ASMR Vintage Writing Sounds

20 thoughts on “ASMR Vintage Writing Sounds

  1. Wow that is so nice i wish I had that hand written…plus am practicing to be a writer and one of the steps is to write neet

  2. I can’t write in cursive but my print handwriting is bad but it definitely isn’t as good as yours!

  3. I write with a fountain pen in class and have since third grade. People use to look at me like I was crazy but now I'm just known for writing with an ink pen 😛

  4. Love the handwriting but just the amount of time waiting for the pen to come outa the box triggers me a lil and soz but I don’t find it that tingly but still I love the handwriting

  5. My handwriting is so bad, O once wrote a love letter with quill and fine parchment,but ended up being mistaken for
    a Hitler speech..

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