ATEEZ (에이티즈) – ‘Dazzling Light’ (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)

*Corrections in line distribution* Corrections by Jakeb C. (credits to Hangeci) I’m his friend lol *Wooyoung* *Yeosang* *Yeosang* *San and Yeosang* *Wooyoung *Yeosang* why did seonghwa’s picture also just glow all of a sudden? xD what’s this random sound lol

100 thoughts on “ATEEZ (에이티즈) – ‘Dazzling Light’ (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)

  1. I made a lot of mistakes during this video. Sorry.

    Prechorus: The line where I put as San should be San at 0:46 first, then wooyoung at 0:48. It's the same with the second part

    The chorus: The deep voice is Yeosang (1:02, etc.)
    At 1:18, it is Yeosang

    I made a part where I put San and Jongho. That should be San and Yeosang (1:21)

    Also, in the chorus for Jongho's first line, it should be "Tell me" not "Tell you" (0:55, etc.)

    Correct me if you find other mistakes 🙂

  2. All to zero: Twilight
    Zero to one: Light
    All to action: Dazzling Light
    Next album: Shining Light? Lights? The Light?

    btw i love this song <3

  3. I think this song will be my get to go. Every time I listen to this track my heart just gets warmer and warmer, and imagining them singing this under the sunlight just give me million of emotions.
    Ateez, you are doing great and a lot for us.

  4. Can't believe it, they're becoming my ultimate group😍

    We stan whole Kings of BOP wherein no single bad songs was produced


    We all have lives to live, but SUPPORT if you can:

    watch & like their daily new live stages of the different music shows , use voting apps like Starpass, Starplay, Idolchamp or online pre-voting on MWave. (explanations on twitter & google)

    Continue to watch the MV (if you want to str3am remember don't skip adds, don't just re-load but watch another 2 Ateez vids in between).

    Last CB we lost a lot of Atiny support during their long promotion weeks towards the end which sadly meant we couldn't get Ateez a win for Aurora.

    So let's try to support them as best as each of us can for the WHOLE promotion time, cause our boys work hard too, going to music shows & interviews etc daily for ~ 6 weeks.

  6. DAZZLING LIGHT IS A BOP ITS FREAKING AMAZING (and also everyone makes mistakes thanks for this lyric video) 💕💕

  7. 1:16 to 1:25 has me bawling yeosang finally has some lines although most are backup vocals BUT lemme just say He deserves so much more and I hope KQ and himself realize what he is capable of.

  8. From the second I heard the preview for this song I knew I'd fall in love with it. I love the lyrics, San/Yeosang singing together (😍), Yunho's "우린 어디에~" at 0:24, Jongho's amazing note at 2:43, the drop, the "Who you/Who am I?"…everything about this song is amazing. I'm in love 💜

  9. "In your eyes, i see me. Tell me who you, who am i"

    they may be talking about the people in hala hala who are probably their other personalities or smth which brings us back to say my name where they're actually facing them. During seonghwa's part in say my name (at 3:27) you can see a glitch and the number 90 in the corner. The glitch looks like a camera glitching and what do we see in yunho's teaser? Screens. Yunho is also the last on to be standing during the preformance preview of wonderland and remember in hala hala where wooyoung was the last one standing? He's chained up in his teaser

    idk what i'm saying tbfh

  10. Mingi and hongjoongs part makes me wanna find a friend and we're going to sing that rap part, so who can be my friend? hahahahaha

  11. I don t care if yeosang doesn t have enough lines in wonderland i m glad that he has in this masterpiece!!!!♡♡♡♡ you yeosang!!!!

  12. If you think ATEEZ are the ROTY, please buy the album on iTunes! We are currently at #17 (ALL GENRES)!! We should break the wall and make it to atleast top 5!!!! WE ARE #2 IN KPOP GENRE! IN ATINYS WE TRUST 🙏🏻

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