that was eaten by slugs and they were just rot all sorts of stuff and rotten so yeah you want to harvest your tomatoes frequently so plants are their plants guess a favor thought process the plant thought process is to care nobody's eaten me I need to produce seeds for the next generation that's all they care about so if you harvest frequently they're gonna continue to put on more fruit for you and this goes with any plant really but definitely with tomatoes tomatoes beans beans cucumbers yes zucchini zucchini all of that it's gonna continue to put up more fruits for you so that you have a good harvest and we want to consistently look for problems you just cannot put your tomato plant in the ground and then come back 90 days and go up time to harvest Tomatoes you have to keep looking for the problems and be aware of what's going on if this is not just a one and done come back in a little bit and we'll harvest so there's many many problems and we've covered them on the program here to where there is disease problems nutrient deficiencies if there's a lot of things so you need to be aware of what your tomato plant and other plants in which you're growing can acquire on your tomato plant there's also leaf discoloration so if you have a plant that looks yellowing leaves curling leaves purpley leaves these could all be signs of lack of nutrients in your soil possible chemical drift there's lots of charts online that will kind of show you if a leaf looks like this what the issue is yes and you can always get a soil test done from soil savvy they have you can go to the website the Wisconsin vegetable gardener calm under the radio tab find their link and make it easy on you you can get ten four to ten percent discount when you use the coupon code at the checkout and it'll give you a 14-point analyzation of what is in your soil deficiency and surplus and how you can adjust that and get it to a happy state for your tomato plants so that is just some of the ways in which you can get your tomato plants healthy keep them healthy all summer long when we come back it is all about bees and getting understanding bees and the value that bees have you'll be amazed at some of the stats that we have about the famous or not so famous now bumble bee your listing to the left half from vegetable gardener radio show 24/7 365 the Wisconsin vegetable gardener calm because all the Guardian information you need videos digital magazines replays of shows and more flame engineering home of the weed dragon the perfect propane torch kick for home and garden news for killing weeds no need to pull the spray 100 other uses find out warplane engineering calm use coupon code wpcoupon25 standard process is your trusted whole food supplement manufacturer with 90 years of expertise our third-generation family-owned company proudly grows nutrient-rich ingredients at our certified organic farm in Palmyra Wisconsin enabling us to produce high quality whole food solutions that change lives for help identifying the best supplements for you find a local health care professional today at standard process 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Ithaca paid to clean healthy gardening through creating cutting-edge natural organic garden friendly products based on research and innovation after 28 years their leader leader and organic lawn and garden industry that you're not using gradients such as bio solids composted household waste or synthetic chemicals and so they have manure free fertilizer organic soils insect control and liquid fertilizers if you want to grow the best quality for organically so feed your family that is a founding principle of what dr. earth is all about they have experts to find the most innovative ways to help you grow your best organically visit dr. earth comm for more information and where to buy and they are this help bee friendly products lead for new products yes yeah so we're gonna we're gonna talk about our bee friends the bees are very unique species and have a tremendous amount of benefits to the garden and human life in general so bees the I guess the most important thing bees do in a sense is they help pollinate and they they are the majority of the pollinators so butterflies some beetles bats all help pollinate to the bees that's like their that's a jam that's their main thing so it is estimated that one-third of the food that we consume each day realize in pollination mainly by bees so a lot of them includes things like berries apples squash a lot of the the flowering fruits tomatoes wood tomatoes need assistance by bees so one third of that is what is used is pollinated by bees so if you think about if the bees are declining we're gonna lose one third of our food yes people could hand pollinate but you have to understand the tremendous impact that bees have on a fifty or eighty hundred-acre filled with tens of thousands of plants there's just no mechanism in which man can go in there hand palm and if one did choose to go that route your zucchini or your squash would be at a price that you would choose not to purchase it because of the high cost it was to manually get that to pollinate and produce so there's 4,000 species of bees in North America there's 20,000 throughout the world now bees are not native to North America the settlers brought them over so if you think about that if you think about what we've learned about different food things there are some species that are native to North America but the general population of the beach there was corn and what corn was what is may is mates might well yeah yeah anyway corn was a grass and over the generations of decades it has been pollinated and created into what we currently know as the spread that crossbow as in to what we currently know as corn today it was just a giant grab these don't help pollinate corn is the point is that there may have been a lot of corn or whatever there was at the time but now we've we have a larger access to different foods because of bees right and bees not necessarily take the pollen from the corn tassel and pollinate the hairs on the ear of the corn which in turn represents each kernel of the corn but bees do agitate the top portions of that plant and allowed some of that pollen to fall down on to the hairs to pollinate the years so not directly but indirectly they do help to a certain degree in addition to the wind on horns I wanted to make that clear there first I mention bumblebees are they they are the most important pollinators of blueberries cranberries and clover and they're the only insect pollinators of tomatoes so what tomatoes are typically pollinated by vibration of wind but also bees and insects do help but they're the only that choose if one well they're agitated pollinator but they're the only ones soon us if we shake the Tamils because in the tomato and flower the male and female reproductive systems are there and by agitating the be agitating it can drop the pollen into and pollinate and create the tomato so the reason why we're losing bees is because we are using to money incest asides and pesticides and that's very harmful to them there's something called neo nicotine pesticides and that's as harmful to the bees so that includes things like glyphosate which is in roundup and then we didn't feed and etc and depends on who you talk to and what if you're on the Proby side or you're on the pro chemical side depends on how that answer is derived oh it doesn't affect the bees yes it does so science the science has been proving more towards the neo nikka towards affecting the hives and we've moved on from dandelions for the year but dandelions are are the first food for bees so if you get tan lines and a lot of them and they bother you just think about how it's feeding the bees or help you know yeah if you're if you're spraying chemicals on the bees the bees are getting that on their their bodies and taking it back to the hive and and can disrupt the natural pol progression of the hive as if it was if humans were not involved in that whole thing back to the bees pollinating clover or buckwheat or anything like that if you've never had pure clover honey or pure buckwheat honey you are missing out on the one the benefits and the properties in which it has on your body we're not doctors but we've talked to individuals who have shown us the what it can do to the body but also the taste is not like traditional store-bought honey some of the store-bought honey is not real real honey it has been altered to make you think it's real honey you have to read the label and find out if honey is real honey or if there is some additives in which the honey has in it that is fake and they're selling it on mass production so you think you're getting what you're not getting one thing to make mention is bees are facing extinction depending on what study you read who you talk to they could be on the endangered list or they're at least really close to it and this is because it's just because of the things like the pesticides and chemicals the researchers found the American bumblebees area of occurrence has decreased by about 70 percent so this is big loss of habitat because we're converting Prairieland in a farm when and then also because of incest asides but the decrease was 70 percent and in it fell by 89 percent from 2007 to 2016 compared to 1907 to 2006 so in 9 years the decrease was higher than the decrease in a hundred years does that make sense yes more damage was done in 9 years than in the previous nine previous hundred and one years because of the pub and and many people will lead toward to the conclusion because of what humans have been doing to their habitat – with chemical in inventions after World War two and the list can go on and on and on so bumblebees what can we do in order to help the bumblebees in our little backyard or or the bees in general so you can you can plant bee friendly flowers there's definitely be friendly mixes you can find to be friendly mix at my gardener calm and then they have a bunch of amazing seeds for 9 cents another thing is you can buy a little mason bee houses and that will help the bees and they're usually about 10 bucks or so now mason bee houses they lay their larva in there and then the parent bee dies and that larva lives or will develops over the winter and then it emerges in the spring and the cycle continues to continue that's different than the traditional bumblebee or the honey bee that you can have a hive but a hive based on your municipality and the city you might have to have go through a course or class at mason bee house you can easily obtain it's good for anybody it's good for anybody yes it's not complicated so there's that and then just in general do not spray your lawn yeah chemical introducing chemicals into your environment is one of the want things that can greatly decrease the the death in which the bees have an increase their populace of them in your yard and if you create a be happy habitat you're going to bring those into your area and maybe protect them from what your neighbors or other parts of your city are doing being be friendly and insect friendly is the way to go and file and bio products has that you know that the way they're starting to warm up finally you want to protect your garden for various beetles weevils and borders including Japanese beetles and what better way to prevent those pests from destroying your garden than by controlling them while they are larvae grub gone is an easy to apply granular product that can be spread on your turf to successfully control grub invaders developed by phylum bio products from a naturally occurring bacteria rub gum is a non chemical bt product that specifically targets only certain scare up pests and it is safe to use around bees and other beneficial insects yeah that's right so if you're ready have a beetles flying around a yard beetle gone is an organic dispersible powder that can be sprayed directly on your edible plants you can find out more at phylum barracks calm that's p hy l l om bio products calm coming up next we've 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container the slower or the more time they will take for that container to dry out the smaller the mass amount of soil the quicker it's going to dry out so keep that in mind as well a good all balanced compost or potting soil will work it would also be advised to find something that may contain a slow-release fertilizer sir or you can add fertilizer at the time of planting and do both to help feed the crop there are many guidelines on the internet that will guide you in what size container is required for what crop additionally placement of the container is important for if you're trying to grow greens you do not need necessarily full Sun but tomatoes do require full Sun and some type of supporting mechanism whether a stake cold cage or trellis of some sort growing in containers is very versatile and gives you the flexibility that sometimes the ground does not provide you so if you've not garden yet this year or you're wanting to expand containers is the best option this Michigan 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assistance doing it or you need the materials to do this or you need the knowledge there's only one place in Milwaukee that has all of that and a whole lot more you can get a blue mouth landscape and garden center there at forty nine thirty West Loomis Road just south of Layton you can get a blue Mel's calm or call for one four to eight to forty two twenty they have the staff they have the equipment they know what will work but they will listen to the customer and they'll listen to you and they'll give your give their advice to you but they'll follow your plan that's blue Mel's at blue Mel's calm Molly let's go div organic three one plant got a hot line and bring our guest for the wheat Kelly Coyne and Eric Knudsen live in the heart of Los Angeles in a little bungalow set on one 1/4 or 1/12 acre lot where almost all the land is devoted to growing edible or otherwise useful plants and trees their obsession includes bees bike spear chickens healthy cities healing herbs simple living and good food and short everything do-it-yourself they are the authors of the urban homestead your guide to self-sufficient living in the heart of the city and making its radical home ACK for a post consumer world we have Eric online welcome to the program Eric well we thank you for taking time out of your day to join us and enlighten Holly myself and all of our listeners about some things that we don't typically cover on the program here but you're the experts so we brought you in to educate us all right now many people don't want to have a compost bin or compost area keep whatever you want to call because they don't have enough space they don't like the thought of it but there is worm composting why would you recommend one composting for people who don't want to commit to a compost heap and briefly what is worm composting basically your vegetable scraps turned into what is really a high quality nutrient for plants and as you alluded to you know it's actually really difficult to maintain you know to do a compost pile right you really need like a cubic yard of material to start with I think I mean differing opinions on this but I think it's good to start with a big cubic yard and that can be difficult again if you have a small piece of land I you know I've done it it's it's I've had to accumulate materials from outside our yard which I prefer not to do the nice thing about worms is that you can have just a small bit even if you're in an apartment you can have a bit indoors and you know that just consists of worms and bedding material and you can just slowly add small amounts material from your kitchen as you as you use it you don't have to like accumulate this huge amount of material all at once so it's a great way to do composting on a really small scale with that kind of like trickle of material that typically comes out of a kitchen and then and the inner and correct me if I'm wrong worms won't over populate their living environment correct once they get to a certain level they'll stop reproducing but still create that worm castings in the worm farm yeah I mean it's it's not a kind of plug-and-play thing you do have – to monitor the worms and periodically remove the material and then you know keep them fed I think one of the mistakes also that that people make is not having enough bedding material in there you don't want it to heat up like a large compost pile so you need to have a lot of bedding we use like the kind of like bedding material that you get for hamsters that kind of thing which you can also use shredded newspaper not shredded magazines but shredded newspaper and there's a few things generally that we avoid adding to one bin like onions citrus oils needs and salt but other than that it's pretty simple to maintain now let's talk about lawns for a minute you don't care for lawns and neither do we because from what I understand and I've not tried it grass doesn't weed grass doesn't work too well with humans oh why do you choose not to like lawns and Oh what why do they not make sense to you yeah there's a there's a number of reasons and of course we're in Los Angeles I think some of your listeners are in the Riverside area too so we're in a dry Mediterranean climate here and it's not an acclimatize really appropriate for lawns it takes a lot of water not to mention mowing the lawn but even if you're not you know if you even if you're in a place that has more rain than we do lawns don't attract native insects and pollinators are so important to to our our landscape but also I know a lot of your listeners are interested in vegetable gardening so I always think it's good to have a large portion of whatever bit of land that's you're in charge of that is dedicated to attracting native insects it's better for your vegetable garden it keeps the the kind of the insect world in a balance and lawns don't do that lawns are like a desert and I mean and also it's like it's just kind of silly because people have these huge lawns that they don't ever use it's just like you look at it what's the point of God you know there was a UCLA study a few years ago they resulted in a really great book called life at Rome the 21st century and it was it was done by a bunch of I think they're anthropologists at UCLA that set up cameras in 30 different homes here in Southern California and they found that half of the people never actually went into their yard and the remaining half spent maybe a few minutes a week so what's the point of having this like expansive green that you have to water that you have to mow it becomes this that just doesn't add to any sort of benefit either to the insects that that are so important in our environment or to just whatever you know it just it there's just no it's not like you're gonna go out all right no I totally agree it doesn't you can't eat the grass so and some people don't want you walking on their pristine lawn so that's I guess it's it's whatever now you keep your home clean using cleaning products really simple and basic what do you mainly use to clean your home list the three main things are vinegar baking soda and Casteel so those are the main things that we use but also washing soda which is a great degreaser hydrogen peroxide rubbing alcohol salt lemon essential oils so that's kind of the basket of things that we use we like to use things that are non-toxic and keep it well and that's the thing there are certain chemicals that you can purchase at the store that you have to be supposed to if you read the instructions wear gloves wear a respirator and you're cleaning your home with that and we should put that together and go that's probably not the best way to clean a place in which we're going to prepare food or etc in our home yeah I mean our consumer culture wants to sell us stuff and we've become as Thoreau would say tools of our tools and we serve these chemicals rather than them serving us and you know when we went down this road of testing all these very simple products we found that they work just as well and of course they're non-toxic if you have kids in the house or pets in the house you don't have to worry about that most of these things exceptional rubbing alcohol of course but most of these things are non-toxic products and there's just way too many bad chemicals you know the fact is that after World War two wartime chemicals were repurposed for cleaning and sold to us well let's talk about economists here you consider yourself a radical home economist what what how do you categorize that or why do you put yourself in that that category well I get some radical because I mean I think it's important to say we can't change this world through individual action so while I love the nigger making something to steal so that's not enough I think we all have to work together in terms of collective action for systemic change and I know that sounds very like highfalutin and achievable but it could be something as simple as throwing a neighborhood party a gang neighbors together that's something we do in our neighborhood hear that a neighbor of ours started there's a monthly happy hour and I can't tell you how much that is done for a neighborhood cohesion it's a great thing to do everyone should do that even if just one other neighbor shows up and you see how that can be the start of a lot of really important change in your neighborhood you can you can share gardening ideas you can talk about street safety all kinds of and of course you can get you know you can do more than that too you can go to community meetings you can get be engaged at the local level to to change things for many years I worked on the bike coalition to make it safer for people to ride bikes in LA or even just a walk in LA so all kinds of things that you can do to work with your neighbors to make your city and your country a better place so that's the radical and the radical home hack that's that's awesome now you like to keep things simple low-tech when it comes to living as urban home centers I know that there's a lot of different things that people can do or purchase to have the urban home centers but you definitely like to keep it simple why do you do so I mean again it's this this consumer capitalist culture that wants to sell us the idea being simple which is so so counterproductive I really like what William Morris the great artist and designer said you said have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believed to be beautiful so just simply thinking about what comes into our houses making sure that is as Morris said either useful or beautiful if it isn't don't don't bring it in I like small houses small apartments with careful attention to detail to considering what's in there and to not falling for Aging like this constant consumer Drive so many things that we can do we could do without paying someone you know we can take a walk we can walk in danger we can guard we can garden with native plants that's the boss so many things that we can do to get in touch with nature to get in touch with each other and do not involve this this kind of consumer culture a relationship so that's kind of my my two cents makes a lot of sense Eric oh where can we find more about you and the book so you can find us on the interwebs at root simple dot-com and we also have a podcast which is in the iTunes Store which is unsurprisingly called the root simple podcast so those are the two places to find it well Eric we greatly appreciate you taking time out of your day to share with Holly myself and all of our listeners how to be a little more simpler in living our lives well thank you Jerry and Holly great to talk to you absolutely and when we come back don't go anywhere it's all about your garden questions and our garden answers you can always send us an email at twv G show at you know is it to the website anytime at the Wisconsin vegetable gardener calm you're listing the Wisconsin vegetable 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Joey and Halle Berry however getting through a plank iron actually protects plants against damaging sunburn insects and rodents protect newly installed plants and trees shields prune and damage surfaces for use on your roses fruit and nut trees ornamental trees and shrubs this product is non-toxic environmentally safe and organic for more information you can visit ivy organics calm you can send us an email through the eye of your gangster on plant email INBOX the email address is TW VG's show at or you can send us a text on the instant access IV Organic through on plant garden sex access text hotline send your questions via text to us at four one four three six eight ninety three eleven again that number is four one four three six eight ninety three eleven we got a couple questions came in through social media through emails to the website Robert wants to know I'm in the Wisconsin area what can i plant after I harvest my garlic in a couple of weeks what would you can plant tomatoes potatoes cucumbers peas turnips and rutabagas these are all ideal crops now if we in now tomatoes that's if you have the extra plant starts and we do have the plant starts definitely potatoes – if you see potatoes but cucumbers peas turnips rutabagas are all really good options in the Upper Midwest we want to hold off on those Peas turnips and rutabagas – about the early portions of August so the days will get start you know by the time they get mature we find that the rutabaga and turnips do better when we plant that area my tomatoes look normal but then they turn black on the bottom what's wrong with them well that is called blossom in rot now we talked about in the beginning of the first segment today this is blossoming rot due to the fact there is not enough water in the soil in order for the calcium to be up taken by the plant in order to produce the fruit and develop the fruit correctly is not necessarily a calcium deficiency but just not the enough calcium in which can be picked up for the plant what we can do in order to fix this is water on a regular basis you don't necessarily have to add calcium to the soil in order to the amount in that soil but water consistency and it will fix the next generation of tomatoes on that crop on that plant it won't fix the ones that are currently black on the bottom right now people will add choose to add ups and salt that is not Network no epson salt is made easy enough sulfate I don't know where this myth came from but it's it could take calcium away from your soil if you use too much of it but it's not terrible for your soil you just want to use it moderately it'll help make your plants like more green and colorful bright vibrant bigger blooms as well next question are shrews good or bad for the garden number one what is the trick basically a little it's not a molar of all it's like it's looked at it you would think was like a miniature or vote smaller so they're like probably the mice of like the mice compared to a rat the shrews are smaller compared to molar Bowl but they don't hurt the plants they just burrow into the garden they don't burrow into the garden beds they live under leaves and grass matters such as like mulch and they might use existing molten volt tunnels so they're fine for the garden they're not really causing you problems typically if you think something else is causing problem it's going to be a mole horrible so shrews kind of come in use the tunnels that were there and they do their thing they make up a large portion of what the typical diet is what insects yeah and they typically do eat bad insects like beetles they will eat grasshoppers and butterflies and moths larvae so and they will eat different earth they will eat worth ones but they're not gonna burrow as much but kind of beneficial to the garden yeah you just want to just kind of be aware of them and know if you're getting a bowl a mole or or anything else question is about boxwood shrubs I have 15 about 15 2 to 3 year old boxwoods that I'm trying to grow into a hedge suddenly the outside of leaves tips have been turning a yellow I'm concerned I might lose them is there anything I should do to assure their health well you can feed and water your bushes like normal to help them recover from a root rot sometimes the root system of a boxwood shrubs of the shrubs get infected with fungal pathogens like fire tharam pH Y tio pH th o ra when root rot becomes serious it can manifest as yellowing and curling inward inward of the leaves and they can turn upwards as well the leaves can curl inward and turn upward and the plant will look poorly so if you water and feed them using all balanced fertilizer from dr. earth you will have better results and you should see the recovery come back from those boxwoods John asked my soil is like concrete I came and get a roto tiller to chisel through it let's address his question to Ben from standard process he is the farm property supervisor there and we'll see what he has to advise John and us on the question standard process is your trusted whole food supplement manufacturer for over 90 years to help identify the best supplements for you find your local healthcare professional today go to standard process com forward slash patient this is Ben Bartlett from the standard process organic farm today John asked a question about his super hardened concrete like soil so hard in fact that it's rototiller can't even break it apart and what can he do to improve that this is an issue that's really close to my heart and my training solet's like concrete can be an issue on a lot of gardens and a lot of farms it's a relatively easy fix but it can take a long period of time the first thing you need to do is add some form of organic material to that soil whether it's grass clippings leaves straw coffee grounds there's lots of things you can add usually a good compost source really improves the soil structure by improving the biology that's in that soil what you're trying to get there is more biology that will break apart that soil and keep it aggregate you also may have a nutrient imbalance in that soil usually you can start adding things like calcium in the form of gypsum or lime depending on your soil pH that will also help before we get into what's coming up next week on the program Holly remind them about the executive sponsor the executive sponsor the Wisconsin vegetable gardener radio show is power plants are cleansing conditions are always favorable with the power plant or earth auger no matter what the job is power planter has the right size for you simply attach to a drill and let the power planter do the work for you create planting holes fast and efficiently with ease no matter the soil type it does a job effortlessly increase your root to soil contact leave the shovel and spade in the shed hand welded and made in the USA we offer a lifetime warranty on product defects find the size that fits your project at power plant or calm tune in next week tell your friends tell your family tell those who are in your gardening group that's how people find out about us we're gonna talk about second crops in which you can plant in your garden right now for summer harvest as well as fall crops and the importance of bees and how we can begin to help them survive as well as our guest Nick fedorov from Nick fedorov own garden things dream the man with the beard will be with us plus your garden questions I've shown this program or want to revisit it in its entirety you can do that in a couple of different ways one by going to your favorites podcast providing website and searching the Wisconsin vegetable gardener radio show you can also go to the west constant vegetable gardener dot-com clicking on the radio tab at the top of the page for full length or the highlight tab on the right hand side for segments of all past shows until next week for Halle Berry I am joy Burton we will see you in the garden you have been listening to the Wisconsin vegetable gardener radio show tell a friend and join Joey and Holly again next week so we can all grow together the Wisconsin vegetable gardener radio show is a protection of the Wisconsin vegetable gardener calm in association with wi garden media broadcast live from the w nov 8 6 t a.m. and the W to 9 3cx 106.5 FM courier communication studios Milwaukee Wisconsin

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