Atlético Madrid 1-3 Real Madrid | EXCLUSIVE DERBY CONTENT

23 thoughts on “Atlético Madrid 1-3 Real Madrid | EXCLUSIVE DERBY CONTENT

  1. La paz sea contigo Soy de Arabia Saudita y amo América Latina Brasil, España y el resto del país y estoy feliz de conocer a gente de la que amo Brasil y España y quiero hacer limosnas

  2. Hala Madrid Hla friends and fans of Real Madrid …. I love Madrid … I Hatem from Africa Sudan I live in the UAE Dubai Fujairah can be considered. Your friend

  3. Buy CB Domogoj Vida you will not regret, Real Madrid need a player who know tactical game a playmaking and understand game….Real M. game is catastrophic they shoting ball without sence they have no chance with seriously teams

  4. Someone kill papa perez or assisinate him or kill his family blast his house torture him. He says benzema is the best strike and we dont need so they are not going to sign . Kill papa perez someone please 😭😭

  5. History that you made
    History to be done
    Because nobody resists
    Your desire to win
    The stars are coming out
    My old Chamartin
    From far or near
    You bring us here
    I wear your shirt
    Stuck to the heart
    The days that you play
    They are everything I am
    The arrow is already running
    It already attacks my Madrid
    I am fight, I am beauty
    The scream that I learned
    Madrid Madrid Madrid 🇪🇸
    Go Madrid!!
    And nothing more
    And nothing more
    Hala Madrid 🏆

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