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hey I'm Bradley Charbonneau I am the author of audio for office I just want to give a quick welcome welcome to audio for authors workshop course whatever gonna call it accompaniment to the book and I want to just get across quickly what I'd really like you to get out of this course what I I know I've dealt with some technical stuff and I I'll try to get you through that I have some more tips it's later how I mean this was published a book last year and there are different ways of doing things now not to mention completely different options like just find a way books but I would like this to be more about the marketing like you've got your audio covered you know I'm not gonna get into how to record audio or how do different accents but once you get your booked on what can you do with that you've got the audio files should you put them out as a podcast and you give teasers over chapters what can you do with its audio didn't better sell more books because audio marketing is in its infancy I mean it's even I hear from other offices all the time how do you market your audiobooks oh I don't know can your Amazon and with audio book alright well maybe that kind of works so I want to see what options are out there what can we do with the audio to sell more audio books and get our books out there for example here's a quick tidbit ready ready ready one little one right here on the bit intro video I just was on I live in I live in another limbs but I I'm America and Asia live in the States for a long time and I still have a library card so I went to library my local library book home and I I couldn't I didn't see my audio book and I said I wonder why and there was somewhere where there was I out a suggestion request a ball and I don't know it's worked I asked somebody else to do it and it didn't work but for me request a book and I could I found my book just kind of weird because I thought wait a minute how is my book in the founding doesn't exist yet so I had to suggest it and I did that so I said just like put this book in the library and I've heard that's kind of how it works you just need to get your book requested or suggested by somebody to have it appear in the library of course it has to exist like you have to go through a find where voices publication to have it available to a library but it seems that you know Chicago Public Library how are they going to get the book well somebody requests it and then it sort of magically appears double bonus here I'm still me intros it's crazy or what is that if somebody borrows your audiobook you get paid and it depends varying on it depends on a whole bunch of stuff but think about that your reader just got your audiobook for free you get paid just get better than that so can you can you hear what I'm not gonna get into how to do it I just told you how to do it I can get any more of that but it's that kind of stuff I want to get into in this course and give you tidbits a little many times when it's time that we can get through this together get more audio books into the hands or ears of more people and and you tell me – what have you liked what have you found out with audiobooks let's learn together let's grow together let's figure this out audio for authors I'm Bradley Charbonneau so glad you're here well

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