ASMR Voice: One for the Books [M4A] [Exploring a book store together] [Cute/Funny]

you were right babe this is a really cute bookstore it looks like there a good amount of people in here too why this sudden interest in this place though the old book smell I hear it's all the rage with Yunior hipster friends yeah you know I'm not gonna lie I'm pretty intrigued too don't worry I haven't really read in a while from a tangible book anyway walking in this place might ground me or something who knows wow these shelves seem to run on forever adult fiction nonfiction teen fiction children's books memoirs it's sick wow it's like a labyrinth in here however the variety in their selection of graphic novels and comic books is definitely a pleasant surprise I might actually buy something later anyways what do you want to start mmm classics huh feeling a bit old today are we let's see here oh I wonder how many of these books I forgotten reading from school I used to hate reading because of how boring most English classes were I mean I was too stubborn to want to understand stories we read either way seeing some of the titles takes me back especially since we read some of these and one of the English classes we had together in high school wait how do you not remember our English class you know the class where we started actually talking to each other with the kind of crazy but weirdly intuitive teacher that caught on immediately how much shy little me wanted to do a project with you yeah it's a it's a little scary how much he enjoyed playing matchmaker with his students but uh I'm not complaining too much anyway hey this was one of the books you read that year right catch her in the Rye yeah one of the few I actually enjoyed it might have been because we spend a lot of time together over this book but huh I also ended up relating to the main character a lot more than I thought I would during the entire story he avoids so many of his insecurities and faces so much loneliness while he tries to find himself you know a world full of phonies right I don't know if I was in my emo phase then but I did ask some low points in school and to see him go through the same thing well caught my attention is it weird to say that spending more time with you in high school helped me get through a lot yeah you talked me out of doing some reckless stuff that this character would probably do like so many times you're just a good person to talk to yeah and in a time where most people were selfish you hmm you ended up giving more than talking you still do you're a good listener too you know that you always willing to lend an ear during the best and worst of times it's my nostalgia too much just a little well you better get used to a baby because I have plenty of things to say about you that might make you melt all right what other books do you want to look for children's books oh you really are going down memory lane in the store huh hmm all right let's see what's here ooh dr. Seuss I hadn't seen these in a while you used to read them to kids you babysat right I came over to your house little too early one time and I remember seeing you plopped on the floor next to these two kids with the Cat in the Hat in your hand you give switching between this super mature teacher voice and it silly you wakey bullies uh forget how you did it but now that I think about it I'm pretty sure you still use both okay yeah sure keep denying it anyways when I walked in I kind of startled the kids so you made me read with you guys to make me seem less like the creepy stranger hmm yeah we switched voices so many times we had trouble even finishing the book we couldn't even get through a sentence without both of the kids or both of us just cracking up it's all smiles and laughs hmm that moment just has a soft spot in my heart yeah it's one of the first bonding moments we had in our relationship mm-hmm and after the kids left we definitely had our fair share of fun too oh and this was the one you gave me when I graduated grad school last year oh the places you'll go I'm not gonna lie kind of cliche even for the cheesiest guy out there just one do something simple for a change well I've got to admit despite dr. Seuss's book seemingly childish charm this one this one always seems to resonate with everyone including me there's one thing the book got wrong though and kept saying how often I'd be alone and well to be quite honest I never remembered being alone I faced a lot of problems with myself family the works I'm positive you know too much about all of them but now that I think about that I was never facing any of them alone that might sound like such a privileged thing to say but the one person that's always there is you I admire how many times you've gotten me through long nights and bad breakdowns like I never understood how you've been able to deal with me so calmly you're the one thing that's never faltered thing that makes all of life's problems in this book seem like a walk in the park you've never left me alone and you've always faced my own problems with me you're a blessing you know yeah I still like the book – and I guess I did end up succeeding at least 98 and 3/4 percent since I'm with you oh don't lie you love how sentimental I am hmm come here hmm I really am grateful for you and I'm always here for you when you need me – okay don't ever forget that hmm hmm yeah I guess you're right books have been my best wingman haven't they helping me from high school – no I mean I wouldn't be standing in this cute little bookstore with an equally cute person in my arms without them you could even say that our relationship is one for the books huh yeah come on that wasn't that bad all right well you ready to check out anything else other than me of course all right all right all right jeez let's go you

24 thoughts on “ASMR Voice: One for the Books [M4A] [Exploring a book store together] [Cute/Funny]

  1. Cardlin: “Walking in this place, might ground me or something, who knows?”

    Me: “Love, we don’t need to go through reminiscing and self-observa-“

    minutes later

    Cardlin: “You’re always willing to lend an ear during the best and worst times.”

    Me: cries

    Cardlin: “Is my nostalgia too much for ya? Just a little?”

    Me: sniff “Maybe a little.”

  2. That was scary, when he said “going to look at kids books going right down memory lane”(something like that) my brain immediately though oh Dr Seuss and then he said said it a second after

  3. I want a boyfriend like this! I love books too. He and I could take turns reading some books and then discuss the contents. :* ♡♥ All my exes love books, so the next one should.

  4. “You ready to check out anything else? Other than ME of course”😏🤪

    I was like “EWWWW PLS STAHP IT” 🤢😂🥰

  5. When I heard that book pun I was like “Ughhhhhh 🙄🤪 you get on my nerves but I love you so much” rolled eyes so hard the retinas detach

    And then he was like “Come onnnn, that wasn’t that bad!”

    And I was like “YES IT WAS that was HORRIBLE! You are such a nerd 😂”

  6. casually throwing the Warriors book series at Cardlin (you should read it actually it’s really good)

  7. I wish I could appreciate books/ reading like other people. I'm severely dyslexic so reading has always been a sort of an enemy for me. It would be amazing if you
    make an audio for dyslexic people like me. Most people think that dyslexia only affects reading but for me it affects every part of my life. Umm thanks for reading?😅🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. Cardlin: "You could even say our relationship is… one for the books? Huh~? Yeah? ;D"
    Me: … deadpan face okay you're on your own now bye 🤣🤣🤣

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