asking JUST YURI for a KISS… | Doki Doki Literature Club (Just Yuri)

26 thoughts on “asking JUST YURI for a KISS… | Doki Doki Literature Club (Just Yuri)

  1. Everyday I go further into the FBI watch list because I’m watching stuff like this.

  2. L like yuri l blush when l see her and l go O-O NOOOO NOOOO STOP BLUSHING PLEASE FACE STOP MY MOM GOING TO SEE ME STOP face: nope

  3. You know, there are people like this in the "real world". Probably in the elite ranks of such a world as "Japan"… In an extremely disciplined, and insanely perfectionist highschool were such things could easily flow through it's students and flourish within their minds and hearts…

    I have seen crazy things in this "real world"… Things that the superficial logic of it's primitive science can barely even understand… Conspiracies…, UFOs…, VENEZUELAN BEAUTIES THAT DON'T MATCH AT ALL WITH THE SO COMMON AND DISGUSTING "BOLIVARIAN RETARDED" OF 15 YEARS OLD ALREADY WORKING IN THE ELITE MEDICINE… AS UNIQUE AND DELIBERATELY CHOSEN APPRENTICES… APPARENTLY… 😵

    So it wouldn't be weird at all to me that someone somewhere might possibly hold this kind of artistic sensitivity proper from a genius and introverted mind in a world wich is surrounded by mostly hopeless, and unbareable idiots… You know… Always blowing their minds and dreaming about rare and complex kind of artistic demonstrations that merely match with them… 😒

    This is just a calling of attention… 😒 of just how crazy and fatalistic can things possibly get with them… 😑

  4. Mairusu: how about a KISS!
    FBI: don't
    Yuri: sure!
    FBI: DON'T!!!!!!
    Yuri: kisses

  5. "Hey, yuri, How's about a kiss… for luck?"
    Yuri: "You've got to be kidding"

    Like if you get the reference

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