ASOIAF: Children of Robert Baratheon – Focus Series (Book Spoilers)

King Robert Baratheon, ruler of the Seven
Kingdoms, was commonly known to have fathered 3 children with his queen Cersei Lannister,
naming them Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen Baratheon. These children inherited their father’s
lands, money and titles, with Joffrey Baratheon becoming king of the realm, and Tommen, his
younger brother becoming heir. However, after Joffrey’s ascension to the Throne their
claim came under dispute, with Jon Arryn, Stannis Baratheon and later Eddard Stark,
having discovered a harsh truth. They learned that all three children were
sired by Queen Cersei and her brother Jaime Lannister, making them the bastard born children
of incest, with no legitimate claim to the throne. This dispute prompted the War of the
Five Kings, which tore the continent apart, killing thousands.
And while this discovery meant Robert left no legitimate heirs, his bloodline may have
a chance to continue through the many illegitimate children he fathered throughout his life.
Although it is not certain how many of the King’s bastards existed, the prophecy of
Maggy the Frog, claims he would have sixteen. Yet only 7 are currently known. Though Varys
the Spider claims to know the identity of eight.
After the King’s death, his wife Cersei Lannister, ordered that all of Robert’s
bastards be killed, and while a few survived long enough for Tyrion Lannister to rescind
the order, many died. Of the Known illegitimate children of Robert
Baratheon, There is Mya Stone the daughter he fathered
in his youth as a Ward of Jon Arryn in the Vale. Robert was believed to have affection
for the girl, possibly even suggesting she might come to the Baratheon court in King’s
Landing, though Cersei Lannister saw that it did not occur. Mya would become a guide
for travellers headed to the Eerie, and has fond memories of her father from childhood.
She would also become the friend of Alayne Stone, secretly Sansa Stark during her time
posing as the bastard daughter of Petyr Baelish. Another of Robert’s daughters would be a
girl named Bella, conceived and raised in a brothel in Stony Sept, believed to have
been sired while Robert was hiding from Targaryen forces during his Rebellion.
More of his children could be found In the Westerlands, where a serving woman of Casterly
Rock would give birth to twins, however given their location, they became easy targets for
Cersei Lannister who had them killed. Robert’s youngest child was born to a King’s
Landing prostitute, who named the girl Barra. But the girl and her mother Mhaegon would
be killed during the Queen’s purge. Then there is Gendry, a boy born to woman
working in an alehouse of King’s Landing, who died early on in his life. Yet despite
his meager beginnings and lack of resources, he became apprenticed to a Master Blacksmith
named Tobho Mott, after a mysterious nobleman, some have come to speculate was Varys the
Spider, paid double the usual fee for his acceptance. Gendry would prove a talented
smith, eventually developing the skill to craft a greatly prized bull’s head helmet.
Eddard Stark would meet with the boy during his investigation into the death of Jon Arryn,
and his strong resemblance to Robert helped in convincing the northern Lord that Stannis
and Jon Arryn had discovered the illegitimacy of his heirs. When Cersei Ordered the execution
of Robert’s children, Varys the Spider arranged for Gendry to be taken out the city by Yoren
of the Night’s Watch. Gendry would befriend young Arya Stark who was also travelling with
the night’s watch recruits and remained with her after Yoren was killed, until they
were found by the Brotherhood without Banners. Gendry was inspired by their mission and joined
them assigned as a Smith to the Crossroads Inn, where he was also tasked to care for
group of Orphans. Finally there is Edric Storm, the only illegitimate
child of Robert Baratheon that was officially acknowledged. Born to Lady Delena Florent,
he was raised in Storm’s End under the protection of Ser Cortnay Penrose. Although Robert ruled
from King’s Landing, he visited Edric nearly every year, spending time with the boy, teaching
him to fight and even gifting him a Warhammer. After Robert’s death, Stannis took charge
of the boy, following his capture of Storm’s End and planned to use the boy’s resemblance
to his father as way of proving the illegitimacy of Robert’s heirs, yet the Red Priestess
Melisandre, an advisor to Stannis, had more sinister plans , wanting to sacrifice the
boy to R’hllor so his king’s blood might wake stone dragons. And while Stannis refused
to allow it, she did use leeches to drain some of his blood, then burning them in a
magical ritual to curse the false Kings, Joffrey Baratheon, Robb Stark and Balon Greyjoy. Fearing
that the Red Woman would eventually do great harm to the boy, Davos Seaworth arranged his escape, sending him
to the city of Lys.

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  1. I hope Edric Storm and Gendry get legitimized as Baratheons. I'd hate to see House Baratheon completely die off.

  2. Have you done a video on all the prophecies of the books? Maggie the frog, House of the undying, Azor Ahai, the old woman who worships the old gods and tells a prophecy about Sansa and a castle of snow and a giant or something. I don't know if there are any more but would be really cool if you could do a video of them 😀

  3. Pretty sure Joff called for them all to be killed when Robert died n Ned said he wasn't the King, not Cercei tho im sure she did for those twins in casterly rock ..

  4. I once saw someone criticize these kind of videos that you, Rawrist, Preston Jacobs, Alt-Shift_X, et al. do as being little more than a person talking over some pictures. But I understand the work you all put in to these videos, and I watch them all. You guys are awesome, but I love how you focus in on specific characters and go in depth. It's so clear and concise. You really bring something unique to a site flooded with analysis and reaction videos. Thank you.

  5. Hey man. I love your work. I was wondering if you could do a video/videos on the differences of the books and show?

  6. I respect your work with videos, great companion information to game of thrones television show and books.

  7. Question: Do you take the tv series into consideration or these are strictly from the books?

  8. I can't remember exactly how the books were, but I thought it was heavily implied in the show that Joffrey was actually the one that had all of Robert's bastards in King's Landing tracked down and killed.

  9. I have a theory about game of thrones

    I think westeros and lotr are in the same univers..heres why

    1.set in and around sane time period
    2.there are dragons
    3.coldhands is described similar to the nasgul
    4.magic jewllewry
    5.resurection(gandolf) love tolkein candels and the thing sauromon had are similar in colour and function
    8.people worship strange gods
    9.dwarfes and tyrion likes axes
    10.majic and weird shit

    I think middle earth is around tge shadowlands and asshai as any westerosi explorer would see orcs and elves as strange creatures

    Either map would have to be wrong or lotr is set way before g.o.t land bridges like the one in doran formed the dothraki sea

    If you read all this your a legend

  10. Awesome topic idea. As it stands, Tommen's only heirs are bastard siblings and a second cousin whose family his (supposed) father dethroned.

  11. i think there is that nice looking black haired girl gendry does make out with? She is exactly x years -9 month old as the time Robert had sex with her mom.

  12. Let's pray that Gendry will come back one day. House Baratheon is my favorite house, hate to see them extinct (although Stannis and Shireen is still alive in the books).

  13. What if Gendry wasn't really a bastard, but in fact Robert and Cersei's child?The one that was only thought to have died in childbirth.

  14. It's kinda crazy how good they make Cersei in the show. People think she's bad, and they have no idea how insane and cruel she is. Falyse, anyone?!

  15. So basically, in the TV series, Gendry's storyline is merged with that of Edric Storm. What happens now to House Baratheon as Gendry seems to be the last surviving person of their House? Any theories of what happens to House Baratheon?

  16. at the end, that didnt happen to edric, but gendry who got his blood leeched and escaped with help from davos

  17. I have watched and enjoyed these videos. They have actually made sense out of a lot of things for me from reading the books. Keep up the good work!

  18. Why does everyone state as fact that it was Cersei who had Robert's bastards killed? It was only conjecture by Tyrion that it was her, and never confirmed in book or show. I heard another person's theory that it actually makes more sense for it to have been Littlefinger. The man in charge of seeing the babies murdered like the whore's baby girl was the brief Lord Commander of the King's Guard Janos Slynt and he never told Tyrion who gave him the orders. Tyrion then only assumed it was Cersei. But there's other evidence/theories that she wouldn't have it in her to kill babies.

  19. So , there are 3 illegitimate , dead children of Robert ( Who are not well treated by Robert's family or friends ) and 3 legitimate, living children of Robert ( Who are well treated by Bob's family and friends ) … and the legitimate one were actually treated by Robert as if they were his children … and both groups are composed of 2 boys and 1 girl .This is interesting .

  20. In the show, it's said that there would be twenty, but we only see 4 or five killed, which technically means there could 15 of his bastards left.

  21. They should have kicked Jaime out of the kingsguard and forced him to be Tywin's heir. Therefore not pissing off Tywin and getting him away from cersei.

  22. I forget how much GRRM likes parallels, Ned Stark's daughter and Robert Baratheon's daughter taking refuge in the Vale of Arryn is kind of cool afterthought even if it wasn't meant as a parallel to the Rebellion.

  23. just saying, a trivial correction, I believe from reading the first book that Stannis only knew because Ned told him~

  24. I think the theory that Gendry is not actually a bastard but the 1st born son of Robert Baratheon & Cersei Lannister, the true heir to the Iron Throne, could be true. Why else would Varys keep on protecting the child if he's just another bastard…

  25. isnt it touching that Starks always manage to befriend Baratheons, obviously theres Ned and Rob, but also Arya and Gendry, aswell as Sansa and Mya

  26. Delena florent is Roberts cousin though. That means edric is inbred as well so. I guess that night when Cersei had joffrey conceived that night at greenstone it was a revenge as she likes to think it

  27. In all fairness, it was Joffrey who gave the orders to slaughter his illegitimate half-siblings, not Cersei, though she was very likely in favor of her son's actions.

  28. I watched a video a while back that said Gendry is the first baby that Cersie had by Robert but that her dad got rid of the baby.

  29. just realized how fucking stupid stannis was in letting melisandre cursing Robb stark. he just wanted to get rid of the lannisters n get his family back…. if stannis was more flexible n just dealt with the lannisters, the red wedding would have never happened. remly I understand, but the stannis should have left the starks alone

  30. If I remember correctly Bella offers sex with Gendry without knowing who eachother are in the books but luckily he turns it down

  31. Okay, two things
    1. Wasn't it Joffrey who decided to kill the bastards(I vaguely remember a scene in the TV show but I am nkt certain if it did confirm anything and I don't know whether jt was the same in the books)
    2. Wasn't it Varys who sent gifts to Edric withoit Robert ever visiting him? Or am I understanding some tv show scene the wrong way again?

  32. I doubt that a bastard would be allowed to ascend the Iron Throne. I think the reason that Edric Storm was sent to Lys, was partially to protect him from Mellisandra, but also as proof of Robert's heirs being bastards. It's noteworthy who he sent as his guardian: Andrew Estermont. Stephon Baratheon's wife was and Estermont, and Game of Thrones establishes that Robert, and by extension Stannis are Targaryans through their mother's side. This suggests that the rightful Baratheon heir would be Eldon Estermont, followed by Aemon and Alyn Estermont (both bent the knee to Joffery or Tommen), then Lomas Estermont, then Andrew. If all the other Estermont's are killed in battle, then Andrew would be the heir to the Iron Throne. This would also parelle the real War of the Roses, where Henry Tudor, was the Lancaster claiment left, and secured his position by marying Elizabeth of York.

  33. Robert should have grown a pair and removed Cersei from his life. It would have been much easier on everyone else.

  34. Robert actually cared about his bastards . He even visited Edric once a year after becoming king. Mya stone was born when Robert was in his late teens. He was Ruthless and violent, but he always found time to visit her and played with her. But in the series they completely ignored that part of Robert character. They kind of showed him as the man who only creates babies and does not care much about them. People still love that character only because of Mark Addy's acting.

  35. This video is supposed to be based on the books, but the drawings of the characters are clearly based on the show, not the books, because some of them are actually supposed to look very different in the books.

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